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Uncharted [Booze Plot 2/3 | PRP]
« on: July 28, 2013, 10:16:16 AM »
[Continuation of this thread. No posting order for those involved but if you could let Blackmoore post first, that’d be grand <3]

The Timber had miscalculated exactly how far they would be travelling. He’d never been to Inaria before. Although he could remember the time when he had went to the Roaring Mountains, looking across the land and seeing fluffy pink and purple trees. He recalled thinking what it must be like to live in such a place. But he never imagined that he would be going there himself one day. Even if it was just to the Outskirts, he was still catching a good view of the exotic looking trees, the sweet smell that lingered in the air as a gentle breeze swept through the grass. It seemed to be a paradise from first impressions.

And Destiel felt a bolt of jealousy gnaw at him at how different Inaria was to his current home. And through it all he felt it wasn’t fair that they had all suffered so much and still remained in a muddy bog, cramped in tightly with other packs with the threat of challenge looming over their heads like an axe each day. And the wolves of Inaria lived in such a lush and beautiful home; where the grass seemed soft and dry and the food seemed plentiful, if Blackmoore’s size and weight had anything to do with it. Whereas Tortuga’s pirates were lucky enough to catch anything bigger than a rabbit these days.

Chocolate paws came to a stop as they arrived on the Outskirts of Inaria. The pouch full of mushrooms that Destiel carried was gently dropped at his own paws as he turned his head back to see if the rest of the party were still carrying their pouches, or if they had somehow managed to drop them along the way. He certainly hoped they hadn’t, the more booze they could deliver then the more herbs they could take back to Tortuga in return. His party consisted of himself, his son Estavan, Dixie and another Gunner he had seen out and about. Capo… something. Although why she was ranked as a Gunner he would never know, she was smaller than he was!

Blackmoore was with them too, of course, leading the way back to his home. The one that Destiel desperately wanted to have one day. His pups were born in the marshes but he still wished to have a safer, cleaner home for them to live. Perhaps in the future. But for now, he’d turn his head back to Blackmoore, hoping that the Inarian wolves were not paranoid about humans like Errez were. He’d like to leave this land in one piece if that were possible. The pouches they carried and his tattoo's were an obvious sign they had been around humans at least once and if Inaria had a strict 'No-Human Association' like Errez then this wouldn't bode well for him. As tired as they were from the long walk, they still needed to keep their guard up for a little while longer.

”Do you have someone to collect your shipment?”
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Re: Uncharted [Booze Plot 2/3 | PRP]
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2013, 07:36:35 PM »
Since the first rays of the purple trees has showed on the horizon, Blackmoore has got to feel a bit strangely. Like everyone who live at the marshes, were silently start to expect him to brighter up. Get a bit giggly, all smiley and the crap like that. After all - they've been surely closing to the land that was seen as paradise by many. So they've been probably thinking that he'd got to be soft. As the Le Mythique Royaume de Inaria, was a blessed valley of plenty. Where people don't starve, where stories and fairy-tales come true in form of gentlemanly chevaliers on every corner. Where rulers do bend down to ease on the common man's problems. Share a tear with 'em... But these stories were just... stories exactly. Inaria was a land of problems and lot of social injustice. And though he'd didn't thought about himself while coming up with that - yet, that thought alone was enough to prevent him from smiling upon the familiar view of the purple trees closing in. He could smile, but only for those handful of people in there. But not for Inaria, not now, not today. And probably not in the coming months as well.

As the life there wasn't easy either. Just.... different - though Tortugans would probably laugh on that.

Yet there was a thing he'd enjoyed in the present circumstances. It was the fact he'd managed to carry his sorry ass back, to see those tree's again. Hopefully it will invoke a smile, or two, from his friends. Though frankly - one smile would be enough. And it was no mystery, who he'd got in mind while thinking about that smile. About a person that wasn't smiling to him as of late, causing him to bleed inside. Wronging him without giving him a chance even. Making him feel he want to run away, yet being a reason for his return. It was... complicated, to say at least. He'd so wished for things to be different though, as everyone around was seeming to have happy lives. At this point, he'd was even up to put a wager on the tattooed physician that was walking beside him. A male like him had surely found a mate and had a family by now. Or a girlfriend at least - when he'd got none of these things. At his age, it had been growing into an unbelievable pain really.

Loneliness was quite adding up a lot of sense into what he'd been doing now. Writing a story to that what he'd been carrying in the sack, along with the other people in the caravan. Though he'd wasn't obliged to do so. But thought the possible intentions from him were coming up by themselves, it would be wrong to think he'd been so selfish like that. An extra bag of mushrooms, truffles and herbs won't make a such great difference for him to label him up with the AA-sticker truly. But it meant a big deal for others at the same that - and he'd been aware of that. That's why he'd didn't refused, when asked to help out. Since that one sack might make a huge difference for others. That's what he'd thought while closing up to the borders of the pack he'd swore to protect. The fact has made him to inspect silently the group that was following Destiel, with the sack slinged over his nack upon his back. As it was easier that way. So far, everything looked fine.

”Do you have someone to collect your shipment?” He'd heard, and looked over to the "merchant" that sensed things just right and stopped the caravan in the shade of the last "normal" trees present on the horizon. Just right before the borders at this part of land, he thought. "We'll leave it in the storage that's nearby." He'll mouth out, after placing the sack down onto dense grass. Getting to feel slightly more relaxed, as they've were now on 'his' territory. If not the extreme lacks in the manpower - this could crawl in people at no time. Just like it happen to him at the borders of Tortuga yesterday. But he'd got no intention for such shows really. After all, what he'd been doing was a private business of sorts, and he'd wanted to keep it low. Low enough to keep it secret from the person that's going to be a target of the whole merchandise, that every canine was carrying with themselves. "Then we'll go to the right one, where you'll pick up what we've agreed on before. Sounds good?" He'll say a bit lighter than before, yet keeping his voice on quite serious tones, as he'd spoke. "If everyone gonna stay close - we've should be done in no time." He'd added up, silently reminding the obvious.
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Re: Uncharted [Booze Plot 2/3 | PRP]
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2013, 01:12:51 AM »
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Re: Uncharted [Booze Plot 2/3 | PRP]
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2013, 03:34:22 PM »
Wow. It was amazing how soft the grass was here.

The stress was relieved from his aching legs and paws as they had been walking for hours. Along the way Estavan managed to drop the bag a couple times just to get the nasty taste out of his mouth. He made sure that there was the same amount of mushrooms there had been when they started. He didn't manage to loose any of them. Whew!

As Destiel stopped so did Estavan. The green-eyed boy turned around to look at Dixie and the dog, and then he turned his gaze to Blackmoore who was leading the way. Inaria was nicer than the marshes, but the marshes attracted more people, thus more fun for the band of pirates. Inaria was pretty though, very peaceful, but a little too quiet. Hopefully someday Tortuga could move out of the marshes and claim a big fat piece of land.

Destiel and Blackmoore chatted while Estavan slid into a lying position. Boy was he tired! The journey was extremely long. Even though he wanted to take a little vacation from Tortuga he didn't know that it would take so much work and effort. "Good! These mushrooms smell horrible!" He would exclaim. The sooner they got the job done the sooner they could get home.

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Re: Uncharted [Booze Plot 2/3 | PRP]
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boop for the rest.


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Re: Uncharted [Booze Plot 2/3 | PRP]
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