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Mercedes vs. Genocide
« on: May 08, 2013, 01:03:06 AM »

This is a fight thread between Mercedes of Tortuga and Genocide of Gwenevere over land claimed as Gwenevere. This is a ONE versus ONE, NO CONSENT fight. Each side may bring one supporter and witness to the fight - supporters/witnesses are not allowed to enter the fight at any time.

The marshland fight rules apply. Please make sure you have read over all rules regarding posting requirements on length, spelling and grammar. Please write your fight posts out as detailed and clear as possible. At anytime an organizer may lock the thread if a complaint is made that requires the thread to be reread. Unless an action by a fighter is deemed quite serious, each fighter may be asked to make corrections to posts involving vague/hard to understand statements within the post, autos etc. These are individually determined by one or more organizers.

Each individual has the right to edit their fight post any time within FIVE HOURS from the time they posted it. Any editing of a post after five hours without the okay of an organizer is automatic loss.

After these six weeks are up, a poster fails to post within the ten days, or a character dies, the fight thread automatically ends.

This fight thread ends on JUNE 19TH.


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Re: Mercedes vs. Genocide
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2013, 09:54:40 PM »

She could feel the support of her fellow pack mates behind her.
But still, this odd opponent of hers did nothing.

As she rubbed herself against the various trees and shrubs, securing the land as her own, she offered a quick glance to whichever Tortugan remained with her. She had had quite enough with this pesky alpha in front of her, standing up on her high hill and not bothering to strut down to face a challenge. Normally the lazy Captain would just call it a day and summon the rest of her pack over, she knew Shark would not be pleased with a flea like this black and blue bitch over there. Offering a low bark to whichever wolf remained as her witness, she would give them fair warning - her hormones were to take charge. For the sake of love and lust, the Captain would do whatever it took to return and please her Quartermaster, her boo, her Shark. She would not come back with anything less than a perfect victory.
This is war.

With a snort, the blackblood mutt threw herself into a lunging sprint, hefty body hurling itself forward in an exponentially rising speed. Her golden eyes targeted the still-standing leader, the petty coward, who thought it worthwhile to lead from a distance. Lips wrinkled and curled back over her dangerous fangs, tongue lolling in the back of her mouth, eager for the taste of victory. For the taste of securing his heart, Shark. He was all her motivation, her inspiration, and she would imagine his voice cooing, whispering softly, directing her and praising her. She would do whatever it took. Hopefully closing the distance between herself and this excuse for a leader, Mercedes would not falter from her path, direct and fatal. "Ugly coward~" Her voice heaved and hissed through her pants, legs hauling her at Genocide. Thirty feet, twenty and counting down, the distance closed with ridiculous haste.

The Captain wasted no time.
Not when love and lust were on the line.

Snarling ferociously, the hormonal bimbo threw herself to the left side of her opponent before slamming her forelegs into the ground to make a sharp turn, now facing the other perpendicularly. In the time she spun, her eyes turning from concentrating on the black body to those eyes, her voice would thunder, "You smell awful, dear," With that she began to throw herself at Genocide's shoulders, curling her body so that she'd be slamming her over parallel, jaws facing towards her opponent's, "Lemme fix it for ya~" And with that, assuming she'd slam into her, she'd step back, pushing her rear up against the side of Genocide's torso, letting her urine spew onto her. Claiming her. Letting her know who the true leader was here. She'd then push the bitch over, jaws snapping at her shoulders, her nape, her neck if she wouldn't get down. Down to the ground, where Mercedes would pin her, perhaps urinating some more to get the point across.

If her rival attempted to move out of the way, Mer would simply lean in, pushing herself against her even more, following her where she went. Should she try to lash out, jaws flying in the direction of the Captain, she'd launch forward, her own vicious teeth aiming to retaliate and tear through the left side of Genocide's face, ripping up her muzzle and slashing her way up towards the eyes. Fierce counterassaults, that'd be her concern should Genocide not catch on to Mer's point.

The Captain would not let her ship sink, not with Shark still aboard.

hello. goodbye.

played by - rem.

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Re: Mercedes vs. Genocide
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2013, 10:06:05 PM »
There had been a rumor going about that the Captain was doing her normal thing and headed to get more land. No doubt in the name of some sick and twisted ideal that the Quartermaster would mount her and forget about his former Captain whom he'd had pups with. Her reasoning was behind him, Wrayth just couldn't wrap his head around the reason she was so infatuated with Shark. He was a jerk! He had failed to keep his Captain's crew together and came back only after someone else made something better. He took advantage of Mercy! Wrayth was disgusted by it and upon arriving to the challenge he was not surprised to find Shark's absence.

The other wolf, apparently the alpha of this land, was here and apparently doing nada. Wrayth would growl to the other two members of Tortuga, "Get back to Tortuga, I'll make sure nothing happens to the Captain." One was a crew member he didn't know, the other was a familiar face from the meeting so long ago. Obviously a senior member and he smelled of Rum, from the old pack. Wrayth had no real reason to be distrustful of the senior crew from the old pack but he was and he would always be. They were still loyal to the former Captain, he knew they were, he couldn't prove it but they were guilty until proven innocent!

He then turned his attention to the two leaders, his Captain being her vulgar self in the name of whatever she claimed it to be. He wasn't proud of her, not if she was doing this for someone other then herself. He decided she wasn't and it upset him. His bright eyes narrowed and his hackles rose but he'd watch and only watch. This wasn't his fight, if things went south however, he'd step in to keep her life intact. If things didn't go south, they'd be adding more territory, plenty for the growing numbers of the crew.

He scowled darkly, this all left a bitter taste in the Thresher's mouth...

ooc: ever loyal Hammerhead here to keep his Captain alive~

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Re: Mercedes vs. Genocide
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2013, 07:09:09 PM »
Since Genocide failed to post within the 10 day deadline from Mercedes' post, I declare Tortuga the winner. Since Mercedes has posted for the fight, but got no response from the challenged alpha, Tortuga is granted a one week Grace Period. Congrats!