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no rest for the wicked [hartigan]
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i almost put a ring # in the title omg

He’d initially taken it upon himself to cruise the borders when everything had started, simply for the pleasure of taking a tally of who decided to flee the crumbling nation in interest of preserving their own skin. Orcrist couldn’t really blame his sister in the grand scheme of things, and while he was no noble captain, he had a very strange mindset that if this particular ship was set to sink, well, he’d go right down with it.

Probably not, in all honesty - but he’d be the last one on the lifeboat.

He liked knowing things, though, and that led him to wandering through the dying forest. What he found was nothing worth noting - it was what he didn’t find that was the truly interesting factors. No Blade. No Pike, or Dirk (Cortana was gone, of course, and he knew this). No Rapier - and that was interesting, for their empire had fallen under siege and Her Highness was curiously absent. Where was the monochrome bitch, shouldn’t she be hiding behind some mindless puppet frothing at the mouth about those lions?


No Scimitar, either. Father and Mother and all his siblings, so woefully absent in these dark, dark times. Why, you’d almost think he was the only royal left! Of course, that went to show how much traveling the bucket of lard had actually done - he liked his creature comforts, which meant he was more or less sticking to ‘high ground’, the hidden areas of Alteron, and the more familiar areas. A thirst for something plagued him, though - he needed to know what was going on, if only for the sake of knowing - it didn’t necessarily mean he’d do anything about it.

So day by day he’d slowly moved further from the heart and closer to the borders, searching for signs of non-feline life - and avoiding the obvious signals that lions were nearby.

He valued his life, limb, and liberty, after all.