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Staff FAQ
« on: February 07, 2013, 02:16:44 PM »
Welcome to the Staff FAQ
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are the Administrators?
A: Our administrators is Brent.

Q: Who are the Moderators?
A: Our moderators are Arkyls, Kay, Moons, Ren, Sunblink, Corgwyn, and Effie.

Q: There are a lot of colored names! I'm confused! What do they all mean?
+ Admins are responsible for the technical needs of the forum.
+ Assist the moderators in time of need.
+ Often take care of back-end issues, coding changes and updates.

+ Also known as Moderators.
+ Mods keep the peace and order on the forum.
+ Relate to members and help with problems.

Guardian on Break
+ Do not contact a moderator when their name is this color.
+ Moderators on break do not have any forum powers.
+ They are still able to view the moderator boards, but they have no obligation to post or keep up with discussions.

Redlands Organizers
+ These members help organize and judge fights in The Reach.
+ Please don't PM organizers with problems on the forum.

Character Directory Organizers
+ The CD Organizers help sort profiles in the Character Directory
+ Please don't PM organizers with problems on the forum.

Advertiser Extraordinaire
+ The Advertisers are in charge of maintaining our Links and Affiliates, as well as getting our forum's name out into the world.
+ The advertisers are volunteers that take time out of their day to assist the forum. They are AMAZING-OMG-FANTASTIC people. :)
+ Please don't PM advertisers with problems on the forum.

Q: I have a question! What do I do?
A: You can post in the Questions board! If your question requires faster response from a moderator, or one moderator in particular, we encourage you to PM any one of us. We respond as promptly to PMs as we possibly can.

Q: How can I contact the moderating team off-site?
A: Many moderators have e-mails and/or instant messaging names. It is their choice whether or not they give these out.
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Staff FAQ | Forum Rules

If you need help with something, please contact one of our forum moderators! Our current staff team is ArkylsKay, Moons, Ren, Sunblink.