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Forum Rules and Information
« on: February 07, 2013, 02:14:25 PM »

In Dire Straits Site Rules

These conduct guidelines apply to everyone on the forum.

Welcome to IDS! If you're reading this, chances are you're a new member wanting to acquaint yourself with the guidelines of this forum, or a familiar face wanting to brush up. Below is a handy table of contents to help you get started. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask one of the moderators (or even the members!) - we'll be happy to help you out!

General Forum Rules

Post Content
IDS is a PG-13 forum. Explicit topics/artwork involving (but not limited to) illegal material, drug use, underage drinking, and sexual activities aren’t allowed. Any discussion above PG-13 must be marked 'mature' in the thread title. If there's any chance that artwork may be seen as offensive or inappropriate, give a warning on the original post or thread title. Alternately, you may use links directed outside the forum or utilize spoiler tags.

“Grave Digging”
Please don’t bump old threads (ones that haven’t been posted on for at least a month or so)! It makes things hard to organize when outdated threads are posted on, especially when an issue or question in the topic is already solved. When in doubt, just private message the member who wrote the original post. "Bumping" roleplay threads is acceptable in most cases if the roleplay is being continued.

Double Accounts
‘Secret’ accounts used for personal gain (more hellhounds, more leader characters, etc.) will not be tolerated. ‘Persona’ accounts  - that is, accounts used to roleplay/organize things for any particular character – do not fall in this category. Anyway, don’t do it. A warning will be issued the first offense and a permanent ban for the second.

Flaming and Harassment
Don’t personally attack anyone publicly or incite to start a “flame war” – there are people you might not like for one reason or another, but have some tact about it. Harassment over private messages will also not be tolerated and may result in a ban if reported.
Grammar and Spelling
Proper grammar and spelling is encouraged both in and out of character – but basically, don’t use “leet speak” or an outrageous amount of icons in a way no one can understand!

Profiles and Signatures
You may decorate your profile any way you wish, however, please be aware that inappropriate images are not allowed as icons or signatures. Signatures have a total MAXIMUM height of 300 pixels and a MAXIMUM width of 600 pixels. This includes BOTH text and picture. Personal title images have a total MAXIMUM of 300 and a MAXIMUM width of 150 pixels.

Video Content
Due to this forum being PG-13 rated we do not allow members to post videos of graphic content. Posting a direct link to explicit content will result in punishment, in which will vary depending on its severity. Repeat offenses will lead to a ban.

Do not beg artists for artwork
If they open requests, it’s perfectly fine to ask, but if an artist is closed, please leave them alone. This is a form of harassment and will not be tolerated.

Roleplaying and Characters

Alpha Positions
To avoid power hoarding, a person is usually only allowed to play one leader character. This means you may only play one character that is in charge of a pack, pride, herd, or any other form of official group. This allows for dispersal of power and allows everyone a greater chance of playing one. The Redlands packs are also included in this rule.

If you wish to play a second alpha, you may send a request to the staff explaining why you are interested and would be a suitable candidate for another leader position. Please keep in mind that a second alpha position is never guaranteed.

Paw Dexterity
Wolves created in this realm have a certain extent of paw dexterity! What does this mean? They are able to grasp certain objects (not necessarily well, but helpful nonetheless) in order to make simple items. Nothing elaborate like weaving a whole ship together out of seaweed, but your typical necklace, tattoo adding, and such are fine. If you have any questions about what this means, or what your character can or cannot do, just PM a moderator and they'll be happy to help!

Reserving Character Names
A name can be reserved in one of two ways: by creating a profile for the character, or by posting the name in the character trading section (ex. offspring of characters). In order to create a profile to reserve a name, it must have the basic information in the profile (such as name, breed/species, height, weight, and history if needed for accessories). Fancy fonts and layouts can always be edited in later for aesthetic purposes. Characters posted in the character trading section only have their names reserved for three months; any longer and the name is up for grabs.

If you have a name that is no longer in use, please be courteous and delete the account/profile so that others can use it. If you have a question about a certain name or account, contact a mod or character directory organizer and they can investigate whether or not the name can be used. If you know the owner of the character and wish to share a name, feel free to contact the owner and ask! Remember to be courteous, no matter the outcome.

For further information on character profiles, please refer to the character directory rules.
Common terminology used on forum to determine the differences between roleplay and player conversation. OOC = out of character, IC = in character.

Neutral Zones
The Neutral Territory (also known as the Inbetween, the Free Lands, etc.) board acts as a practice ground for new members, a place where loner characters can intermingle, and all sorts of other fun. This board encompasses all biomes, so no matter where you'd like to play your character - in the snow, on the beach, in a thick forest, the desert, etc. - you're free to post here freely!

No existing pack can claim any part of the Neutral Territory for themselves, and no pack can govern it. A loose gang of characters without ranks is acceptable; an organized group with structured ranks trying to put up borders is not permitted. If your character would like to create their own pack, please refer to the Redlands!

No Godmoding/Power Playing
This includes, but is not limited to: having an overly powerful character with no weaknesses; killing another player's character simply because you can, or "thrill killing"; controlling the actions of another character, including injuries and death; using OOC knowledge for IC responses; controlling another character in general (without explicit permission).

Original Character Adoptions
Each individual who puts their characters or designs up for adoption have their own set of rules. Please abide by them; some can and will take away characters if you do not fulfill their wishes. The IDS moderator staff have no control over the adoption of characters. The adoption of a character is solely at the discretion of the character's owner.

Copyrights, Art Theft and Plagiarism

Art/Writing Theft
If you are not sure you have permission to post something, when in doubt - always ask the creator.
If you find stolen material posted without credit DO NOT call the thief out on the forum. Please PM a Mod. We will take care of it ASAP.
    The following falls under the category of theft:
    • Taking another's artwork or writing and posting it as your own.
    • Taking another's artwork or writing and posting it, even if not claiming it as your own, without written permission.
    • Tracing another's artwork or writing and posting it as your own, without written permission and credit.
    • Posting Google/other website images without written permission and credit.
    • Using another's character and role playing them without permission and credit.
    • Using templates without following their creator's rules (ie not giving proper credit).
    • Collaborating/trading and not giving credit for either the character, coloring, or line art (depending on what is applicable).
    • Plagiarism - stolen writing.

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