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Advertisement Rules
« on: February 04, 2013, 11:02:11 PM »
IDS is an open minded forum with a lot of members, but we have our limits. Please make sure your site lies within our guidelines before posting any advertisements. Failure to do so will result in a mod deleting your threads.

- Please post your ad in the main board. We will sort it into the appropriate subboard.

- If you are linking back, please put either "Link Back" or "LB" in the title. It would also be exceptionally helpful if you stated what kind of RPG your forum is in the title. This will help our members find the right kind of RP, and it will also make it easier on us when we sort them. For example:

In Dire Straits: A Wolf RPG (LB)


1. Your forum must not feature explicit material such as porn or excessive gore.

2. Your forum must not promote propaganda, whether political or otherwise.

3. Your forum must be an RPG. Active members of IDS are exempt from this rule.

4. Your forum must allow guest enabled posting for us to link back, and we must be able to post our ad as is. We will not convert our ad to HTML or cut it to fit a form. We do not expect you to jump through hoops and likewise don't expect to do it ourselves. - Note: Having a guest account to stop spambots is fine.

5. Double posting isn't encouraged, but if it happens it's no big deal so long as we can do the same to you.
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A Guide for Ad Mods
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2013, 01:17:28 AM »
Guide for Ad Mods

Current list of Ad Mods
  • Rapture
  • Rip
  • Beanie
  • Dex

What to Do

  • Pimp out IDS to other RP forums, preferably targeting those of a similar audience (friendly people who like talking animals).
  • Delete spam and inflammatory posts.
  • Sort advertisements into their appropriate subboard.
  • Seek out and respond to affiliate requests.
  • Click on, vote on, comment on, and rate our top sites listings
  • Monitor comments on said top sites and address any reasonable concerns with the forum at large
  • Chat with guests who post to interact with our community (not limited to ad mods though, everyone can do this!)

While advertising, please make sure that:

  • their forum is some kind of RPG of similar genre
  • their forum does not feature offensive content, such as excessive gore, porn or propaganda. Consider ratings. G through PG-13 is acceptable.
  • their forum is does not condone art theft
  • we have not posted our ad on their forum before
  • you are respectful to their own rules
  • you are overall polite

You can find forums through rp collection sites, affiliate banners, and advertisements. If you find one, you can usually network yourself around several others.

About Link Backs

  • If a thread has "Link Back" or "LB" in the title, it means we already posted an ad on their forum. If they do not signify a LB, post one of our own ads in their appropriate board.
  • If you cannot find their guest section because it's called something weird or they require you to jump through hoops (converting our coding to HTML, a word count, removing images, etc.), don't give yourself a headache. Just delete their ad and go on your merry way.
  • Again, please make sure their forum is appropriate. If it is not, delete their advertisement.
  • If they are rude to you, delete their advertisement.


  • Make sure they follow the rules, have our banner up, and then put their button up on the thread. Once you accept one, reply ACCEPTED to their thread, and move it into the subboard. If denied, tell them why and then delete the post after a few days.
  • Static affiliates have a much stricter set of guidelines. After making sure the meet the criteria, please pm a mod with the button. They'll put it under the Links Board description box. We can only take 5 of them total without stretching the skin. We are not separating static affiliates until the new forum layout is done.
  • Affiliates should be gone through from time to time. Remove dead forums and those that no longer have our banner up.
  • FOR DEAD FORUMS: if they have an area of easy communication, like a cbox, politely inform them that their button was removed due to inactivity, but that they are welcome to reapply if they revive.

The IDS "Brand" Suggestions

When advertising, I suggest summarizing our forum in either the topic subtle/topic description.

- "In Dire Straits - Highly Active, Open World, Animal RPG".
- Topic: In Dire Straits
  Subtitle/Topic Description: Highly Active, Open World, Animal RPG

Descriptors you might consider using in your various advertising avenues are:

  • highly active
  • open world
  • semi realistic
  • make your own packs
  • no word count
  • beginner - advance writers
  • artists and writers of all skill levels
  • open plot
  • light fantasy elements]

You should always at least describe IDS as some variation of "animal rp" or "wolf rp". Multispecies and feral is also acceptable. Never post a thread with just "In Dire Straits" as the title. Potential new members will not know what they are clicking on, and we will just get lost in the sea of ads!

If the forum only allows wolf rp advertisements, say we are a wolf rp. Since wolves are what the majority of people play here, you should not say we are a big cat, hyena, dog, fox, or etc. rp.
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