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Re: Aequitas (Jaromir, Renegades)
« Reply #15 on: February 20, 2011, 03:37:38 PM »
And as ivory fangs clamped shut, the violet-eyed Elite Guard tasted the horrid blood of the Blackblood. Her attack wasn't exactly what she was aiming for, but she caused damage. Anger boiled in her chest and a loud rumble built in her throat. Any attack that didn't hit its wanted mark was a failure to her. The Elite Guard spat out the vile blood of the abomination before her to the already blood-soaked ground before looking before her - CRACK

A sickening snap and, dear, how Flashsnap wanted to thank cute, little Jaromir. The white dire had latched onto Murdock's leg, the Blackblood itself looking down at the Inarian Beta with a wide grin. What sick beings these creatures were. Sick that in the end, all psychotic beings will be locked up for the rest of their pitiful lives, or killed from who-knows-what.

A malicious grin spread across Flashsnap's face and her blood-stained teeth were more evident than before. Time to show how attention to something else could lead to one's certain death.

The monotone-coated female brought her head up, opening her mouth wide, and snapped down - like a snake - to hopefully grab a sickening hold of Murdock's neck. And then, if she did, she would bite down with all her might - break the jugular, crush the wind pipe, and wait for the vile blood of this creature to flood into her mouth. And then, if her attack succeeded, she'll welcome the gurgling sound of this Blackblood dying before her before letting her grip go, letting the body of the Blackblood drop to the bloody ground.

Whether the attempt succeeded or not, Flashsnap turned her gaze to the battlefield. But before she could comprehend what she could do next, Flashsnap was pushed away - a sharp but short pain in her backside as a Blackblood rammed into her. Lucky for her, the Blackblood had only rammed into her slightly, allowed the purple-eyes Elite to spin almost like a dial before facing the one-eyed freak.

Blood leaked from that dead socket and a cord hanging from it with a round eyeball swaying limply from it.

A growl rose in Flash's throat as she moved herself to the Blackblood's blind side - and then she commended her plan. Flash would lunge for the Blackblood, for the lower part of its jugular in a hope to latch on. If she did, she would bite down and position her body on the Blackblood's blind side and also so the Blackblood couldn't get her - Flash would be positioned underneath the Blackblood's head - lower neck.

If that plan didn't work, Flash would use her agility to her advantage - spin like a dial before lunging back up, feet still on the ground, and try to grip the top of the Blackblood's skull - right where the vertebrae meets with the skull. If her attack landed, she would bite down again and hopefully break the vertebrae... or something vital to the Blackblood.

If that plan didn't work... well, she'd just wait to see what this creature would do.

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Re: Aequitas (Jaromir, Renegades)
« Reply #16 on: February 21, 2011, 12:54:53 AM »
It was definitely kicking off alright. No sooner had Moons jumped into the fray than it was already going in ways that were unexpected. Luckily, logic had told her long ago that things like this always happened in true battle, and so she had sort of prepared herself as best as she could for this. Haven's body had come into her path of attack, and it caused Moons to quickly recoil. She had been placed into the speed faction of the Soldiers for a reason: she was quick on her feet. She turned her head away and purposely missed clamping onto her own ally. Good thing, too. Last thing she needed was to have caused an injury on the very wolf she held a lot of gratitude towards. And like Haven, no words were spoken. Things were happening way too quickly for that, anyway.

Instead, her amber eyes glanced at the golden female before looking again at their opponent. Moons darted in the opposite direction Haven was heading in, in order to once again get on the other side of Idoya, near her ribs. Somewhere along the way, Jaromir managed to get a bit of the female's neck. And surprisingly, the female ripped herself out from his grip. Moons' gaze narrowed and she launched into an attack again. She would try to reach for anything to latch onto. And when the female Renegade pushed herself back in a forceful manner, Moons would have been in reach of her front legs now. And that was what her jaws would aim for. To injure and delay the opponent. It was one of the few times that she was at least a bit more willing to be violent and cause harm upon another. Because by now, the Renegades had to be eliminated.

And that was what they were striving for.

Her main focus now was on this female in front of her. She couldn't let her focus spread to other opponents. If she happened to miss and continue moving forward, Moons would turn slightly on her paws and aim instead for the female's muzzle or face. If successful, she'd clamp down on it with as much force as she could muster. Hopefully this would all work. She may not have much experience out in the battlefield, but she was giving it her all. And she knew the other Inarians present were doing the same.
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Re: Aequitas (Jaromir, Renegades)
« Reply #17 on: May 04, 2011, 12:02:13 AM »
Does everyone want to continue this, or should we come up with a conclusion? I'm fine either way. If we continue, we should acknowledge that it will most likely continue for some rl time.

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Re: Aequitas (Jaromir, Renegades)
« Reply #18 on: May 04, 2011, 01:19:44 AM »
I don't mind either way, though I guess I'm leaning more toward an OOC conclusion.

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Re: Aequitas (Jaromir, Renegades)
« Reply #19 on: May 04, 2011, 01:25:16 AM »
I don't mind either way, though I guess I'm leaning more toward an OOC conclusion.

This please. <3

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Re: Aequitas (Jaromir, Renegades)
« Reply #20 on: May 04, 2011, 08:44:01 PM »
I'm fine with either way.

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Re: Aequitas (Jaromir, Renegades)
« Reply #21 on: May 05, 2011, 01:32:56 AM »
I don't mind either way, though I guess I'm leaning more toward an OOC conclusion.

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Re: Aequitas (Jaromir, Renegades)
« Reply #22 on: May 05, 2011, 01:55:29 AM »
Alright, OOC conclusion it is then. Ibis dies from bloodloss. The spanish siblings are free to die or escape as their player prefers. Murdock is taken prisoner alive and will remain as an omega/prisoner of war until a trail is prepared. Basically Gyr has a little bit of time to try and get him into some powerful people's good graces. Everyone can take whatever additional injuries that they'd like to.

I really appreciate everyone who replied to this thread. It's most certainly been noted ;)

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