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Sandman vs Raijin
« on: November 03, 2012, 03:35:27 PM »
This is a fight thread between Sandman of Sanctuar vs Raijin of Nihon over Unclaimed Land #4.

This is a 1 on 1 fight. Each side may bring one supporter and witness to the fight.  This Supporter/Witness are only to watch and are not allowed to enter the fight at any time.

The marshland fight rules apply.  Please make sure you have read over all rules regarding posting requirements on length, spelling and grammar.  Please write your fight posts out as detailed and clear as possible.  At anytime an organizer may lock the thread if a complaint is made that requires the thread to be reread.  Unless an action by a fighter is deemed quite serious, each SIDE/TEAM may be asked to make corrections to posts involving vague/hard to understand statements within the post, autos etc.  These are individually determined by one or more organizers.

Each individual has the right to edit their fight post any time within FIVE HOURS from the time they posted it.  Any editing of a post after five hours without the okay of an organizer is automatic loss.

A fight thread automatically ends when one character dies, when a thread has been up and active up to four weeks, OR when one fighter on either side fails to post within exactly 5 days of the last RP post.

This fight is NO-CONSENT, meaning individuals may maim and/or kill without permission, may the best fighter(s) win!

Special Terms:
-If Nihon wins, Sanctuar is never to challenge Nihon.
-If Sanctuar wins, Nihon is to never challenge Sanctuar.
-If Sanctuar wins, Sandman will attempt to capture Raijin.
-5 day posting deadline
-4 week fight deadline.

For organization purposes, this fight's four week limit ends on December 1st

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Re: Sandman vs Raijin
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2012, 06:31:08 PM »
It’s an interesting thought indeed, that a Warlord—a military commander, would have chosen to avoid a fight if possible. But duty calls as it does, and Raijin faces this fearlessly. He has lost one land already, he will not lose another… And what a beautiful land this could be. In his mind’s eye he can imagine it being like it used to be. Families, friends, order and structure—the very things that had made it thrive before. It had all been taken away from him, from them. Lives had been lost, families had been destroyed. His entire pack had been separated based on one mistake that had been made by one member that had reflected badly on the rest of them. War has never been the Blackblood Mutt’s favorite subject, nor had it ever been his first option should a problem arise. And yet, there can never be peace without war. But with war, there will never be peace.

Such a vicious cycle.

A cycle that draws him here, now, to re-establish what had once been a thriving, dominating empire. Stronger than many other forces around, now weak. Scattered. Fragile. Falling apart in places that had once been held so close together. Raijin knows not of where his family has gone—knows not of the location of his parents, his brothers, or even his sister. Everything seems to be so dark now. But he knows that he can bring light again—more so than the Mikado had ever been able to accomplish… More than the new one would be able to for the future. The fate and the future of his pack is in his hands, and what does he do with it?

He moves on.

Heavy paws sink in the mud-slick earth as he walks, and his eyes are set forward. His mind is weighed, heavy with responsibility, but it can be fixed. It can be righted. All of the wrongs that have occurred have the potential to fix themselves again, and all that it takes is victory. Whether it is by words, or by tooth and claw, is not his decision to make. “We do not have to do this, friend,” His gaze is one that reads of a grim truth, of an acknowledgement that things would never be so simple. Of course, they had to do it. The future would depend on it. He had come to realize that,

There could simply be no other way.

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Re: Sandman vs Raijin
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2012, 07:30:14 AM »
[[Just a heads up that I'll have a post up some time today.
Sorry, SORRY, for the wait. I was hospitalized with pneumonia. Again, sorry for the wait. ><

When I post with Sandy, I'll delete this.]]


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Re: Sandman vs Raijin
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2012, 09:51:36 PM »
Due to the circumstances, and Carr's generousity, Venni is granted a 5 day extension and therefore her new deadline to post is Nov 13th (exact hour/minute) of Raijins last post. Thank you

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Re: Sandman vs Raijin
« Reply #4 on: November 14, 2012, 12:27:46 PM »
due to sandman's failure to post within the extended deadline, nihon is the winner! as there was no actual fight, nihon does not receive a grace period. congratulations!

questions and concerns can be directed to any member of the marshland team. thank you!
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Re: Sandman vs Raijin
« Reply #5 on: November 14, 2012, 03:02:33 PM »
Correction: Since Sandman did not post, ergo resulting in no fight, the full two weeks grace period is not granted. However, since Nihon's Alpha posted in this fight, he had accomplished his duty as Alpha and therefore is granted a one week grace period.

Please provide me with the name of your board as well as the name of the Alpha account you're using and she will have your board up as soon as possible, only then will your 1 week Grace Period start. Congradulations!

Also, if you require any sub-boards then read this thread, follow the instructions, and I will provide that for you as well.

In Agreement To The Special Terms: Sanctuar is never to challenge Nihon again