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Virus vs Revexden
« on: May 20, 2012, 08:26:27 PM »
This is a fight thread between Virus of Eirhel vs Revexden of Kidutesu over all land currently claimed as Eirhel.

This is a 1 on 1 fight. Each side may bring one supporter and witness to the fight.  This Supporter/Witness are only to watch and are not allowed to enter the fight at any time.

The marshland fight rules apply.  Please make sure you have read over all rules regarding posting requirements on length, spelling and grammar.  Please write your fight posts out as detailed and clear as possible.  At anytime an organizer may lock the thread if a complaint is made that requires the thread to be reread.  Unless an action by a fighter is deemed quite serious, each SIDE/TEAM may be asked to make corrections to posts involving vague/hard to understand statements within the post, autos etc.  These are individually determined by one or more organizers.

Each individual has the right to edit their fight post any time within FIVE HOURS from the time they posted it.  Any editing of a post after five hours without the okay of an organizer is automatic loss.

A fight thread automatically ends when one character dies, when a thread has been up and active up to six weeks, OR when one fighter on either side fails to post within exactly 10 days of the last RP post.

This fight is NO-CONSENT, meaning individuals may maim and/or kill without permission, may the best fighter(s) win!

Special Terms:
If Virus wins the fight, Soleke (princess and daughter of Kidutesu’s alpha) must stay in Eirhel

For organization purposes, this fight's six week limit ends on July 1st

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Re: Virus vs Revexden
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2012, 02:39:16 PM »
   Night had long fallen over then, encasing the sky in a veil of darkness. A full moon and glittering stars above provided the only light for them to see, highlighting the dark scarred pelt of the Eirhelian alpha as he lead the pair towards a large clearing in his territory, turning to look at the two of them with sharpened eyes.

   The formalities were over with, they had discussed how the fight would take place and they had come to an agreement. A fight that could result in death but that's how it normally was, wasn't it? Virus had a lot on the line during this match so in response he upped their stakes by putting the female on the bets. If they lost, she could come to Eirhel and belong to him. It was only fair, they needed to lose something and if land could not be it then it would be his daughter.

   "If you need to make any final words of advice to her, now would be the time. I will wait until you are ready," Virus offered the chance to the larger male, taking his spot at the other side of the 'arena', body tense and ready, eyes wandering over the two as he awaited them to finish. Might as well say your last goodbyes incase this would be the last they see of each other.

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Re: Virus vs Revexden
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2012, 02:12:59 PM »
Ice blue eyes met the darker blue sky-- the night was drawing in, and the events to come were inevitable. The beast moved forward in an almost robotic fashion, glaring ahead to seek out the dark figure of the one that he was opposing. This male-- this filth, this beast that tried to bring his daughter, his own flesh and blood into the ordeal, had no idea just how much stronger he had made the fire. There was blood on the Rilkine's mind, and though it was highly against Kidutesu's morals (Or at least, Daeh's,) Revex craved nothing more than to tear the fur away from the other's scar-riddled body, to add a story that would have much more bad than good to share. He craved it, craved the victory, craved the land,

And more importantly, craved to chew the bastard's eyeballs out. He kept moving closer and closer, not bothering to distance himself at the other side of their little arena. He wanted to close the distance. And he would only stop once a good ten feet or so away from the male, staring down the scarred male with an icy gaze.

"If you need to make any final words of advice to her, now would be the time. I will wait until you are ready,"

But he wouldn't wait. He barely understood the English of the other-- so he paid no mind, and instead lunged straight forward towards the male's face, with every hope in the world to rip it apart. However, he was prepared-- if the male did end up moving to either side, Revex would be quick to react and would swing his head and entire body around to whichever side and follow Virus' direction.

Sorry this took so long, bleh. Dx

-Rev lunges for Virus' face, with the attempt to grab any chunk of the dude's head and try to rip it off.

-If Virus moves, Revex will and up following the other's movements.

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Re: Virus vs Revexden
« Reply #3 on: June 03, 2012, 05:03:11 PM »
due to kidutesu's forfeit via pm, i announce eirhel as the winner! your grace period starts now.

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