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1,2 im comein for you (acceptance)
« on: March 09, 2012, 07:48:33 AM »
the apprentice:

he always had a reason for doing what he did. he never really thought much about it but he knew it was there. he hated his brothers. he always did. couldent even call them brothers. not after what they had done. the appretice. wasent sure what he wanted anymore. he wanted to exstend his abilitys. he knew he could become far greater than his brother lars. he was just as pure as him. just as strong. just as quick...and just as deadly. but none of that seemed to really matter. no matter what he did knowone ever saw him for his abillitys. his parnts never even bothered to give him a name. and thats pissed the apprentice off.

as he padded around the border of Alteron the apprentice didnt really know what to do. being a lone wolf was cool and all. but... it lack cirten freedoms. and he knew he could be of some use. and he wasnt some useless wolf looking for exscusses. he wanted to fight. he wanted to kill. and if he could get the chance. he wanted to kill his brothers. each and every one of them. they didnt deserve to be called his brothers. he would have givein his life for them. jus to find out that they would never do the same. with so with a deep breath he howled. he hoped someone would hear him. he needed to be heard.
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