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The hatred for all things Oukoku that was constantly smoldering within him seemed to have quelled for once; it had little to do with the fact that he'd simply gotten over it, and much to do with the strange mushrooms he'd eaten about an hour ago. Charon had not yet descended into uncontrollable, pointless giggles - rather, he was in a state of strange relaxation that some part of his brain pondered idly without any real concern. He'd done this to himself intentionally; it hadn't been an accidental dosing. He'd had some vague idea of what these plants were supposed to do beforehand, and the whole escapade had been to test those claims, of course...the only issue now was that, in his present state, Charon had very little interest in testing things out. He was content to simply lay off in a quiet corner, watching the partying wolves as one would watch a static-covered television screen - with a dull acceptance of the fact that the picture was just a little off and the sounds were muffled, difficult to fully understand. Or was it the noises themselves that were near incomprehensible? Perhaps he could hear them clearly but was not understanding the was an odd thing to contemplate, and for a moment the Judge's mind felt like the contents of a lava lamp, folding in on itself in what it thought was an attempt at solving this riddle but was really just roundabout, meaningless rabble.

He sneezed. A vacant smile spread slowly across his face. It was fortunate that the pack's normal behavior of ignoring Charon's existence seemed to have persisted through the party, and it was without any bitterness that he realized this. Being left alone was best; safer. Besides, he wasn't really in the mood for social interaction, despite the fact that he was technically 'attending' the party at this very moment. He only wanted to watch, really. The added effect of his vision swimming in and out of focus, colors dimming and then becoming unbearably bright only enhanced the experience. With a doglike snort, he lowered his head, rubbing his paws over his muzzle for reasons that even he was not sure of. It felt good, he supposed. Or necessary. It didn't seem to be intentional. More like a reflex.

Sighing contentedly, he ceased his scratching and dropped his head to the ground, staring up at the sky like a dog who wants a treat from his owner but does not want to get up and beg. Charon sneezed again. Rolled over and then back. What was he going to do? The thought came from nowhere; it was the first time since the drugs had taken affect that he'd actually wondered that. He could just lay here all night and do nothing. For some reason the idea felt pleasantly rebellious, as if he'd tried this previously and been reprimanded. He hadn't, of course, but that didn't mean he couldn't try now. Just let them try and yell at him for being lazy! Part of him hoped they (who 'they' were, he wasn't exactly sure) would, just so he could be defiant...he felt confident that he would tell off anyone who annoyed him now. He wasn't going to take anyone's crap today, he...didn't really know what he was going to do. But things were going to be different. Charon chuckled quietly.

Erebos had long past the point of no return hours ago when he first sampled the mushrooms. He had, of course, heard of their properties before from some conversation set before the party, but he'd sampled them anyway with only a slight grimace at the taste. Perhaps it was that he had gotten caught up in the excitement of it all, or that he simply wished something to make the time pass a little more quick. (The latter was far more likely considering.) Whatever it was he had long since stopped caring once he had descended into the madness brought on by the fungi.

He absently licked at his lips and paused midway, blinking sluggishly and letting his tongue flop about. That had felt just...strange. Did it always feel like that? So prickly and .. and fleshy from his scars. Erebos repeated his actions again and again and again until his muzzle was damp from his saliva and he was giggling at the feeling of it. He didn't even remember why he had started licking his muzzle in the first place. He just knew that he couldn't stop it now. That he didn't want to stop now.

So it was a giggling and licking Erebos that happened upon the rolled over lump that was Charon. Nearly tripping right over the guy, but catching himself at the last moment and simply falling backwards onto his ass instead. Erebos sat sprawled out and blinked at Charon. Then he giggled and licked his lips again. He didn't recognize the wolf right off, or maybe he did but his mind wasn't processing what he was seeing. None of that mattered. What did matter that right now, nearly falling over this wolf was the funniest thing in the world.

"Y-y'know." Another fit of giggles interrupted him, "S'not g-good t-t-to sleep in walking w-ways." Erebos let his body finally fall to the ground beside Charon. Peering down at the dark wolf with an amused expression that turned curious. "Why aren't ya at the party?"

It wasn't like he cared all to much about some loner. It was just idle chitchat to pass the time. Erebos grinned and giggled again before rolling over on his side and staring at Charon. Just chitchat. It was needed; it soothed his mind and helped him think past his drugged state of mind. It was calming to let the words drone on and on. Mind numbing in a good way. It would keep him out of trouble at least, for surely if left to his own devices he'd end up in the tar pits before the night was over.

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