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The scarf [Open]
« on: September 30, 2010, 08:45:24 PM »

(open to 2. this is basically just a post so I can say that Jonas has Tybil's scarf now)

Crisp and cool mornings were a godsend, a nice alternative to the blazing heat common too Death Valley. The dew was still sticking to damp leaves, for once making it past early morning without being evaporated.  A layer of fog was suspended over the ground, making anything past a couple feet invisible. The impairment of his vision didn't worry the chunky male; it merely meant he'd have to be more cautious.

He was beginning to settle into his new rank, priesthood suited him. The others in his rank seemed to be an alright bunch, but he had yet to really get to know them. He had only met them once, and that was hardly enough to time to make an opinion. The High-Priestess was a paradox; he never thought he'd be able to call a fellow pack member 'sweet'. But she was; kind and welcoming she had easily accepted Jonas into the fold. And he would do his best to live up to her standards.

The moist earth gave way underneath his feet as he trudged through the fog. The soft dirt seeped into the crevices between his toes, squelching sounds were emitted as more soil tried to work its way into the pockets. The consistency under his feet suddenly changed, no longer was the ground damp but soft and dry. His eyes darted swiftly to the ground to see what lay beneath his feet.
A strip of red fabric lay before him, twisted with mud and grime. Jonas tilted his head confused. Why was there an article of human clothing within the pack's territory? He dropped his muzzle to the threadbare scarf hoping to find an answer to his question.  He was relieved when scarf's scent revealed no trace of human, just the dominant scent of wolf.

He softly scooped the scarf into his jaw, not wanting to leave it around where just anyone could touch it. Jonas wanted to study it, and determine its origins, or so he told himself as he flung the scarf around his neck.
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