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Account FAQ - Activation, Passwords, and More
« on: February 25, 2011, 07:50:03 PM »
This post goes over what mods can and cannot do with your account, and what YOU can do with your account to make things easy for yourself (and reduce the likelihood that you will have to wait forever for a mod to help you.)

Deleting an Account

> If you want to delete one of your OWN accounts, all you have to do is:
- Log in to the account
- Push this button

You do not have to be a mod to do this!

> If you want an account deleted that does not belong to you (because you want the name and it hasn't been logged into for a very long time) OR if you cannot remember the password to the account you want to delete, a mod must delete it for you. For this to happen, a mod has to:
- Change the password on the account
- Log into the account
- Press the delete button just like a member would

Deleting accounts is one of the things that a mod cannot do by pushing one button; if it's your own account, you actually can do it much more easily.

Activating an Account

Yes, mods can activate accounts, and it is MUCH quicker and easier than waiting on an email!

> To get an account activated:
- Send a mod a link to the account you want activated
- They push this button:

And that is it. It takes two seconds so no, you are not bothering a mod at all if you ask them to do this.

Finding out an Account's Username

If you just won a character and have inherited an account, but you don't know what the account's username is and thus can't log in, you can ask a mod!

> All you have to do is:
- Send the mod a link to the profile
- They click 'Account Related Settings' and use their reading skills

Note: We can read the account name and give it to you, but it cannot be changed. We can, however, change display names.

Finding out an Account's Password

A mod can NOT find out an account's password.

However, they CAN change the password to something neutral and then give you the opportunity to change it to something you can remember. Like so:

Member: I forgot my password!
Mod: I changed the password on that account to 'snowballs' for you.
Member: -logs in with that password, and then changes it to something they will actually be able to remember-

Additional notes

If you want a mod to edit/delete an account and it's NOT the one you are messaging them from, please include a link! It's very helpful.
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