Author Topic: Are the memories I hold still valid? {PRP}  (Read 643 times)

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Are the memories I hold still valid? {PRP}
« on: September 19, 2010, 09:39:44 PM »
This night was calm and peaceful, the wind roared through the thick pine trees, There was no moon shining tonight, but that made up for the stars. Hundreds of beautiful stars, All twinkling and sparkling Thousand of miles away. Small animals scurried about, bathing in light provided by the stars. It was quiet a warm night, believe it or not, It had been cold the past few nights, and she missed it. That is the Female that was stalking the night. Her bright green eyes shining in the dark, her tail was low to the ground,skimming the ground, and her brown bangs were almost covering her eyes. Every step seemed like a leap in the night. What was this? Fear? Might as well be, but you never know what might be lurking in the dark. . .
   Aria sighed, slowly stopping, her bangs going back over her left eye. She grimaced, trying to look ahead in the dark, she made a den here somewhere. . .just where is it? It was made out of two fallen trees, she had covered the inside with grass and leaves. Not bad for a makeshift home. Home. . .
Aria sniffed, and jutted out her jaw in a pout. Where the heck is it? She shuffled her paws, and began to walk again, picking up her feet over the compost covered ground. She kept her head low, slightly sniffing the ground, her vivid eyes half closed, she constantly sighed to herself
   When she had finally found her makeshift den she plopped herself down, curled her brown and tan tail around her and fell asleep.

She suddenly shook awake, by the sound of morning birds. Aria opened her eyes, blinking sleep out of them. She loudly yawned, showing her rounded teeth. Aria slowly and shakily stood, stretching her tail and head up high, and making soft happy noises. What a nice morning. Now where's the Grub?
Smacking her brown lips, she left her den and gave her soft fur a good shake. What will we have today, Aria? A nice rabbit or shrew? She silently smiled to herself laughing at her lame joke. She began to loosely jog sniffing the trees, and dirt for any sign of prey.
She found one! She really found one!
Her ears pricked up, and nose began to twitch and tremble. Up ahead of her paws was a small sickly rabbit. Her eyes widened with delight, she licked her lips hungrily, and began to sneak up on the poor creature. As soon as Aria took a step the rabbit perked its ears, and took off in a shot.
"Damn it!"
She began to take chase, her tail was erect, her head and ears low, making her self aerodynamic.
She had chased the rabbit over some trees and logs, jumping over rocks, until finally she corned it between two large rocks. She pounced and grabbed the rabbit by its grey furry neck, with a quick snap the creature was soon dead.
Aria sat her self in and began to knaw into the rabbit. Her tail flipped and twirled with delight.
She finished the small rabbit easy. . .But it was still good.
After she was done, she rolled on to her back, and kicked her legs happily.
What a nice Morning. . .
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Re: Are the memories I hold still valid? {PRP}
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2010, 12:14:42 AM »
What a boring morning.
The only sentence that ran through the dire's mind was that. Those four simple words that constantly echoed and mocked him.
He drew up one of his tricolored paws, then soon set it down a little ways in front of him. He watched his pawsteps, each one
slow, gentle, and silent. The silence was unusual to the blue and brown-toned wolf, as his muscular and heavy build normally
caused a soft sound, but it was loud enough for prey to hear. He drew up his muzzle, glancing around here and there, taking
in a deep breath of the morning air. There was plenty of prey around, and now was the time he needed to decide weather or
not to go for a hunt. After all, he wasn't that hungry.

He didn't care, he didn't need anything at the time. It wasn't like he was going to die if he didn't go hunting at this exact moment.
Dan continued to walk. He was cautious, as in a forest this large, there could be anything lurking around. His silver eyes burned
through the wood, looking, searching for something. But that something he wasn't even sure of. "Entertainment." He muttered
to himself, as if it was a reminder. Hah! This man didn't need reminders, with his memory. Dan glanced up at the trees, stopping
at one to stretch up and dig his claws into the thick bark. He dug down the tree, leaving marks where his claws were, then pushed
his front paws off the tree and went back to his normal stance. He took in another long breath of air, noticing a faint scent of
another wolf nearby.
"And there's the entertainment."

Dan drew up his paws again in his normal pace, which made that soft patter against the forest floor as he walked. He kept his
head held high, to show he wasn't afraid of whoever was near. He took each step as if he were important and well known in
the area. He scanned the area as he walked, making it near the large rocks. He paused when noticing the shape of a wolf by
the rocks, nodding once, deciding to wait and see if he knew this figure, or if she would notice him. After all, it was fun to observe
how others reacted.
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Re: Are the memories I hold still valid? {PRP}
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2010, 01:17:37 AM »
{HURP that post kicked my butt X( Proves that I haven't roleplayed in a while. And bad post is bad, it's 1:45 and Mom is nagging me to get of the computer. >.<}

Aria sighed, and rolled back over onto her tan belly. She was suddenly bored. Why was she bored? She should get up and do something! But what? What was there to do. The female sighed to herself, feeling a little bit sad. What was she doing here anyway! She grimaced and arched her back stretching, yawning. Maybe I'll go take a nice nap.
Aria stood, shaking her head clear of thoughts, and took a few steps in front of her, slightly sniffing the air. She stopped suddenly.
What the hell is that?
Aria stiffened then relaxed, sniffing the air once more. What was that scent? She'd smelt that before. . .But. . . where? She quickly closed her green eyes, thinking. Aria quickly opened them again. She didn't find an answer, but she stood anyway looking around, keeping her ears pricked. She was thinking of all the wolves that she had met in her life. But she couldn't place a name on this new scent.
Suddenly she saw some movement! Instinctively she snarled and bulked up, she once again softened her appearance. Aria cocked her head to the side slightly, seeing a figure. What should she do? Leave? That's not very nice. But who knows who this wolf is. Don't want to get in trouble. . .again.

She snorted, curiosity consuming her. What can go wrong right. . . .Right?
She harshly swallowed, and place her bum on the ground, looking to the figure.
"Hello?" She blankly called out.
"Your not going to get vary far in the shadows."