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everbody but me (any)
« on: September 19, 2010, 12:38:13 PM »
Ooh I stand in the corner
Thinking all I want to what am I to do
Should I go home still sober
Or should I buy me another glass of wine
And forget about time?

Nikolai recoiled at the thought of being surrounded these barbaric monsters. The smell of blood, elevated hormones, the sounds of insane wolves ripping each other apart made his stomach turn and his head spin. He wanted no parts of any of it. But the Senior realized, quite quickly, that different in this particular valley meant death. Death in all sorts of ways. He could be brutally murdered thrown into tar and poisoned by a deceiving emotionless robot. If Nikolai so much as deviated from the accepted and approved Oukokuan life, he would need to deviate at all. He wouldn't have a life.

That's why he was at this party - Great Party. He had only a few goals to fulfill to keep eyes off of him. He needed to show up at all gatherings. He needed a bond, and he needed to exercise his power over others. It wasn't so bad, expect he despise all these cretins and their folly. This absurd religion. But he expressed no distaste as he prowled around the edge of the party. His green eyes were peeled for the young girl that fell out of Unagi. 'Protect her,' she says. Nikolai wasn't sure of how he was supposed to accomplish that. A sniff and grunt lead to a gob of spit being projected from his mouth. He had little to no backbone in the first, even less than that when it came to women...

How was he suppose to protect himself? If his daughter really was the devil, you would think no one would want to eff with him... But no one knew that little fact.

Shadows of dancing wolves fell on him carved out by the light of the stars. Nikolai, the wall flower, sat quietly looking for someone he knew. Or someone who knew what a farce this really was. He looked for Unagi's slender body, his brother's monstrous form. He sniffed for traces of Unagi on a young female, to make his own. But he did not branch out into the festivities. He was quiet, offering smiles for those who did look his way. Uncomfortable and awkward smiles on the fine line of being a grimace. Nikolai was not having a Great  time at this great party. He circled his throat and stretched his neck.

His green eyes swept back and forth. Large groups of wolves made him slightly nervous, claustrophobic. The uncomfortable grimace became a worried grimace. He didn't want to be here for long...
She knew not the father of the Red Dragon, and so it was without fear that the young Herbalist approached the Senior in soft, delicate strides. The Great Party raved on all around them, screaming slaves burning within the pits, their organs sizzling and bursting within them, their eyeballs popping from the sheer heat. Bondless, the mindless savages that they were, watched and cheered as they fought amongst themselves publically, ready to tear out each others throats in an attempt to impress some other, higher ranking Oukokan who likely wanted nothing to do with them. Hayley passed a particularly rowdy group of Bondless talking( screaming would be the more appropriate word ) about gaining bonds and succeeding; she rolled her eyes, knowing that just by their idiocy that they wouldn't get far within Oukoku-kai unless they learned to keep their blabbering traps shut more often.

When she approached the Senior, who seemed to be entirely uncomfortable with the entire gathering, she'd dip her muzzle toward her furry chest in a respectful nod, bangs dripping down over her amber eyes, almost obscuring them from view. A tilt of the head would fix such, and she smiled at the multicolor Senior genuinely. "Quite a little party, isn't it? I'd never thought that Oukoku could reach such extensive levels of volume." Her voice was amused, but nervous. She did not know this wolf, but it was a party, a time to mingle and meet new acquaintances. "I'm Hayley, Herbalist. Pleased to meet you, sir." Certainly one of the more mannered, cultured individuals of the Valley. It was clear that she did not quite fit the puzzle, but nevertheless, she was a piece of it, locked away inside the box along with the other, more savage individuals.

She'd wait for the Senior to answer, supposing that he did so, before turning her gaze back to the party that was taking place. The Rosas had certainly been inspiring when they'd allowed such a thing to happen. Many Oukokans danced about like wild, restless ghosts under the silver light of the moon, snapping their jaws and howling wildly, the embodiment of savagery and the need for mindless violence. She began to wonder where Tenkiame had gotten off to, perhaps how Ink was handling the party( she had a faint hunch that the cannibalistic beast would feast heavily that night ), or Blackout( senseless violence, probably ). She turned back to the Senior expectantly, hoping for some hint of a topic to start a conversation upon. If he didn't give one, she might have to spark up one herself, either that or simply bid the Senior farewell and start off on another journey to acquaint herself with another of Oukoku.

What a night indeed.
Farce..? Yes, she might have decided.  This was a farce.  But not the party -- no, the hedonistic revelry was the truest thing that Kaede had yet to encounter in Oukoku Kai.  It reminded her of fire and a sister who was more possessed plaything than beloved equal.  They were all tombstone-teethed marionettes on a string and they danced their frantic dances for the puppeteers, jerking and twitching like hanged men for rank and sex and bonds.  She smiled demurely even as she wanted to vomit at the sight, such dissonant control present in the svelte she-wolf even as a shred of something hellish burned.  And she and Azuhel were blood sisters, were they not?

She liked the party.  Here, at least the desperate gluttonous pleasure-seeking wasn't choked up in regulations and pup tales of false gods.  Slave-masters celebrating the death of a season with one last flourish was far less pretentious.

It was through the haze of violence and destruction and fighting and effing that she walked, a smile playing about her lips, the she-wolf unnaturally serene in appearance even as something brutally verging on anarchic raged.  She was not intimidated by the chaos but rather...disinterested.  She had no interest in impressing another, nor in finding a mate and seeking children when the Rosa were too baked to remember what color their paws were, let alone that her sister had left their empire in flames and smoke, nor in..well, any of the other attractions present.

Instead, Kaede sought out a scent she'd caught around the pack lands fairly recently, and had been tracking down on her own time when she was actually in the pack lands.  What better opportunity to seek out a pack member than now, when they were guaranteed to be caged nearby or else risking assault?

"Quite a little party, isn't it? I'd never thought that Oukoku could reach such extensive levels of volume.  I'm Hayley, Herbalist. Pleased to meet you, sir."

She found him as some nervous-looking she-wolf tried to strike up a conversation.

"Peace, little one."

A note at the quaver in the voice, as the Slaver approached on apparition paws.  Aa, there was no reason to fear Nikolai; he was merely an old wolf living in the wreckage of his lifespan, and she approached merely to sew up the loose ends of her own.  Unnatural blue eyes to green, and Kaede would smile that same mona-lisa ambiguously maternal grin as she tucked haunches neatly under her and sat on the ground, meditative in the midst of the mayhem.

After all, there were some silent questions that demanded answers.

"Quite a little party, isn't it? I'd never thought that Oukoku could reach such extensive levels of volume." His head snapped to attention. The soft and feminine voice caught him by surprised. Few females boldly walked up to the austere looking male. But this was a party. The setting gave youth boldness and the extra decibels. She greeted him genuinely.  "I'm Hayley, Herbalist. Pleased to meet you, sir." Nikolai thought he should return the favor but another in an attempt to silence the Herbalist spoke out.

"Peace, little one." His green flitted over to her. Nikolai was taken aback. It was coming. It was only a matter of time before he ran across his daughter. There was no outward sign of his inner turmoil. In fact, he seemed quite cold. The strange look of Kaede, so much older now, pulled at his chest. Guilt. All the regret. He sniffed and tossed his head a little.

He cleared his throat as he uncomfortably adjusted his body on his paws. This potential conversation had just become so strained. Tight and coiled, his ears stiffly moved to sit back on his head. "Good evening, Hayley. I'm Nikolai, Senior. Charmed." He could feel his throat closing up, as his haunches seized under him. "This is Kaede, Slaver." No need to put all their family business out in the street. It was a party; they should enjoy themselves. But of course, Nikolai could be polite.

Now that his world was limited to the scope of these two females, instead of the entire pack, he felt relaxed. He wondered if Kaede would make a scene. He hadn't seen here in quite some time. Nikolai hardly knew his daughters. But he certainly knew of them. He nosed around the pack and heard about them, from all sorts of mouths. "Are you responsible for any of the fare tonight?" He asked gruffly of Kaede. To think, his daughter would be causing such harm in the name of false gods. He at least wanted to know that she rejected this place like he did.

But those kind of thoughts stayed on the inside of his skull and never left. Not with words, looks, or moves. If anything Nik was definitely contained. He turned his head back to Hayley, young and impressionable. What did she make of all this partying. "What festivities will you be partaking in, Miss Hayley?" He asked without a smile but in a polite and dapper drawl. There was interest for answers from both of them. But is daughters had always be variables in his life. Who knew what Kaede would do...
Too much noise....

The usual silence that she often found peace in was shattered by the loud and eerie atmosphere traversing the area in which she usually dug her tunnels in automated action. In fact, when she'd gone to her usual area, the young wolf had found that working for the evening would be neigh impossible. Not because she herself had been swept away in the antics of the people, oh no, but because the area had been blocked off by foolishly grinning wolves proclaiming that work of this kind was unnecessary for the day. At first, her reaction had been to snarl and chase them off. After all, this was her area, her claimed territory, unbeknownst to those around her, but thoughts that usually found trouble coming rattled about in her head, proclaiming that she give up the venture for now, and with a sluggish pace of confusion she'd left to weave through the sweltering crowd.

That action to, proved irritating, and soon the odd toned wolf was pacing away from the main cluster with jaw open and eyes narrowed in contempt for the mood of the day. Silliness was abundant, actions being done that she didn't really understand, and eyes rolled about in mild fear of it all. After all, it was a tad overwhelming for someone of her thinking capacity, and she just couldn't fully grasp the concepts that were taking place before her. So, driven into a slight run, she'd sought to escape the general area all together. After all, at this point, it might just be best to find Mommy. Where was Unagi anyway?

Glancing over her shoulder would have been a foolish move, one that would cause her her balance, and unceremoniously, she'd probably run right into the back of the settled Kaede, her smaller form flipping up and over the dire wolf from the momentum of her sudden collision, and she'd probably end up flopped at her front.

"Eyack!" The wolf squeaked out, collapsing forward with dizzy expression. Oh hey...

Her solitude with the Senior was not left for long. Another approached, bearing the same coloration as the old man she'd tried to strike up conversation with. A siblings? No, no, she was too young for that, which meant that most likely she was a child of his. Either way, a respectful nod would be given to her, as was customary with the young Herbalist. She'd not allow this savage night to get in the way of her proper mannerisms, now, would she?

Of course not.

"Peace, little one."

A nod of acknowledgment, mannerisms shining through once more.

"Good evening, Hayley. I'm Nikolai, Senior. Charmed. This is Kaede, Slaver."

A Senior and a Slaver as her night's company - what an odd combination, but at least neither of them seemed to be idiotic savages bent on ripping out the throats of millions. Perhaps her night wouldn't be spent in the confines of her garden, after all - although, even then, the green garden she tended to so compulsively seemed warm and open and safe, but she tossed the longing aside. "Pleased to meet you both." Soft and genuine, and her gaze would turn to watch the other party-goers in their vicious frenzy, barking and howling and fighting amongst themselves, the true embodiment of chaos itself spread throughout many different bodies that, overall, made up one big, moving mass of murderers and tacticians, spies and stranglers. While Nikolai made conversation with his daughter, the maiden would lower her brilliant amber eyes to the ground and wonder just where Tenkiame was. The Iti seemed to be like Hayley in so many ways, and that intrigued the Herbalist beyond comprehension. Quite obviously there were differences between them, but still. She reminded Hayley of Salvatore, and that memory tugged at the red maiden's heart strings painfully, causing her small smile to pull downward into a skewed frown.

"What festivities will you be partaking in, Miss Hayley?"

His drawling voice brought her out of her melancholy little trip down memory lane, and that frown was quick to disappear as she placed that smile upon her maw once more. Festivities? Could such happenings of the Great Party be called such, truly? They were games of murder and distaste, but perhaps one or two were acceptable within her life. Either way, she'd not planned on participating in any of them, regardless of their levels of beastial involvement. "Mm, at the moment I am simply an on-looker. And what have you two planned for this fine evening?" Amber eyes turned to the father and daughter duo, but it was likely that before either of them could form an appropriate answer that the commotion would begin. As she finished her question the purple and gray one would fall, almost literally, into their little group.

How graceful, she thought, grinning like a child.
((Thanks for waiting, you guys.))

"Good evening, Hayley. I'm Nikolai, Senior. Charmed.  This is Kaede, Slaver."

The nonchalance broken by the hoarseness of voice, gravel-grinding a subtle note that she noticed only because she had been searching voraciously for it as he spoke.  His appearance hid any other reaction as surely as stone.  Slaver? Aaa, and was that it, dear Nikolai? Is that the only epithet you'll tack on to the introduction of your eldest? But no matter.  It is enough to believe that he is shaken and to appear like the wraith from the fire that once burned an empire to the ground.  

"Are you responsible for any of the fare tonight?"

Bitch-smile stretching wider and gaining some uncanny crocodilian sheen in the transverse journey is the only answer to this naive inquiry.  Such innocence was shocking when worn on the face and tongue of the man who left his daughters to the wilderness.  The perfect flourish to the end of the non-answer would have been a delicate, silky reply to the russet girl's own voiced curiosity, but chaos interfered even with such minute plans.  

That chaos took form by suddenly slamming into the slaver's back, the hurtling projectile forcing the wind from Kaede's lungs and a surprised "whuff!" of breath out of her mouth.  She recovered quickly, that smile stretching once more in its dissonant serenity as the slaver leaned forward to better see the sprawled creature that had the bad luck of faceplanting into her and bouncing to the ground.  Said smile froze and did odd things as she saw the desaturated plum that whispered of eel, even as the scent whispered something more strongly of Azu.

Just as calmly, the slaver would lift a forepaw and sling it out to press down on the other's storm-grey belly, pinning her in place unless she had the luck to roll over at the wrong moment.  If so, the other paw would whip to press with a sharp thrust down on the back of Mack's neck, perhaps pinning the girl face-down in place with an "eep!".  Either way, cadaver-blue eyes would lift to pierce the old paternal counterpart through.


A seemingly banal non-question that nevertheless demanded answers.
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life brings nothing for the same
keep searching new days on the horizon
while time just seems to slip away
i'm leaving no trace along the way

seems like i'm falling deeper, deeper inside myself
feels like i'm growing weaker, much weaker each day
along the path to decay

the lights are fading day by day
no cure for the lost, there's no ascending
when life could not become more pale
a new dawn is here, another day.

(played by adiemus)