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A Change of Pace
« on: September 18, 2010, 05:46:14 PM »
It seemed there was no place to establish a real sence of security.  Twice now, the packs he had placed himself into, had been either overrun or disbanded.  So again, he was forced to find another place to assert himself into.  The consant strain of having to prove himself, or to test his loyalty for someone different everytime was beginning to grow tiresome.  Perhaps it was like that everywhere in the marshes, always changing, never a chance to train properly, never a chance to prove yourself to your superiors.  A growl escaped the camouflaged wolf's gaped mouth, "Is there no where to prove ones worth, without guessing if it would matter within a few days?"  There was no one around to hear the question, he growled his question to the sky, expecting perhaps and answer from God himself. 

Looking up at the clouded sky, he closed his eyes, knowing no answer would come from above.  He drew in a deep breath, and lowered his head back down to ground level.  Opening his dull blue eyes, he turned his head to look behind him at the marshlands he had left behind, nothing now behind him but trees from the ancient forest.  The marshes were no place for a warrior, he needed a place where he could use his abilities to defend a land, and an Alpha that wouldn't fall easily, or simply give up.  He needed a place full of those who held honor, courage, and commitment to a high standard and knew the meaning of respect.  Dull blue eyes gazed around the area, contemplating on which path to take, where to take his allegiance to.
Not knowing where he was going, or where it would lead, he made a hard right and began making his way through bushes and shrubs.  The vegetation caught his fur, and reached at his face.  Where ever this lead couldn't be much worse than where he had come from, the disappointment he had left behind.  The scratches on his face were simply reminders of the struggle he must endure once more to find a place to show his worth, but this time, it wouldn't be a temporary asylum, it would be a permanent oasis. He made his way through the forest, his camouflaged fur blending in perfectly with the surrounding foliage.  The only thing noticable would be his white face, and underbelly, making him look like a ghost moving swiftly though the trees.

My ears twitched. The sound of swift movement through the underbrush woke me from my midmorning snooze atop a low tree branch. I pulled my heavy lids open, gazing around me attentively, scanning the leaf-littered earth for the source of the disturbance. The sound was nearing quickly, and in response my heart began to pound. Here we go I thouht to myself. Once again I was caught of guard by an approaching stranger; maybe this time I wouldn't be brushed off as being too friendly. I gulped, and just as I was prepared to leap from my perch, a rather strong looking male appeared from the thickets. He seemed to be scathed with healed battle wounds, and his pelt was matted with occasional twigs and muddied leaves. I caught the frustration he was in as I looked as his eyes. He slowed to a trot, giving me the opportunity to peer into them. He must be alone.

I sprung from the limb I had been resting upon, landing gracefull on my feet, hidden from his view by it's massive trunk. I popped my head from behind it, watching as the stranger came ever closer. With a little pinge of courgage, I gathered the gut to greet him, hoping I wouldn't be seen as a threat. I blew my bangs out of my face and spread a half-hearted smile across my face as I waited or him to see me.

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Akeldama was dreaming heavily, he was off in a blissful slumber. His night thrills had ended some time ago and the daylight did not have it's worthwhile fun, for him at least. At least not as of right now. He was dreaming of Nevermore, her slender face and silver occs were burning images in his head he could never get out these days. His dream was one peaceful under the night sky under a full moon. The leaves and grass flowed steadily in the nights chill and she snuggled up closer to him. Her scent was in his head as well as her looks, the wind carried on... The scent of her and he and......... Another male.
Akeldama's eyes snapped open in a flash, a hiss escaped as he lunged upward and his the branches of the large, low bush that had concealed his body throughout most of the heat of the day. He struggled a moment, finding his feet he pulled himself free of the branches that tangled him up. He hissed again, he was in no sleeping mood now, all he wanted to do was get out of here.

Peeking his head out from under the bush, he soon slid the rest of his body out like a cat would. Before he could get two steps away from the bush he heard a voice from behind him. Turning, he saw a female with her back to him, she was in the path of another wolf, a male. Where did they both come from?
A leaf landed in his hair. He looked up. Leaves were falling as if someone had jumped out of the tree, and judging where the female was standing, Akeldama figured she was the culprit.
Akeldama didn't know if he wanted to be near anyone, so he stayed silent for the moment. His facial expression was like a cat's curiosity, but his eyes watched dangerously from the shadows.

Akeldama slid silently in the shodow's to the right so he could get a side view of the two. The female was almost as tall as he, the male was both shorter than either of them, but looked to outweigh them with muscle mass and bone. Both the female's and Akeldama's body was about the same build, tall and lithe.
What were the two of them doing? Akeldama sat down and watched, ice eyes visible against all the vegetation surrounding him and his dark body.
He was silent. Waiting. Watching.

Something was different now, he had only made it halfway through the forest but something had caught his attention.  His pace slowed to a walk as he glanced around his new surroundings.  The forest was eerily quiet, no birds were chirping, and no squirrels were being bothersome.  Rey took a deep breath in through his nose, gathering surrounding smells and the information the area had to offer. 

His inhale suddenly stopped as a familiar smell entered his nose, and his eyes suddenly opened wide.  "Vampyre.. no it couldn't be..  His former Alpha had met a less than desirable demise, trying to aid Sicks in an escape from Tecuani, after losing their land to them.  Rey's widened eyes narrowed, he was not going to stand by and wonder why Vampyres scent, however small it may be, lingered near by.  It wasn't only his scent but yet another as well that made him call out to whomever was hiding cowardly in the trees.  "I suggest that if you have other than noble intentions you leave now.  However if you wish to talk, I will honor a truce."  Rey said into the forest, to the two beings he couldn't see, but could smell. 

He was more interested in the one that carried the familiar scent, but new faces were always welcome to him.  Never once had he attacked someone just because they were near, that was cowardly, and Rey hated cowards.  As of late, he couldn't make up his mind as to where to place his former Alpha.  Vampyre had indeed been a good leader, and had gotten them through the flood when it swept through the marshes.  Then again, he hadn't tried to fight for himself and Sicks as they struggled at the border of Tecuani to escape.  The thought had been weighing on his mind, perhaps this stranger could do him the favor of making his mind up for him.

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Akeldama's ears perked forward as the male stopped and was speaking to himself almost. Akeldama got up to leave when the wind carried a word he caught. Vampyre. Akeldama stopped in his tracks, frozen. The next words almost irked Akeldama, turning around his long strides carried his just beyond the shade where he was visible, was deep in thought of how and why the wolf knew of his Sire's name.
Peering through with curious eyes, looking the male up and down again, his voice was low and ghostly as he spoke.
"There is no quarrel here, good Sir."
His ear twitched as he watched the male.

The male was bigger up close, a good sized wolf. He almost looked as confused as Akeldama felt. Akeldama's nose twitched as he tested the air near the male. Cocking his head to the side slightly he inched forward, the one question burned in his mind. He flattened his ears and asked,
"What do you know of Vampyre?"
He hadn't seen his sire since he was much younger. Vampyre would sneak into Akeldama's and his mothers den when he was but a pup while his mom was out hunting. He had only heard of where his sire had been over a year ago, and no one had seen him since that time.
Akeldama wanted to know what this wolf knew, hear what he had to say. Where had he been at to see Vampyre?

"There is no quarrel here, good Sir."

So there was someone watching him, he had known there were a pair of eyes scoping him out from the safety of the trees.  This wolf before him bore a familirarity, and he was curious to why he struck a nerve.  He was tall, and dark in color, most definetly a Blackblood.  Lowering his guard a small twinge, he poked his ears forward he walked a few paces toward the male, and stopped short as he began to talk again. 

"What do you know of Vampyre?"

Rey was taken aback by this statement, and backed up a step.  His eyes narrowed, "I should ask you the same question, friend.  Vampyre was Alpha of my former pack, what do you know of him?"  Rey regained the step he lost as he approached Akeldama, sniffing the air around him once again.  Now that he was closer, the scent was stronger than before and Rey was beginning to get the feeling this male was one of Vampyre's kin, but he would let Akeldama explain himself before he made any decisions.  If in fact this was Vampyres kin, perhaps Rey would put his conquest on hold to get to know his former alphas offspring.

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Akeldama's mind was still swirling around until the male took a step backwards, like his answer surprised him or something of the sort. His mind went into sharp mode, eyes narrowing until the male regained his composer and narrowed his own eyes. It was obvious the two of them were suspicious of one another, and from someone else perspective then it might would have appeared funny the way both of them seemed to be pinning each other down by looks alone.
But the males answer brought Akeldama's thoughts up short and he went completely and utterly blank, trying to process what he had just been told. It took him a minute before he could answer what the male had asked of him.

Akeldama smirked, his tail twitched like a cat's. When he spoke the smirk would disappear from his face and a frown would take its place.
"Speaking openly, I know very little. Testing the blood of creatures, fighting for dominance with other males, taking off with different femms... He enjoyed causing trouble. It's been a long time since I last saw him, since I was a pup in fact." He looked around with a snicker. "My mother chased him away one to many times I guess."
He looked back at the male who he had realized was testing Akeldama's scent. He realized he was being rude to the male and quickly dipped his head.
"Forgive me, I'm known as Akeldama. May I ask or yours?" The young male was still puzzled by the male's relationship with his sire, but he was curious about the male in general. The way he acted and had his guard up amused Akeldama to the point of curiosity.

"Speaking openly, I know very little. Testing the blood of creatures, fighting for dominance with other males, taking off with different femms... He enjoyed causing trouble. It's been a long time since I last saw him, since I was a pup in fact.  My mother chased him away one to many times I guess."

The dark wolf snickered as he finshed his statement, what he found funny Rey could only guess.  Since this wolfs appearance thoughts and memories from Hellas had run through his head.  He could definitely be Vampyre's kin, by the way he acted, and from what this wolf knew of him, but still, Rey kept his guard.  Rey looked away for a brief moment gathering his thoughts, but when his gaze returned to the dark wolf, his head was bowed in a respectful manner.

"Forgive me, I'm known as Akeldama. May I ask of yours?"

Rey dipped his head in return, he may still be wary of this wolf, but there was no reason to be disrespectful to him.  "No, forgive me for being so rude, my name is Rey.  It's nice to meet you Akeldama."  Again, Rey dipped his head after he had introduced himself, as an apology for his rude behavior earlier.  He kept his eyes on Akeldama, not expecting him to do anything, but watching how he moved, studying his motions.  Rey was halfway hoping that Akeldama was kin of his former leader, then perhaps Rey wouldn't feel so alone in this world, so insignificant and lowly.  He wanted to hold on to the little bit of family he felt back in Hellas, and perhaps Akeldama would give him that feeling if he reconnected him to his sire.


 Slowly and lazily, his eyes fluttered to life. Kip smacked his lips a bit before getting up to stretch, where his mouth opened wide in a long yawn. His fur had grown longer, and when the wind swept near, chunks of the stray strands blew away with it. "Ugh. Shedding" He thought. The forest was quiet, with nothing but the chirp of few birds and the sound of a breeze being caught onto the leaves of the forest pines. He followed the distant hum of the familiar nearby stream, and though his body was half asleep, his mouth craved for water. The stream wasn't very much full of life, other than the skiddish little minoes that darted behind rocks at any movement. He lowered his head to the surface of the water, taking sips of the brisk water.

 When he sat up, he noticed nothing new, nothing exciting. It was dawn. The perfect reminder of the nothingness he had made with his fly-by life. Sure their was more to come, so he hoped. But after parting with his two brothers, it had been hard trying to amount to something. Occasionally he would come across travelers, most likely crossing his path, but none he had ever wanted or tried to build an actual relationship with. Maybe it's just him. He thought. He rarely wondered about his brothers, but this morning was nothing but endless time to think, and to drown in his lonely life. However, his brothers were strong. Kip was the runt after all, and if any of them were to have died by now, surely it would be himself. He brushed off the thought, and before boredom could devour him alive, he sped off for a jog in the forest.

  It wasn't long before he heard a few muffled voices in the distance. He stopped and thought about turning around, and continuing on his way, but instead, he craved for change. Effortlessly, he dragged himself closer. 

  He cleared the final brush, and came into sight of the two other larger wolves, as he let the awkward silence sank in.

"Hello there" He said to both of them, his tail wagging only slightly. "I'm Kip" He said, almost sheepishly. "This was a terrible idea" He thought to himself. None of the less, he kept his smile and glanced at the both of them.

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Darkness filtered through the marshland trees, shrouding Sicks and Vampyre from the prying eyes of others. One alive, one close to death...though none knew of such a thing. Both were stronger than most, in soul and mind. Both had the love of his pack...his family. But the other had the love of that and his Mistress. And oh how his Mistress loved him. She'd give his life for him. Yet, she couldn't do anything for him as she watched from the sidelines. Ghosts of those once in Ahriman swarmed Vampyre, slicing into his flesh and carrying out the deed Warbade would have wished upon anyone who made his daughter happy...

Eyelids shot open to reveal a green of envy, but also a purity that couldn't be matched by one of such previous hierarchy. Breath, almost visible in the damp den in which she called home, came in short, ragged gasps. This dream...this nightmare came more frequently with every month that had passed since her mate's death. The events in it weren't even true. Why was she continually haunted by such a ridiculous murder! Yet, the resemblance to how the mate before this one had been killed was bone chilling. He'd been killed by the very same pack members that appeared in the nightmare. They'd each had names...they'd each had a Princess...yet they'd betrayed her when they killed him.

How she missed both her previous mates. Vampyre the most.

Looking to her beautiful pups only brought back pleasant memories she'd had of Vampyre...after he'd hurt her that first time. Why was she so stubborn to let him back in when they'd met not far from here? She also remembered how harsh she'd been when she'd seen him after he'd hurt her. How she couldn't tell if she looked like a scared puppy that had yet to get the motions of showing the correct emotions right, or a vile witch that wanted to be left alone. And also how her heart had been overcome with such a warmth that she'd never experienced before. Her caution had melted away when he'd mentioned feeling whole around her. This thought in itself brought up a conversation they'd had long ago about something her family called the soul mate principle...

Fresh air, I need fresh air, her mind screamed at her, both at how stuffy in the den it was, and how she needed to stop thinking about her soul mate. Taking off out of her den, leaving her perfect pups behind, she ran until she no longer could. Ragged, almost death signaling, shallow breaths ripped out of her body. She'd let her emotions run rampant for the second time since she'd run into Vampyre the second time. Right in this very spot. Taking in her surroundings, she realized that she'd almost come full circle back to her den. But things had changed. Scents wafted to her nose from through the trees and bushes.

Granted, she didn't know what she'd find, but she followed her nose to find a group of 4 wolves. One was Rey, couldn't be...Vampyre? But alas, it wasn't her deceased mate. Yet, he did have many of the same features. The same coloring, the same eyes. How could he not be Vampyre? But he wasn't. Gathering up the courage to traverse forward, she wiped all emotions from her face. Well, here was the moment of truth.

"Long time no see Rey," her voice came out as almost a whisper. Turning to the male who so greatly resembled Vampyre, her voice faltered slightly. "A...And who might you be?" She completely ignored the other two for the time being, but she needed answers for herself.

The male spoke his name, and it seemed to fit him. Akeldama smiled, the male was a little more friendly than his masculine looks alone. Akeldama's mind was off rummaging as listened to the male. He was analyzing him, trying to fit the puzzle pieces together. With his noble look and gestures, he also had a slight private feeling about him, Akeldama thought. But, it seems one of his weaknesses would be a femm, usually was but this was the type of wolf that would guard something with his life. Akeldama thought his theory would be pretty good, but accurate? He wouldn't be sure.
"Ahh, there is nothing to be forgiven when there is no fault, Rey." Akeldama smiled.
A light color literally splashed into view near Akeldama. His head whirled quickly, eyes sharp to the slits to see who had come out of curiosity. Gray and white, yellow eyes and bounding full of energy it seemed. Akeldama smirked as the young male acted almost something Akeldama would call 'bashful'.  He probably has a very interesting personality, he was thinking. Slightly playful, maybe even a little shy at times. But this was one of those he wouldn't be able to really look into because of so much energy, or maybe it was just those bright yellow eyes?
"Hello indeed, Kip. I'm-" Akeldama stopped suddenly as a female voice entered his ears.

Akeldama turned to face the female standing up, his face and mind utterly blank as she finished speaking to Rey, it was so lowly whispered that he almost had not heard her. For the first time he could not smirk at a female, this one in particular. She watched him and asked him a question, her voiced was faltering. For unknown reason, Akeldama bowed his head to her and watched her with those inquisitive crystal eyes his sire before him had. The slits blended well with his hair so she not have even been able to pinpoint his eyes, he wouldn't even be surprised if she was startled when and if she those what his mom called 'demonic' eyes.
"Akeldama, Miss."

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"Ahh, there is nothing to be forgiven when there is no fault, Rey."

Rey nodded, and gave a slight smile. Right after Akeldama spoke, another, spunkier wolf appeared before the two. Rey raised a brow and tilted his head at this new wired wolf before them.  It puzzled him to know why some wolves were just so energetic all the time, where did they get the energy, and how are they able to catch food while bouncing around?

"Hello there, I'm Kip!"

His tail wagged slightly, and a grin was plastered on his face, he seemed friendly enough, although his friendly looks would only get him so far in this conversation.  Rey and Akeldama were having a somewhat private conversation until Kip showed up.  Fortunately Rey was a patient wolf, so he let out a small sigh and gave Kip a slight nod of the head."Pleasure to meet you Kip, I'm Rey."  It wasn't until he lifted his head, when another familiar scent filled the air.  Rey turned his head and saw Cantrelle standing there, looking almost as in awe of Akeldama as Rey had been when the two males first met. 

"Long time no see Rey." Cantrelle's voice was but a whisper, but Rey heard it, then her attention focused back to Akeldama. "A..and who might you be?"

She was alone, her pups were probably back in the den where she left them.  Rey felt a small urge to ask her about them, his duty calling once again, but he pushed it aside, but only for a second before he decided to ask anyway.  "Yes, my apologies Cantrelle. You seem to be doing well, and the pups are well also I assume?" 

"Hello indeed, Kip. I'm-"
Before the female could finish, she paused noticing another. But soon after the male spoke.

"Pleasure to meet you Kip, I'm Rey."

Kip could sense the air getting heavier. He had interrupted something. His face flushed with only small disappointment, as he knew approaching others wasn't his best idea. Rey had somewhat a familiar look to Kip. He had a strong body build, which he assumed was powerful in combat. It wasn't until moments later when it hit him. He had the body of his brother. His brother who he had split up with long ago. Kip couldn't take his liquid topaz eyes off of Rey. Something more about him was far too familiar. Maybe a smell that lingered deep under his fur. But whatever it was, it was throwing Kip off. He had to know.

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Akeldama. Another of Vampyre's spawn. And so close in appearance to him. The same black colored pelt, the same eyes...the trademark symbol and cross, though they were in combination to create something more. If only he knew how similar he looked to his father. "You look so much like your father," was all Cantrelle could get out. How this 'Akeldama' made her miss her love even more than before. But now was not a time to show weakness. Now was a time to stay strong for the three year old pups that stayed with her after Hellas' fall.

"Sang, Évelyne, and Noira are just fine," Bells said, turning her head to Rey, but her ear back to the den. Although she knew her pups could handle themselves relatively well, her mother's instinct kept her from straying too far from their defense. After this gathering, Cantrelle would have to reunite her pups with their guard and adopted uncle. At least, that's how they considered him, she'd learned. "Évelyne misses you immensely."

Her leadership duties nagged at her, forcing her to rip her eyes from Rey and look at Kip. "Kip, if I heard correctly. It's nice to meet you. The name's Cantrelle," she said as politely as she could muster. With her bouts of depression lately, it was a wonder that she could find any amount of happiness or peace.

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Akeldama shifted slightly and cocked his head to the side, his unruly hair falling everywhere on his face so he could see her clearly with one eye at least. He smiled at her comment gently, looking down as he replied with a small, deep chuckle. "Hence, the reason I was shunned." His tone was quiet as he sat down in deep thought.
His Sire was great to him in many ways, but the fact that he had always watched Akeldama from the sidelines as his mother continued to hate him had bruised his heart. It was an insecurity that was put to the back of his mind whilst he flirted with femms in order to regain what he had lost. But everytime he left a femm, it came back to haunt him.

He looked up and found Kip staring profoundly at Rey, so much that Akeldama shifted from one leg to another back and forth. He coughed a couple times to hide a laugh. My, something interesting, Dear Kip?" A simple question as a smirk played on his lips.
Akeldama stood and stretched as a cat would, arching his back and leaning back with paws out in front of him as he watched Cantrelle blankly, her eyes looked.... hard. He had to smile when he thought about a pup enjoying such a large, sophisticated and complex looking male warrior as Rey.
He listened quietly, politely to all the small talk. He was thinking, trying to fit pieces together about what all held the past together for all of them. It all seemed to come down to Vampyre. But, how? He was determined to figure it all out someday.
Could the Sire of his that had disappeared off the face of the earth to him have been such an intriguing wolf?   

Rey couldn't help but wonder what was going through Cantrelle's mind as she studied Akeldama's feature so intently.  Her gentle eyes scanned him over and over, as if trying to answer some question that burned in her brain.  When she did finally speak out, her voice sounded pained, and it hurt Rey to hear her speak like that.

"You look so much like your father,"

She was a strong, independent female, he knew this all to well.  It seemed though, that losing Vampyre took a toll on her emotions, as much as she was trying not to let them show, Rey could see it.  His dull blue eyes glanced away quickly when she turned back towards him, hoping she didn't catch him staring.

"Sang, Évelyne, and Noira are just fine, Évelyne misses you immensely."

He glanced back up at her, eyes shining, glad to know that the litter was fine.  It was the last statement that caught his attention the most, Évelyne missed him?  The very thought of the stubborn little pup he knew scurrying about, getting into trouble, actually missing him was genuinely touching.  Not once had he ever had a relationship with a pup, he was far too busy with training, and up-keep most of the time to actually even notice them running around.  Unless of course they got into trouble, that's usually when he noticed.  The three he had helped raise, changed his outlook on that, he saw pups now as the future of their species, and not lolligagging trouble makers as he once thought them to be. A smile broke across his face as he thought about them, and about how at least one of them remembered their care taker, and friend. 

"Hence, the reason I was shunned. My, something interesting, Dear Kip?"

Akeldama's voice broke Rey's trance on his thoughts, and turned to see Kip staring, rather intently at him.  "Aye, I have no hard feelings against you Kip, but staring at one so intently, usually means you want...something.."  Rey couldn't help but to feel a little uncomfortable at the way Kip was staring.  Usually to stare with such intent, meant a fight, or someone wanted to get down and dirty, And by the way Kip was standing, it wasn't a fight he was itching for.

Rey shifted uneasily on his feet, and turned to Cantrelle, "Cantrelle, if it's at all possible, would I be able to see the small ones sometime soon?"  He hoped she would let him see the kids again, it would certainly get his mind off of trying to find a pack, and would help his mind be at ease.  Rey glanced at Akeldama, then back to Cantrelle, wondering if she would allow Vampyre's son to also see his siblings.  He turned back to Akeldama, "Don't let others judge you for who your father was, you are not him." His eyes were soft, and his words were soft-spoken, and from the heart. 

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He slipped noiselessly through the trees, sticking to the shadows where it was darkest for he was a great lover of darkness. He despised sunlight, it was so bright, too bright. That was why he liked it here. It was always dark, even when the sun was out it was dark. He licked his lips as he walked not because he was hungry though, which was a rather rare occurrence for him as he was almost always hungry, but because this was just something he did out of habit. Exactly how the habit had started he didn't know or couldn't remember not that it really mattered in the first place.

His coat was filthy and matted as usual having not groomed it in several days now. He didn't care though. He slept on the ground, more specifically a hole in the ground so his coat was going to be dirty and if others wanted to stare or comment about it well that would be their mistake as he was smarter than them or considered himself to be at any rate and would happily play one of his games with them, of course he would play one of his games with them no matter what, though his kind of games were not fun and if one wasn't careful could even be fatal.

Soon he heard voices up ahead and a sly grin played on his lips. It was time to have a bit of fun. He slowly made his way towards them, the voices, staying still to the shadows. It wasn't long before the voices became clearer and more distinct and he was able to make a name being mentioned. Cantrelle. Well that would give him something to work with he thought as the owners of the voices finally slid into view. He glanced around at the four wolves, three males and one female thinking of the fun he was going to have. "Greetings Miss Cantrelle." He began thinking of the perfect way to have some fun. He had heard the word pups mentioned earlier and figured this femme must be the mother and there was no easier thing that worrying a protective mother. "It is a pleasure to finally meet the femme I heard so much about and pleased that you and your pups haven't been found yet. The one I spoke to didn't sound as if good things were meant for you and them". He of course had met no such creature and been told no such thing but another habit he had was lying especially if, like in this instance, he thought he could have a bit fun with it. He licked his lips again waiting to see how his comment would be taken and also trying to figure out what he would say next.
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