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scarecrows [prp]
« on: September 16, 2010, 10:27:21 PM »
the brilliant war-machine had promised her an empire to topple, a stronghold to reduce to rubble, but idly beryl wondered if this place had become the most nauseating disappointment or exhilerating success.  success - she could wander almost freely here, defying law and space and territory pee-mark with casual abandon.  failure - whatever had come before her had destroyed inaria far more completely than two idealistic terrorists could ever dream of.  this land was to the old Arctara as the land post-wildfire was to a thriving forest.    and did she want that? anticlimactic deconstruction.

She had parted with the dragon at dusk to meander the territory, the demolition compatriots seeking their own flavors of mayhem.  night was a static affair here, and the only life in the flowered land was the ice-blue eyes unnaturally shiny in the faded light.

she stood in the shade of an ancient willow, leaves brushing the sleek flanks and scythe-tail, and breathed in the air that reeked of pollen.  someone here...someone needed to come soon or she`d have to seek them out.


with a savage grace in movement, the timber exploded from her place as if she`d rehearsed this moment a thousand times over; and perahps she had, for what else was there to do in the endless spaces between the neutral lands?

either way, whoever was there would find a silent attacker suddenly doing her best to sink teeth into their throat and slam jaws shut to splinter the fragile bones.

((if you`re supposed to join, you know who you are.  others are welcome to go roleplay somewhere else, unless you`re in inaria and want to kill off a character by having them take beryl`s attack and die instead.  ty.))
Night had once again settled upon Inaria, and this was definitely one of the nicer ones. The sky was clear, and it allowed the moon to shine through the treetops, giving its eerie glow to the dark forest. At this moment, usually those within the pack lands would be found asleep in their dens, comfortable and oblivious to the world for a few hours at the least.

But not Yoki.

Tonight, the wolf was out and about, stepping around dens and avoiding the more populated areas. It was a better way to prevent waking others, especially those that are light sleepers. Last thing he needed was an angry Inarian trying to find out why he was walking about the forest at a time like this. And really, where would that lead? Because frankly, not even Yoki was too certain. Something within him was stirring, and it drove him to take a walk around the pack lands.

And it had led him to the borders. As a Sentinel, he was aware as to how... unpredictable... the borders could be. Though as of late, things seemed to be more calm. Nothing much had stirred, and it led some to believe that the borders were safe to play in. However, due to his long years in the work, the male's ears still perked in an alert manner as his paws found their way through the all-too-familiar routes along the borderline of Inaria.

And suddenly... it came without warning. A leaf crackled beneath Yoki's brown paw, and as his ear twitched at the noise, a fast movement caught his eye, and his first reaction was a stiffening of his muscles, and a sharp glance in the direction of the disturbance. What met his clear blue gaze was a large wolf, seemingly even larger due to the sudden lunge from the brush. As he brought his head closer to his body, shrinking his neck, Yoki didn't even have time to react much further than that as teeth sank into his shoulder. Sharp pain was already coursing through him, though at the moment it was numbed from the shock of the attack as a whole. Here, in Inaria

The force of the hit caused him to fall, and his inner instincts drove him to react. Maw opening, Yoki erupted with a defensive snarl as he aimed to bite at the attacker's leg. All that really filled his mind was one question: Am I going to live?
Teeth sank into the shoulder of the unfortunate passerby, a violent attack that probably sank deep with the same momentum that would send them down and tumbling.  The other wolf was quick to react -- not with the super-fast "I'm really a fictional critter so I can dodge anything with ease" reflexes, but simple fast thinking under a surprise assault -- which was actually rather nice.  This might prove a reasonable challenge, something alive and kicking in a land of zombies.

An explosive snarl and jaws aimed at her foreleg, which almost DID end up in his mouth from the momentum of their tumble -- but she lifted it and instead tried to slam it full-force into the other wolf's eye repeatedly.  Whether that worked or not, the timber didn't like being on the ground so close and potentially vulnerably, even if he was also on the ground, and so after trying to snap at the other wolf's face like a rapid dog, Beryl propelled herself to her feet, recoiling back to gain some distance (unless of course Yoki had managed to reach his feet before her and try to attack, in which case that would be tricky).

Then the inevitable lunge back -- as hindquarters propelled her in a flash of russet and grey towards the brown wolf, those jaws (dripping and white with foaming saliva) would attempt to rip off an ear.  Shredding it would also be acceptable in the she-wolf's book.

What was the actual tactical advantage of that sort of mutilation? Nothing.  Nothing at all, aside from arguments about pain influencing the ability to fight and concentrate, and maybe the off chance that enough blood would slide down the ear canal to impede hearing. 

But damn, would it be bloody.
Just as suddenly that they were both on their paws, so were they now on the ground, fighting for the upper hand. Who would have been able to guess that Yoki would find himself in the middle of defending himself from this rabid wolf, of whom he had yet to get a clear establishment of (due mainly to the abruptness of the attack, it was all going so fast), right on the borders of Inaria? It was downright stupefying. And yet, it was also what their training as Sentinels taught them, did it not? Despite the relative peace that had permeated Inaria for a good while, this was exactly what the job warned against. Intruders like this, who wanted nothing more and nothing less than to cause harm upon others.

And that was what seemed to be playing out tonight.

The leg he had been aiming for out of instinct drew back suddenly, and before he knew it the paw that was attached to it filled his line of vision. A yelp escaped his maw almost involuntarily and he drew his head back sharply, scrambling to get back on his feet as fast as possible. He wasn't disoriented, so he knew where to place his paws and lift himself back up, but he wasn't counting on the jaws heading straight for his face. He flinched as he felt teeth bite sharply into his temple, but Yoki wasn't about to give up yet. He turned his head to bite anywhere he could reach, but the violent opponent was already off and away, putting some distance between them.

And it was in those few spare seconds, finally standing with blood running down the side of his face and from his shoulder, that he was able to see his opponent. The she-wolf was there in full view, and there was nothing friendly about her. A cold aura seemed to practically radiate from her, and it wasn't that unexpected, considering what position they were both in now.

The next attack came; only this time Yoki was better prepared. He kicked up dirt and leaped to the side, attempting to run around and get a side attack in. He assumed (incorrectly of course), that she was trying to aim for his neck again. He was proven wrong when the pain now came from his ear, when a nice chunk of the right side of his right ear went missing. Now that was blinding pain. His right side just seemed to be taking all the pain today, didn't it? Feeling her so close to him, a pained growl erupted from his throat and he lunged with his jaws, going for her neck this time. Or anything that was within reach of that area. He just wanted to return the pain, and try to get the upper hand of this battle. He wanted to live.
((Jesus christ this is late...sorry, Moons.))

Yoki might not have clearly established what exactly was attacking him, but Beryl had already watered-down the Sentinel to the only level she needed him at: he was a victim, a casualty of their blitzkrieg, and now it was time to reduce him to that.  She'd had no training for this combat, only a festering frustration in an icy wasteland that led to the practice round -- now welcome to the ball.

She slashed, tasted blood; retaliation came swiftly in the form of jaws that caught the soft spot right in front of her shoulder (would have been quite a hold if not for that blasted ruff, hm?) and scratched superficial cuts even as she recoiled, escaping the full wrath of the counterattack.  

A heartbeat stilled now -- or would have, if each had paused to take in the other.  But as mentioned -- Beryl expected nothing from Yoki but for him to die,

and to bleed.

Jaws slammed shut on one brown ear, teeth together grinding and shredding the flesh into a pulverized, unrecognizable mess.  Whether the victimized sentry screamed or not was unknown to her; the timber was trapped and released all at once in a haze of ecstatic violence, the blood roaring in her ears and every limb alive with the rush of the ugly conflict.  Teeth on teeth and claw on claw and muscle to muscle, no political strategies or careful humanized ranks here to save these poor backwards wolves now.

Eyes were blue fire, blazing bright kill or be killed, that was the mantra of the dance.

This time the retaliation was anticipated, and she dodged with astonishing speed.  Yet the ex-beta could not shatter the laws of physics and the limitations of distance and so while the teeth missed her, the other wolf slammed into her and sent her rolling head-over-heels.  No time to rise, NO TIME, and so it was all she could do to get her feet under her and whip almost cat-like into a crouch with the reflexes of a desperate wild animal

and if he had already attacked her she would lunge to meet him, jaws snapping in a frenzy at whatever was in reach

and if not, she would finish gathering those paws under her and leap to fly at Yoki in the offensive assault.

My turn.
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Re: scarecrows [prp]
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2010, 08:33:29 PM »
((Shoot me for taking forever to get to this >.< I'm really sorry about that.))

The Sentinel of Inaria tasted blood as his teeth connected with the female's shoulder, cutting into the skin if only for a bit. At least he now knew he was able to give some form of pain to this cold intruder. His blue eyes blazed defiantly as she recoiled, his stained teeth bared in a silent snarl. Pain coursed through him just as fast as the adrenaline did, and Yoki knew he would be feeling all of this later. Right now, he didn't have time to assess any of the damages this other wolf had caused him. He was fully aware that if his concentration ebbed even a little bit, he would surely die; for she seemed to be on a rampage, and he was caught right in the direct line of it.

His torn right ear flicked back so that the blood from it dripped off the side of his face. Anyone that looked at Yoki would see a red bloody mess on the right side of his face. He shook his head, and some of the droplets of his own blood splattered off, dotting the ground, and perhaps Beryl if she was close enough. When he retaliated towards her neck, she jumped away with a speed he wouldn't have figured coming from her. But even though he couldn't bite onto her satisfactorily, she was stumbled from her feet and she fell. Now! his mind screamed at him as he continued his forward path, meeting her falling form with his own paws, attempting to step on her neck and cut off her air supply.

But it didn't work, and she was up in an instant, just as he continued even more forward with his assault. While she stood there and readied for the offensive assault, Yoki leaped to the side, front paws meeting the ground as he turned his head with a sharp jerk. Jaws parted and teeth aimed for the she-wolf's scruff, wanting to latch on to that at least. Then he'd be able to try and pull her back on the ground. She was only recovering from her last stumble, so perhaps she would once again fall. If not, and teeth didn't meet the scruff he intended for, Yoki would go for her cheek, one of the closest areas, and try and clamp onto there. Meanwhile, her own jaws had found his already bleeding right shoulder, and he winced but was determined to not let go should his teeth find their target. Then, if it happened, a sort of deadlock would be in place, both trying to gain the upper hand in this battle.

Maybe he could at least cause as much pain as she had caused him so far.
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Note: This character has scars on the right shoulder and the right side of his face. Plus the top-half of his right ear was bitten off. So for RP purposes, this will be incorporated.

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Re: scarecrows [prp]
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(( you just want to OOCly set a few wounds for each of 'em and call this done? I kinda lost it for this rp haha.  Sorry Moons.))
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Re: scarecrows [prp]
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((If you would like to. I wouldn't mind. It's alright, I know this thread was drawn out far longer than intended x.x I'm sorry about that...

Do you want to continue forward with either a Yoki/Anateri or Moons/Anateri thread?))
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