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Moths to a Flame (Renegade Recruitment)
« on: September 16, 2010, 10:23:11 PM »
Tickfly walked through the night with a sense of purpose and arrogance. His tail fanned out behind him like a Roman signal, like he owned these mountains. Braver than any other wolf in the world, Tickfly ventured out from the Inarian Outskirts without fear. Flamebrand was killed in his own little territory. Nowhere was safe. It didn't matter where he was, the young male knew he would die. No matter what he did, he would die. There was no time for fear. Before he took his last breath there was so much he wanted to accomplish.

The Red Mountains was the first step. He needed to gather...cannon fodder. He needed scouts, warriors, spies and assassin types. Tick would take them back to the Inarian borders. He would train them. He would give them purpose to their errant lives. He would shape and use them. Carrying the torch for Flamebrand and his renegades, Tick placed the whole operation on his shoulders. It didn't matter to him if he had only known Flamebrand in passing. He was a passionate and charismatic leader. Tickfly was a young megalomaniac.

His delusions of grandeur would only be satisfied with the destruction of the "greatest" pack in the all the land. Inaria. The plight of the Blackblood was pathetic. Created by Inaria so they may cower behind over sized abominations, and when it was inconvenient to have them around, they were cast out of the purple forest of Inaria. They were cast out to overpopulate and further inbreed amongst themselves. Disgusting, Blackbloods humped like rabbits in the Oasis. The Blackbloods splintered off from Swiftkill.

The end product was Tickfly. A lonely young pup. A sad story like so many that have been told before. Tick sniffed. He was tired of it. He would end all plight. He would start a revolution, and cleanse the world of all the filth. The Dire world was ending. "Those grasping for a higher purpose, those seeking their places, those poor and unfortunate souls that have been scorned and turned away, come to me. I welcome the cursed and tormented. I will nurture and cherish you, like your mother couldn't."

Tipping his head back, he let a howl slip through his lips. Calling all losers, killers, rapists, rejects, and fanatics. He called them all to come and hate Inaria with him. A new religion.
swaying to the rhythm of the new world order


counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums.


Slogging through the night with a whisper of silk and soundless step, serpentine curve around brush and tree and lax boulder -- a sashay of hips and curl of paw and arch of crest, all conspiring in a single fluid machine motion to carry the she-wolf over the coarse terrain.  She was a flame beneath the night, russet brushstroke a shade, a memory under the inverse illumination of the new-moon that left all sightless.  It was an anarchy here, lawless land and blind night and masterless wolves,

a far cry from the militarized old Arctara.

Beryl could topple no empire here, because there was no chessboard to plot destruction on, and the pawns were limp, haggard doppelgangers of their pack-bred counterparts.  it was unnatural, that they should wander alone for so long, and yet -- had she much choice? The conductor of ruin for her old pack, absentee ex-mother who'd deserved her children to choke death-rattles from exposure to the elements (sex with the snake had been to feign injury, not beget family), disdainful and arrogant and generally uninterested in the common loner.

Here the harlot unmasked, not garbed in guile to pull puppet-strings because what use was there, trying to drag around shattered little rough-carved things that had no past and no future?

Beryl's only driving force, as she wandered beneath the empty sky, was a compulsive machine-code battery of find the warlord, so that she might find perverse comfort in the only other remnant from Arctara, somehing to tie her to the old stronghold home, the drive for basic necessities, and a thirst for


She did not expect to find it here, in this rocky wasteland, nor at the source of the cry that spread like a shock wave.  It was only habit to approach the interesting, as she'd grown used to moving in whatever direction she cared to (military efficiency decaying with each day spent in this hellhole) and sought only stimulation, the unexpected, more excitement, more weight to events, more that mattered, more, more more more more more more MORE.

and so she reported, with a skeletal smile and will-o-the-wisp eyes, gaseous blue flame in the night.

"Mother tried, but mother was a fool."

Tried to mould her.  to pack her into a neat little circle, boring rank for a home that denied her the same chessboard as this useless mountain range. 

can you do better?

There, she'd needed to raze the place before she could ascend -- here, would she need only to follow the honeyed words? small chance they'd lead anywhere, greater chance that this was just another fool babbling about some microscopic plan seasoned with grandeur -- but she'd play along.

if only to kill time.
"Mother tried, but mother was a fool."

Tickfly turned his green eyes to the source of the reporting voice. An ethereal smile appeared to match the skeletal one. A beautiful form did not always house  a beautiful soul. But the young male considered himself an artist. He was a silver tongued serpent. His will was strong enough to break and mold. He would shape the world in his image. He was a demi-god.

Even if he only had one potential follower, he still had potentially one. One was more than none.

Nodding his head he stood approaching the female. His chest fluffed out like a bullfrog trying to catch a mate. Ears and tail erect, his eyes attempted to connect with hers. Staring her down to connect to her soul. "I am no fool." He whispered to her, softly, enchantingly. "I can give you purpose. I can give you a target for your ill-wishes. If you'd like that?" He asked her as his fur brushed against hers, intertwining and mingling. She could know him anyway she liked.

He preferred to touch and feel her. She could do whatever she liked in return.

Still invading her personal bubble, he chuckled. His tone dropped into a youthful baritone. "I want to destroy a kingdom. The kingdom responsible for creating me and all the other Blackbloods. I want it to burn...and shrivel and die." In simple words he expressed his desire. What would she do in return.
Everything had changed in one year, causing a pure soul to become lost within the neverending mountains. Throughout her young years, Vagary was often subjected to staying within the den with her brothers while the adults went out for a group hunt. She didn't mind it really, except for when her anxiety attacks began to kick in. For some reason, Vagary always had anxiety attacks when both of her parents were out and about. It was something she couldn't explain, whenever they were gone she feared the worst until they returned to her. This would ultimately cause her to run out of the den, being one pain in the ass for her brothers, as she desperately tried to find them. Vagary met a lot of different beings around her during her desperate searches and in the end, she would be returned to her home just in time to see her parents again. It was a cycle that took its toll on her, since it exhausted her physically and mentally to think of the worst when it came to family. The older she got, the better her adventures were, but nothing would prepare her for what would happen next. It was the worst birthday ever.

Nearing a year old, Vagary's family slowly started to deteriorate for unknown reasons. The first to go were her parents, leaving the den only to never come back. She never knew that her mother had died by snake bite but it was easy to say she imagined worse. It was then that Vagary's anxiety attacks got so bad that it affected her everyday life. Feeling anger towards her parents and sorrow for what the young one had to go through, Ghosteyes departed in order to find her parents, but never returned. For the longest time, Vagary only had her brothers to lean on. Last, but not least, to leave the anxiety filled female was none other then "Big Brother" Tickfly. Just like the rest of them, Vagary didn't know why he had left. On her birthday, all who remained alongside her was Sabaoth. It was then that her brother decided that it was best for them to leave the past in the past and move forth to a new future. Vagary had willingly followed her brother, not wanting to lose the remainder of her family.  But alas, there were just somethings she couldn't control. Although she didn't want to admit that she had lost her brother, it became rather apparent since she now roamed alone.

Timid paws moved forward as she continued to search for her brother throughout the night. Random moonlight would reveal a spitting image of Gulch with only on slight change. Vagary had the lengthy limbs and frame that her mother passed down to her, not to mention her same loving personality. However, her frame was slightly larger due to her blackblood heritage and held teal dots from head to toe, both in which was inherited from her mighty father. Although she was the daughter of a mighty blackblood, Vagary was now delicate and fragile. One could see it in her movements, an easy victim for any monsters that wondered in the night. She took a deep breath in, she had to remain strong like Sabaoth or else she would never survive. Ocean orbs skimmed the darkened area, fear illuminating from them. She tried to remain hopeful but deep down she could feel her anxiety beginning to surface. Oh who was she kidding? There was no way that she would survive without her brother nearby to protect her. He swore he would never leave her so that meant something had to of happened. Oh where was her brother, where was her family, and where was she even at?

"Those grasping for a higher purpose, those seeking their places, those poor and unfortunate souls that have been scorned and turned away, come to me. I welcome the cursed and tormented. I will nurture and cherish you, like your mother couldn't."

Her timid steps now became shaky and feeble, it seemed like one false move could send her tumbling to the ground to shatter like glass. She was losing hope, thinking the worst, and finally realizing that she was indeed alone. It was then that a strong howl erupted throughout the night sky, catching the feeble mind of young Vagary. As she listened to every word she debated on whether or not to approach the caller in the distance. She didn't care for a higher purpose, nor was she scorned or turned away. However, what did catch her attention was the cursed and tormented, two things she could relate to easily. Cursed with her anxiety and tormented by it everytime she was without family. Not only that, the ending to that call made her desire to follow it even more. "Nurture and cherish you.. like your mother couldn't.." Vagary whispered to herself, closing her eyes to hold back tears. Perhaps it was time for her to pursue and create her own family, or the least she could do was see if the summoner had seen her brother. After thinking about it a moment further, Vagary decided that it was best to pursue the caller and hope for the best. Hope was what she needed now more then anything.

"Mother tried, but mother was a fool."

"I am no fool. I can give you purpose. I can give you a target for your ill-wishes. If you'd like that? I want to destroy a kingdom. The kingdom responsible for creating me and all the other Blackbloods. I want ti to burn... and shrivel and die."

With her long limbs built for speed, the teal polka dotted female took off into a fast sprint towards the sound. Vagary was desperate and she yearned for the caller's claims. She weaved in and out of trees with haste, her tongue hanging as she panted. It wouldn't take long before she saw a clearing up ahead and the scent of others becoming stronger. The closer she got, the slower her pace became until she slowly came to a stop. Vagary stared at the ground, debating on whether she could actually push forward on her own. It was then that she heard faint voices, one male and one female. As she easedropped on the conversation, she wasn't quite sure that she liked what she heard. Ill wishes?  Vagary wasn't about all that because she held none, but then again she was still obtained a young and naive mind. It was hard for her to make the decision, though it seemed easier at first. Her surroundings went silent, causing curiosity to overcome her. After hearing the desire of the brute, she became even more unsure. However, this might be her only opportunity to follow one who would take her as she was. Could she really turn away such an opportunity?

It was then that she decided, opening her maw to speak in a rather pure, yet painful tone. "I wish to follow you.. If you would allow me to.." Vagary spoke loud enough to be heard and yet her frame was not yet seen. Slowly her paw stretched into the moonlight before allowing the rest of her frame to follow. It was then that she revealed her shaky self, though her eyes were still closed. "I am tormented by my curse, which makes it hard to live on my own.. I seek.." As her words trailed, her lids open to reveal deep ocean orbs. It was then that she stared upon her summoner before widening in absolute shock. Her frame did not move closer and yet it shook as if an earthquake moved her. If she could change colors, she would've went pale with whom she looked upon. "B-b-big brother.. Tickfly?.." Vagary stuttered in utter shock. Her eyes welled up but she refused to cry in front of the strange female who was body to body with her brother. "Is that really you?" She spoke in an innocent, child like tone. Vagary didn't know how to feel, how to react, all she knew was that she was staring upon the familiar face of her family. This had given her hope to say the least.

"I-I-I can't.. believe I.. I found you.." Vagary spoke shakily, still in utter disbelief. She was scared, scared that he had left in order to get away from her and her anxiety. Not knowing his motive for leaving the den made this greeting rather confusing. Would it be a happy reunion or a sad one? Vagary inched closer, then paused, then inched closer, then paused. "I've been looking.. for so long.. Tell me.. Tell me you've found the others?" She lightly pleaded, eyes letting a tear or two drop from them. Oh how he didn't know just how hopeful he made her, perhaps this was a sign. Vagary could only hope that he would embrace his sister, for she had done no wrong to him. She always idolized him, roughhoused him whenever he or Sabaoth believed a female couldn't overpower them. They were kids then, pure of heart, and yet that is how Vagary remained. Ocean blue orbs looked upon the other female but all that showed was pain, sorrow, yet happiness all balled up. Vagary turned away, not knowing how to react to her at this moment. She merely stared at her brother with hopeful, yet fearful eyes. Would he accept his sister though they were not of the same blood? Vagary hoped so, she thought and loved him no less then she did her other brother. Was the feeling mutual?

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As suddenly as she came, she was gone. The potential killer disappeared and then there was another. He paid it no mind. Another he knew so long ago. Even it wasn't that long ago, it seemed it. So long ago when the male was young and youthful, innocent and pure. Before he was twisted. Left for dead and alone, and his mind was deformed and changed it what it is now.

"I wish to follow you.. If you would allow me to..I am tormented by my curse, which makes it hard to live on my own.. I seek..B-b-big brother.. Tickfly?..Is that really you? I-I-I can't.. believe I.. I found you.I've been looking.. for so long.. Tell me.. Tell me you've found the others?"

The appearance of his little sister stung his heart. But the male smiled with all the charm and geniality. He would be the brother she remembered. "They are all gone, sister. There is only you and I. We are not meant to live on our own. We are wolves... our strength lies in numbers."

He didn't let it on that her tears sickened him. He didn't let it own that he had changed so long ago. Instead, he brought his paw to wrap around her small frame and pull her close. If she allowed it, he would hug her and sigh heavily. "We were cursed before we were born. Cursed before we could choose our paths. Come with me, little sister. We can make them pay."

Even when his tone was soft, there was an edge of darkness there. Would little Vagary know her brother now?
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Vagary watched as the beautiful blond bombshell left their sight only a few moments after the fragile one appeared. She couldn't help but tilt her head, unsure on whether she had scared the female off or she was up to something unknown to the rest. Ocean blue orbs followed the female's frame until she was engulfed by the surrounding shadows. It made Vagary even more uneasy with her approach but with the high belief that her big brother would protect her from anything that may harm her, the timid polka dotted female continued to move forward. Her brother didn't seem phased by the sudden leave of the female, not even a hint of question in his eyes. Unlike her brothers, Vagary was very skittish about such things even when she held the trusting and loving nature of her mother. The young female felt uneasy yet comfortable at the same time, what with her long lost brother standing before her and all. Since Tickfly was the last of the family to disappear, his leave hadn't tormented her as much as the others. It brought her hope to look upon her brother's frame again, oh how she wished that Saboath was here to see this. Even thought Vagary knew that the chances of all her family members reuniting was slim, at least the younger generation would've been together. Her family was her strength, the more there were, the more she felt like herself. Tickly wasn't the only one who changed and, like him, they didn't choose to be what they had become. The once lively sweetheart who loved to run around with her mother was now fragile, delicate, and timid with every step that she took. Vagary did not know about the changes in Tickfly or the way that he was left. They were all just left behind, unknowing of the intentions of the adults that once watched them. The young female couldn't imagine their parents leaving them all alone to fend for themselves or die trying, she just couldn't imagine such things. Regardless of the reasons behind their decision, it had affected the young ones more then they could ever know. They would never be who they once were in the past, only the twisted versions remained now.

"They are all gone, sister. There is only you and I. We are not meant to live on our own. We are wolves... our strength lies in numbers."

Where seeing Tickfly brought hope and happiness to Vagary's heart, she was unaware that it stung his to even lay eyes on her. If she had known, it would've torn her heart into pieces while a questioning gaze showed through her eyes. Vagary would never intentionally do anything to hurt her family, they were her world. Perhaps he felt the sting because he no longer wanted to be reminded of the family he once knew, but she hoped he would remember that she was too young and innocent to do any harm. They were on the same boat in this situation, being left by those who they believed loved them the most. Thankfully Tickfly's charming smile was enough to hide the truth from the naive yearling, giving the impression that he was the same big brother she once knew. Vagary looked down on the ground and her ears laid flat upon her tiara as her brother confirmed what she already knew but didn't want to believe. She was a hopeful being but even she was losing faith when it came to her family's return. She raised her sad gaze, looking upon her Tickfly's face as he stated that they were the only two that remained. It gave her slight hope but she couldn't help but wonder if that would be enough. What he said next was the undeniable truth, especially when it came to her. "I.. couldn't agree more brother.." Vagary spoke softly. Her brother had a good point but who would make up these numbers if there family no longer remained. Could she truly get to know strangers with the state of mind she had? Would she be able to create a new family this way? She was unsure but she wouldn't dare risk losing another family member. Vagary then realized that she had yet to tell Tickfly that there was a possibility that Sabaoth was nearby. "Tickfly, there is more then just you and I. Sabaoth and I have been traveling together and it was only recently that I had lost his scent. He cannot be too far though, for he promised he wouldn't leave me like our parents had.." Vagary informed, hoping that the news would bring more hope to their numbers. Surely Sabaoth would keep his promise since he knew the damaged that was caused when the others left her and never returned.

"We were cursed before we were born. Cursed before we could choose our paths. Come with me, little sister. We can make them pay."

She couldn't help it when the tears began to fall down her cheek and down on the group. Vagary's tears were a mix of overfilled joy when she had reunited with her brother and absolute depression from feeling so useless and pathetic without her family. She lowered to her haunches as her head hung low, trying to hide the tears that were beginning to flow more frequently. It was then that she felt a paw wrap around her, pulling her into the warm embrace of her big brother. At first her eyes widen in shock, only because she hadn't expected it, but it didn't take long before she buried her tearful face in his chest. Vagary raised her own delicate paw and wrapped it around him as much as she could, not wanting to let go of him. She closed her eyes as she took in his familiar scent, bringing joyful memories of the roughhousing  that the three pups had participated in. Of course, Tickfly wasn't exactly a pup back them but he played with them like he was, but not since their parents disappeared. She tried her best to hold back her tears but there were still some that fell onto the earth occasionally. Her body slowly began to shake as an small anxiety attack began to reveal itself. It was then that Tickfly spoke about the curses they were born with. Although they were two different curses, their situation was all too similar. He had a way with speaking the truth and it sucked her in so easily. Vagary wasn't too sure on what he meant when he stated that they would make them pay but she didn't have the energy to question the meaning. "F-f-f-forgive me for my tears and sh-sh-shaking frame, it is not something I c-c-can control." Vagary spoke weakly before pulling back to look at her brother eye to eye. "O-o-of course I will go with y-you, to the end of the Earth I-if I have to. I d-don't want to l-lose another so c-c-close to me." She said with uncontrollable stutters. It only happened when anxiety hit but it was such a hassle to speak confidently during such times. A curse indeed, one that made her so pathetic that only family would take pity on her. Hopefully Tickfly's constant presence would help her.

Vagary was completely dependent on Tickfly in order to survive but she hoped that if anybody, he truly understood her pain because he also knew how it felt like to be cursed. Sabaoth never had nothing wrong with him, never needing somebody to be there all the time in order to control himself. He was strong, independent, and healthy, so how could Vagary feel comfortable with having him sacrifice his life to be her babysitter? Being so young, naive, and completely trusting towards her brother, it was easy to say that he had her wrapped around his paws. If he wanted to put hateful things in her mind, it would take some time, but eventually he could change her whole train of that. It was Tickfly's decision whether he wanted to keep her the way she was and be her protector, or use his twisted ways to manipulate her to his liking. Realistically he couldn't turn the slender female into an amazon warrior but that didn't mean he couldn't find a way to make her a trained killer for his personal use. Vagary would never believe that Tickfly would ever manipulate her and change her to something she wasn't, but that's what made it all too easy for it to be done. She had full trust in him and because of that trust, she would believe anything he said without question. He could use her curse and dependence towards him in anyway he pleased. Like she stated earlier, she would do anything in order to keep him by her side and she meant it. Desperately clinging to his very being, Vagary was determined never to let him go. So the question was, what would she be to Tickfly? A sister? A lover? A Pawn? A weapon? No one, but him, could determine the answer. Only those, that were once considered family, could save her from her easily manipulated mind. But then again, it was their fault that she had a weak mind that could easily be controlled. How ironic, the only ones who could save her were the ones that put her in such a bad situation in the first place. Oh how twisted the way of life was. No one ever chose to live such a dark lifestyle, it was merely bestowed upon them due to their past.

With all the sad and dark times, reuniting Tickfly gave her hope and happiness. Her tail swayed lightly as she forced a smile upon her face, but unlike Tickfly, Vagary was horrible at hiding her true emotions. Sadness and depression still showed in her dim ocean blue eyes but a small glint of hope showed from time to time. It was then that the polka dotted female looked around, wondering if that blond female would ever return. "Who was your friend? Hopefully I didn't scare her off." Vagary spoke, ears pressing upon her head once more in regret. She didn't know what her brother had been planning but regardless she felt like a nuisance for possibly running off a potential canine who would've shared her brother's ambition. Regardless how he responded to her, the young female would soon find herself looking at the skies. Oh how she remembered when she was young, wanting to use her speed to catch a sparkling diamond so she could give it to her family. Vagary couldn't help but let out a deep sigh before speaking to her brother, though her eyes never left the stars. "Oh Tickfly, do you remember how it use to be? You know, when we were all happy?" She asked softly. It was when she thought of those times that a genuine smile appeared on her features. Oh how she remembered sharing a den with all her family members and sitting near the entrance so she could sleep under the stars. She was close to all of her family members, though she was scared of Uncle Ghosteyes at times, but she loved him all the same. Vagary had no clue about Tickfly's past before she was born so there was a good chance that they weren't remembering the same moment in time. She lowered her sight from the stars and returned them to her brother's stoned feature. "What happened Tickfly? What happened to everyone? Why did they leave us?" Vagary asked as if she believed her big brother had all the answers. "Why.. did you leave Saboath and I?" She gave her last question. She wanted to know his insight on the situation and his reasoning for leaving his siblings side when they were feeling just as abandoned as him. Why?

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