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Wandering (Amania)
« on: September 16, 2010, 07:48:57 PM »
     Kylo stops in her tracks. A sad howl penetrates though the forested area she is traveling though. It sounds pathetic and lonely. "You are maybe not a scavenger but it wouldn't take long before I will become their meal." She knows she shouldn't care. Why should she? This little wolf is just scum. What would she be worth in Kylo's eyes? Wouldn't she just be another mouth to feed? Can she even hunt? Kylo spared her life once, would she be generous enough to spare it again?

     Of course. Biting her tongue for her stubbornness, she turns back around towards the beach. In a dramatic entrance she slowly but powerfully burst through the brush and stares at the wolf. Her eyes have changed from a dark, furious grey to her normal slate. Her whole body is less tense. She still has her head held high, but her tail is lowered in a peace offering. Her tail sways back and forth semi-patiently. "Alright," she says with mild agitation, "I'll help you." She gives the wolf a slight smile. She could get used to her.

     "But you're going to follow my rules. Do exactly as I say and give me respect. In return, I will act as your mentor." Yeah. She could get used to that, too. But exactly how much work would she need? "Can you... hunt? Track? Fish?" She doubted it. If she could do any of that, she wouldn't be in this desperate situation. Might as well start teaching now. Fishing is the easiest, we'll start with that. Once the wolf answers and all that is sorted, both will walk to the beach shore, and her lesson will begin.
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