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To Narnia (prp)
« on: September 20, 2017, 09:23:37 PM »
scratch- Jude
East, then, and so they set out - names exchanged, outfits, well, fitted, and Jude feeling stranger for the leather and hide across his pelt than for the company. Titus, at least, he knows, and Templar in passing; Jessie has Ouro's blessing, and that is enough to grant him tolerance for now. The swamp is less than pleasant, but this early into the journey, it's still known territory - and so Jude, tail waving behind him, small paws navigating dryer paths and higher climbs, strikes up conversation.

"Do any of you know what's on the other side of the swamp?" He pauses, and then makes a deft leap to a dry rock. "--or is it just, swamp, forever?"


lunecy  - Templar
Roles had been set, something Templar was grateful for that he was tasked with moving with a group East of Borogrove, exploring to find a new place to call home. The drama between the Knight and the pink hellion Shroxx had shook up the hive a little, and his feelings with Filianore was strained at best. Now adorned with armor - albeit less than he was used to - they moved through the swamp. Large paws trudged through mud and water, not careful like the smaller Jude.

"I know not, brother. I come from the West, beyond the Fringe. All is new to me, sorry to say." Amber eyes motioned to Titus and Jessie briefly. They probably knew better than he. "Though I doubt this swamp goes on forever."


Winter - Titus
This journey was such an honor. Titus was assigned to find new land, and he planned to not disappoint. He would surprise the others in his finding, he would find glory in this exploration and get the praise and recognition he wanted. Blinking, the two different eye colored male looked around himself. He had forgotten that he was in a group, and thus, any glory would have to be shared. No matter though, Titus could handle sharing things, for a bit. The swamps probably stretch on for a couple of miles. Titus said, his words calm as he glanced down towards the small fox, being careful to not step on him again. As I have not arrived in this direction, there is a possibility there's only swamp. He didn't want to exactly crush everyones hopes outright, but it was the truth. What do you hope we find? His question, directed towards the group. His eyes glancing to the three as he waited to hear what everyone wanted to find.


Alue - Jessie
In all honesty, it probably wasn’t the best idea to leave his rabbits behind for so long. But Jessie knew they could get by with munching on the grass for a few days - or at least that’s what he believed. He had been swift to follow his group from Borogrove, heading further than the swamp. The dog pulled back all information he could recall from Alchemilla, mainly which packs they knew of. Some they had heard of, planned on befriending, and some they had. At the moment, the exact locations were dull in his mind, but he knew vaguely what direction they were from where he stood.

    Jessie turned towards the others in the group, everyone speculating on what was further than the swamp. He wasn’t one hundred percent sure, but he knew some stuff. “Somewhere past swamp is Nardir. Further might be Tortuga?” They had taken in a Nardirian at one point, Aylie. He didn’t remember much of her, and he remembered Tortuga’s name. Mallory had gone there, and he couldn’t remember the exact outcome of it. In the end, it didn’t matter what the outcome was.


scratch - Jude
Jude pauses in his step to roll his shoulders noncommittally, glancing behind him at Titus and Jessie. He forges ahead largely with Templar beside him, though their routes through the swamp vary, and clicks his tongue thoughtfully against his teeth, tail flicked up again as he treads dangerously close to the muddy water. It has to dry out eventually – sooner rather than later, he hopes if Jessie’s memory is close to correct – and though this trip does not suit him, the fox, too, thinks only of glory that awaits – and of time away from the confusion of Borogrove’s God-hungry ranks.

A better man – or worse – might take the opportunity to flee, but Jude has never much liked chancing the unknown. Borogrove, strange as it is, is home – and he is committed to his role within it.

“Dry land, mostly,” he replies to Titus, glancing back over his shoulder with a wry smile. “Maybe someplace warm. Town’s a little dreary, don’t you think?” The fox looks briefly to Jessie, and steps closer to Templar – are the tangled swamp-trees thinning up ahead, or is he just so weary of the mud he is imagining things? “I’ve never heard of – Tortuga? So you’ve traveled through this area before?”


lunecy - Templar
His large frame weaves carefully through the muck, not wanting to step in sinking mud or have the unfortunate bite of a crocodile. Nor does Templar want to trip or slip. Although he is not afraid to get a little dirty, his mind is concentrated on not getting his ankle broken. So as the conversation floats above their heads, he remains silent. Tortuga and Nardir were places he's never heard of, packs to keep in mind in case it is a matter of duty. Alliances were rare in Redania.

Filianore's voice rang through his mind, 'We're your home, yes, but not your old one.'

As Jude notices the thinning, so does he. Templar's amber gaze sweeps across to find the swamp drying out finally, the ragged trees that swept across with long beards were few to near none by the time they walked closer to the edge. "I think you may have your wish." he said, referring to Jude's wish for dry land.

Oh how wrong they would be.


Winter - Titus
As the group walked, Titus shifted his eyes towards each of the members who were speaking. Jessie's words of Nardir and Tortuga catching some of his attention. He briefly wondered if they would get in trouble going so far out of their way. Approaching other packs without any sort of reason, might not go so well for them. Are those places friendly? He asked, looking towards Jessie. Although, they had some from Tortuga visiting, the giant hasn't had much interaction besides with some cat that was acting odd.
I wouldn't mind finding someplace warmer. Titus agreed, his eyes shifting towards the little fox that was leading the charge. He left out his agreement on the town, as he was not yet of a high rank and didn't want to get into trouble.

As Templar mentioned Jude's wish, Titus blinked and looked around. They had indeed wondered onto dryer land. I guess we have stumbled upon what we were sent to find. Titus mumbled as he looked around. The trees were thining, the land was dryer, the tempature in the area was also changing a little bit as well it seemed. Let's keep going a little further, see what else we can find. Titus suggested and motioned for the group to keep going in the same direction. His eyes shifting up as he realized they were on a path that seemed to lead upwards towards the sky.


Alue - Jessie
Jessie was guessing that they would not explore that much further outside of the packland. He assumed it was a small trip, just to get an idea of what surrounded them in order to conquer it. Knowing that there were other packs beyond them was useful, but most likely not at this time. “Jessie was in Alchemilla. Allies with Nardir, met Tortuga.” When in question of their friendliness, he shrugged. “Never met. Only heard of.” After all, at the time he had been a pup. He was taught the general locations, and how they were allies. But if his former pack could be allies with the packs, then most likely Borogrove could be allies with them as well. Hell, Jessie would be willing to vouch for this pack.

As the group made their way out of the marsh lands, Jessie gave a mental sigh of relief. The marsh always felt homey to him, but that didn’t stop the clogging of mud between his toes. He took up the rear of the pack, trying to eye anything that someone might have missed.


scratch - Jude
Vesper had mentioned, once, her desire to carry him, and though Jude had been offended at the time – recalling how she had lifted him bodily by the scruff and deposited him like a gift at the Monsignor’s door – he finds himself wishing she were here now, with a saddle made by that new Smith at her back, and his paws kept dry. The company, too, would be appreciated, though he hardly minds the gathering at his flanks. Their journey is improved for how the land levels out, and dries, the gnarled swamp-trees fading to pine, and to hemlock – and then the land rises before them, and Jude finds himself squinting through a dark forest that seems to lead only up.

“Perhaps we won’t need to find out if they’re friendly,” the fox offers mildly, glancing to Titus with an easy smile. Fond as he is of talk, he would prefer not to discover that Tortuga or Nardir are less than welcoming of their little envoy. “We can see if there’s a river nearby – something must feed this swamp, right? It would make for easier travel.” And increase their likelihood of finding other living creatures, but he supposes that is part and parcel of their trip.

“—Feels colder over here, though, doesn’t it?”


lunecy - Templar
Templar kept quiet through the conversations of other packs considering he had never been into the straits before, but he wondered about them. His attention turned quickly to the change in atmosphere though, amber eyes taking in the thinning bearded trees now turning to fir. The terrain was no longer soggy, but rocky and elevated, much like a mountain. They were close then, to the Fringe, and he flicked an ear to the rest of the group.

"If we are to see what feeds the swamp, it will be down hill as the water flows. We can head south a bit and see what we can find." he said, nodding to the treeline heading south. "At least we'll be out of the muck."


Winter - Titus
Titus nodded his head slowly as he listened to Jude speak, as well as Templar. He was also quite curious as to what could feed the swamp that the pack had decided to call their home. Let's just be careful. The giants two colored eyes glanced towards the three traveling companions. We are n unfamiliar territory after all. He didn't mean to ruin the light mood, but Titus just wanted to make sure nothing bad happanded to anyone.
The giant pushed ahead, moving to lead the group. His nose pointed upwards a little bit as the tempature started to change. That's quite odd. He mumbled, referring to the change in the tempature. Then, the giant slowly started to slow his pace as a few pieces of rubble started to catch his attention. More human building material? He questioned, looking ahead as he saw a few broken human made buildings up ahead. I think this was another human settlement. He mused, glancing towards the others to see what they thought about the find.
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Re: To Narnia (prp)
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This group will find a place by the mountains within a taiga biome bordered by a mangrove swamp. They would have discovered this through a mangrove tunnel that comes out into a swamp that is also embedded into a very clear lake that has a forest under it. The mangrove water and rivers is also very clear! Once they got out of the swamp, they will have discovered the taiga biome and within the mountains, they would've found a large human village that is abandoned that is embedded into the rock. There's even a large waterfall for a water resource close to the village. There is also skeletons of buildings planted around the territory.

Played by Gothy