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Amidst the shouting and panic just beyond the marsh, the gentle sound of purposeful paws went unnoticed by nearly all who dwelled in the jungle. A small store of otter and caiman meat was packed away. Tucked then, safely, inside the homemade garment which the black wolf had only just pulled over her head a moment ago. The opening, where an eye had once been, was finally covered up after years of leaving it viewable for the world. The old scars upon her graying body were bound in whatever she’d managed to find.

After that, just one more thing, the hood was drawn up over her ears, and she turned to her companion then. “You’re not coming?” But she knew it was a silly question to ask.


From the treetops it slid, leaving harsh ruts in the plant’s trunk, its large body landing against the earth heavily, but without as much noise as you’d expect. Though, maybe she had? Cat’s were known for being quiet after all.

Its hulking silhouette stepped out into the light. A pair of yellow eyes looking into her one. How interesting it was that their golden orbs just about matched. But for the yellow patches and the brown rosettes he could just about pass off as her actual cub even if their species were too distant for that to be true.

“You’re not staying.” He answered. Still just a “pup” yet, but the boy already understood. “The jungle is my home. It never sounded like it was ever yours…”


Uoram shook her head. “No.” Not once had she looked at something inside this place and ever thought of it as her home.

Peace never took the shape of Saboro. Nor the faces of that devilish man, that kindly gentleman, her friends. Not even the children had conjured such glow in her life. She felt something for them, all five, of which still only her daughter remained, but none of them were enough to sway her mind.

Now there was the sixth one. Just a poor boy she’d found, who’d conveniently stumbled upon her under the right conditions that would give him new life. She’d nursed him, protected him, taught him best she could. Now the adopted boy stood before her as a young adult that could understand.


“You don’t seem happy about leaving” He murmured. “And you don’t seem sad.”


“I don’t think,” Uoram thought she might be those things once. A long time ago the thought of escaping would’ve meant something….

“...that there’s much point anymore.”

She wasn’t dead yet, and she wasn’t being compelled to simply sit in one place. She just....moved. The cat followed. “I think...I’ll try my luck.” She heard him say over the buzzing bog.

“Might as well. You were born in this place.”


“I-I hope you find someplace meant for you as well, Mum.”


“We’ll see, boy.” She glanced towards his stilled body that stood ankle deep in the muck. The only semblance of a ‘goodbye’ he’d get, but he’d been around the female long enough to know. “We’ll see.”


She was gone after that, and he remained there for a short time.

“I hope you find what you were really after when you followed him here, Marou.”

One way or the other, the old woman should be allowed her rest, and he, he had his own life to live. One she'd given him. It was time to try and finally join this pack he supposed.

He too disappeared into the darkness, but only temporarily.

ooc: Marou's on the list and is now out officially.  A new character will be coming soon to Saboro on the new site too :3.