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golden chariot [visiting/open]
« on: September 16, 2017, 07:45:46 PM »
A beast was prowling Gemini's borders. Certainly not the largest they'd ever seen, almost definitely not the most monstrous--at least, not yet. Empires took time to build. Saboro wasn't created overnight. A reputation that stretched that far took time. Planning. Plotting.

And, above all, it took people. Augustus needed bodies. The territory he'd secured in the so-called Reach was fine, if temporary. The friendly, opening atmosphere of the dense forests and rolling grasslands didn't set well with him. He was born of fire and glass and shattered parts and he intended to return there. One day. Soon.

The Desolace, they called it. A wasteland of craggy crevices and mountains reaching up to the sun like the fingers of an outstretched hand greeting a friend. Augustus had already scoped it out--a land where beasts battled for bones and scraps, bleached bones forgotten in red and gold sands. How many goliath creatures had he glimpsed there?

He was getting ahead of himself.

On the metaphorical steps of one such gentle kingdom. Augustus didn't approve of a gentle take on life, not necessarily, but Rome was a budding Empire, and they needed friends. Connections could always be cut later, if needed.

Peaceful kingdoms didn't always breed peaceful children, though, and that's what the lion was counting on. In the gentle light of dawn, he sat calmly at the border of the lowlands, watching as Apollo brought the sun higher and higher in the sky, changing it's colors from pastels to vibrant, beautiful oranges.

"Good morning," He called, voice loud and booming in the gentle calm. "Is this land Gemini? I've come to visit."

He waited for a pause, until the first of them had arrived. They were cautious, no doubt; he was an imposing figure, a stranger, on their borders. They were right to be cautious. "My name is Augustus," He threw on a disarming smirk, deadly teeth not visible. "How are you doing on this fine morning?"