Author Topic: ....the ants go marching two by two.... [Sveyn]  (Read 490 times)

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....the ants go marching two by two.... [Sveyn]
« on: September 15, 2017, 09:11:45 PM »
Circe crouched beneath the tall grass of the prairie, her black and white pelt was such a hindrance when it came to hunting in the open like this but the grass was so thick and tall here it hid her well enough. Large white paws muffled the sounds of crunching foliage as she stalked closer to the large herd of elk, scattered within its ranks were several younglings. Amber eyes scanned the gathering that was spread quite wide, she spotted a new mother, circling a newly dropped calf. He was struggling to stand while the mother sniffed and doted after him. A wave crashed over the female as she watched the baby slowly gain his footing and make his way to his mother's side to nurse. Suddenly filled with a strange sense of longing, she snorted loudly, sending the whole herd into a scattering mess of chaos as they spotted her lurking in the grass and took off in the opposite direction. The girl watched as the herd ushered their young away from the big bad wolf before turning to head back to meet up with the rest of the Bacchus party. It wouldn't be so horrible if she came back empty-handed, it's not like they were in dire straits or anything. Not to mention, their current situation didn't allow for the carrying of extra food, it would be wasteful to bring back such a large meal.

As she walked her mind wandered, the past few weeks had been full of new and exciting developments and she was eager to visit the nearby packs to find packmates. She'd grown up thinking she was simply ugly with her roman nose and big feet but that wasn't the case at all, she was part Bacchus Dire. The development came after her father, Rainer, had found her a few weeks before and explained her heritage, inviting her to join him as he ventured to return the Bacchus territory to its former glory. Of course, Circe eagerly joined him along with her charge, Beau and shortly after, a man named Basma and an old woman who spoke to ravens.

The rustle of grass pulled Circe from her thoughts, she looked around, the grass just over her head gave no hints of who was nearby. H..hello? Who's there? She asked, her heart began to race and before she could get an answer she bolted forward, heading for the edge of the prairie where the forest and her family waited. Unfortunately, she didn't see the rock jutting up from the ground, her paw caught it just right and she went tumbling head over tail through the grass. Landing flat on her back with her belly exposed, she quickly rolled to her feet and shook herself off, mildly embarrassed. She widened her stance and looked around for the imagined stalker in the grass before relaxing and chuckling to herself. Circe, don't be silly, there's nobody out here.

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Re: ....the ants go marching two by two.... [Sveyn]
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2017, 07:52:04 PM »
He had been tracking the elk for sometime now, prioritizing his hunts more than usual when the herd made an appearance. Such a large group of prey was rare for Sveyn to see around here, and a herd this large wouldn't stay for long. The ghostly giant also hid silently within the brush, his breathing was sparse. To take down a young buck would take a lot of stamina alone, and while he had the strength for it he worried he'd tire quickly. How long had it been since he devoured something larger than a rabbit? There were just too many nomads in this territory to claim big game quickly enough. Sveyn had narrowed his gaze on a large buck with a lame leg, the poor creature's disadvantage was his predator's profit. A pink nose inhaled slowly, deeply. As he was preparing to leap, the elk scattered. The majority of the herd ran in his direction, so what was it beyond that spooked his dinner? He exhaled gently, lifting himself into a stand. Normally, Sveyn may have ran after the elk... but it was the smell of a young female that carried in the wind that seemed a little more interesting than his meal that got away.

He had to quicken his gait to be sure he didn't lose her, and it didn't take too long until he finally got a glimpse of the monochrome female, closer speculation helped him gather that she also showcased a brilliant shade of scarlet. Sveyn also came to assume that she clearly had places to be, a destination in mind; she navigated through the long field grass all too well to be aimlessly wandering. "H..hello? Who's there?" Sveyn paused. He was much too close if she could hear him, and he hadn't decided if he wanted to meet her acquaintance quite yet. It would have been an easier choice to make had he been able to see where she was off to. He was immobile while she tried to figure out where he was watching her from. When he became witness to her fall, his eyes widened, wincing. He went to step out at once to make certain that she bore no harm from the fall; but she regained her balance quickly and... spoke to herself? "Circe, don't be silly, there's nobody out here." Unless Circe was hiding somewhere, he could only assume this was the name of the young female. Pretty.

After letting out a faint chuckle, he stepped through the tall grass. Shaking off the debris of the itchy prairie, lowering his head slightly to inaudibly signal he was of no threat to her. "Excuse me for scaring you, Miss." He took a step closer to examine her, she was just a foot shorter than he was, her golden eyes quite entrancing. And... her face. Her facial structure resembled his so closely that it made Sveyn's eyes narrow in size. "... Circe, is it? Where do you travel from?" He would not question her ancestry yet, formalities were due.

He was a gentleman, afterall.

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