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well met, traveller [ PRP ]
« on: September 15, 2017, 02:32:08 PM »
@Bane [RP] @Critter @Kujo @Mutter @Jade @Azuhel - d/l is the 1st October!
Tracker training mission, set pre-Bonfire.

It felt strange, being outside the territory without Keanu. It had been a long time since North had been outside, leading a congregation, although the presence of Bane behind him was familiar and comforting, despite all of his faux-disgust for the Right Wing. He tracked through the marshland, that he had taken them to, dragging his thin legs through the black mud, and ignoring the stench of swamp bacteria as it fermented the water around them. Bog-smell. Disgusting. Unfortunately for all of them, there was a good reason for his peculiar detour through the muck. He turned his head, addressing the apprentices or less-experienced among them. Arcadia and Bane were there for good measure, and a helping hand. He opted not to address them: they didn't need the patronisation.

"Most swamps and marshes are uninhabited," and for good reason, he thought to himself, privately. Too much mud, too little prey. "It makes them good roads between territories, or around them. Find the extremes of the Straits, and chances are, you'll find unoccupied roads there." Paths and directions to learn, over time. He continued his trek, desperately ignoring the sensation of his thick tail saturated by the filthy-smelling mud.

"Marshes can be dangerous, mind you. Any idea why?"

He posed the question to the children and trainees. There were several answers, of course, but he was curious to hear what they had to say, and which among them would take iniative and answer. He paused, turning to peer at each of them in turn with a single white brow lifted, expectantly.