Author Topic: Will I see you again...? (Nyx**)  (Read 380 times)

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Will I see you again...? (Nyx**)
« on: September 15, 2017, 09:58:09 AM »
(Oh hey look SC, it's that thing you all want to happen. Nyx for sure and if BR is ok with it one or two others.)

The forest was silent for a day or so now. Almost deathly so... It was a warning, a dangerous and painfully loud warning, one which Vi ignored because she didn't want to leave her project. She was in her new den, a rather modest little place, big enough for a certain lion to fit if he ever came to visit... She was, of course, fussing over her herbs which she was organizing as usual. Invierno's den was actually a lucky find, a massive and ancient tree that had fallen, pulling up earth and rock around the roots which were still half buried. It was the perfect little cave and best of all, there was still a tree to play on! Vi had yet to let anyone know of her new home, many probably thought she was still in the smaller tree den she'd found before but, hey.... Surprise!

Vi was also rather proud of her find for another reason, it was on the side of a rise which meant the water from rain would flow downhill and away from her. Of course, things would still get soggy, that was to be expected but, she wouldn't have to worry too much about flooding. Vi swallowed hearing thunder clap outside, the winds had been picking up for a few days now and it was getting hard for her to move without stumbling. Her fur stood on end now with all this rain starting and how strong it was. Alright.... She couldn't ignore the warnings now. She needed to get back to the den others knew as hers. She needed to get there now.

The small albino bolted from her new home into the pounding rain and howling wind. What on earth had their neighbors pissed off this time to whip up such a storm!? Those Pirates were crazy! Fun but, crazy!! The small feline ran near blind in the growing darkness, hearing nothing but, the howling wind, thunder, and rain beating against everything. There was a strange groaning sound then...


Vi froze, lightning flashing to allow her to see through the rain at something huge falling.... Toward.... Her.... In a panic she bolted right, the large tree thankfully catching and snagging on others as it fell to its end, slowing and taking branches of others with a devastating crash. Crap... Forest was not a safe place to be... Get out. Get out. Get out. Cave.... Cave of the Ancestors!! That's where her mind said she would be safe.... She'd forgotten something... A few somethings... She had to get out of the forest for one. She'd have to cross at least one river... Being out in the open during a potential hurricane was NOT a good idea. Still, she was in a panic and she wanted to escape this hell crashing down around her.

Between all the crashing and disorienting sounds of branches and trunks snapping and crashing around her, the now whistling and oh god... What was that.... Why did it sound like a stampede!? Invierno was so lost and turned around, she ran... She ran as fast as she could while the murderous sound of a stampede grew louder and... CAVE!

She bolted, finding a small crawl space over near Execution Point, not that she knew that but.... She could barely fit herself but, fear had driven her to wedge herself into cover, instinct was a lovely savior sometimes. The howling sound grew, chunks of ice falling and pelting the ground, the wind shifting all the more and sending a few chunks to smack her. Lightning flashed, lighting the sky with an almost purple glow and that was when she saw it. A massive tower into the sky that was moving and... Swallowing everything in its path. Vi let out a terrified scream that was unheard due to the wind and rain.... Of course, the hurricane spawned tornado swallowed nearly all sound as he plowed over the area close to where she was hiding.

She didn't know how long she'd been there, holding her breath and huddled in a tight ball trembling with her eyes squeezed shut. The murderous sound faded and she again heard the now muffled howling of the wind and rain. Wait... Why wasn't it as... Vi opened her eyes to darkness and her heart dropped. That tornado had sent rumble over the entrance to her hiding spot and... Oh god... Was this now her grave? Had she literally trapped herself in a shallow grave in Ancestors only knew where in the territory.... Panic was setting in again, sides heaving as she twisted, squeezing herself to partially face the rubble, clawing at it as best she could. Air.. She needed air.... She could smell it now, the salt in the earth. She was not in a good place but, it had potentially saved her fuzzy hide. Vi struggled but, she managed to push out a small branch that was sticking in and cold wet air rushed to greet her.

Still, though, she was fairly stuck in this shallow hole in the cave system, it was unknown if the earth under her would hold for long and if it didn't, there was no telling how far she could fall. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, she felt bile rising and damn... She uh.... Might of had a bit of an accident when that tornado passed damn near over her. Outside of her prison, there were a few large branches that had been deposited among what looked like a small landslide which pushed heavier larger hunks of rock and solid compacted earth. Well.. Execution Point got a whole lot more fun. Visions flashed past her eyes and she whimpered, swallowing back her tears and doing the only thing she could think of now. sucking in more air than she ever had before, she screeched out a name her voice filled with panic and terror, she was cold, wet, scared, alone, trapped. There was a bad, bad, bad storm spawning tornadoes howling over the pride-lands and yet.... Again and again, there was her screech into the howling wind and rain, a desperate plea.


Deep Pink
Taking it step by step
We’ll always move ahead
Our love is growing red
Need me more
Need you more
You fall down seven more times
I’ll be there seven, eight, nine
As we keep trying, we’ll find
You’re always gonna be there too
We’re always singing the same tune
Every day from now on