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Core. Center. Heart. [Open*][RI]
« on: September 15, 2017, 12:54:55 AM »
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                                                                                                                           The party raged on through the night and into the early hours of the next day. Until the denizens had just about all their fill of the festivities and each other’s company. The Wing stayed active up until the crowds died back and his energy felt well and truly spent after meeting with several like-minds.

A smile came across his maw as he rested now. Though he almost always slept with both ears open and at least one eye cracked the brown canine was well and truly able to relax. Hopefully, the rest of the pack was feeling the same. A true shame that his woman couldn’t be there to partake in all the fun of celebrating too, however, there would be enough time for her, and the rest of the pirates to join them in the future, he was sure. Perhaps Alteron someday, and Borogrove as well.

The faces that he didn’t see in the mix were an afterthought in all honesty. Keanu was social but awkward, and perhaps his pseudo daughter was off mingling with the Saborako, Lux, or Nereid elsewhere. Though he caught the occasional glimpse of his other children, Bane did his best not to intrude. They were older, doing their own thing, with their own set of “friends”, and if he’d stopped to chat it would’ve been mostly to tell them to have fun. Play safe~

The event was low-key but enjoyable. Though the chatter of wolves continued, it began to lull, slowly being masked by the jungle’s typical sounds. The glow of the flames grew dimmer. The Moon rose to its full height in the sky. The reddish glow surrounding the mostly milk-white circle was not dissimilar to several other orbs glaring out past the trees. Sets of eyes that, if only they’d seen them, would’ve prepared the Jungle people to some degree for what would now inevitably come to pass. Those looks only became more riled by the second. A ticking time bomb waiting to go off….and then it does.

Was it calculated or just a senseless impulse driven by their unsettled rut?

No wolf would be able to tell. Certainly not now.

The more in tune members of the pack would be the first to know. The trumpeting bellowed in the distance. The volume only matched by stomping feet and the trees which cracked against their ivory.

The vibrating earth literally shook Bane from his light slumber. The Right Wing threw his head back and he yowled, “STAMPEDE!”

“THE ALPHAS! THE YOUNG! THE BORDER!” It should go without saying what all the male meant.

Secure everything important. Get to Safety. He was already on his feet and acting accordingly with only that thought in mind.

He yelled at any of his own (offspring, sibling, friend, or mere peer) to get the hell out of their path, forcibly pushed anyone out of the way if they were close, then he’d gone to the first ring, with the attempt to stop any almost certain escape attempts.

He knew the type that would lick their lips and seize the chance like a hungry dog after a bone. It was all too easy to run. To jump ship from a life that was too daunting for those with weaker minds. That was his opinion. The eruption and the actions of those wolves were something Bane would not forget soon. Nor the faces of Dexus, who’d come back, or Reiss, who was made a slave.

It was clear what these people were at their core.

The selfish sort. Pathetic and small. Loyalty was not bred so deeply into everyone, and the royal had no sympathy for those who displayed a lack of it. They were better off without them, but he wouldn’t make their escape easy. He would rip into them trial or no. He -- then he stilled in that moment.

His ears drew up upon the top of his skull and his shocked gaze snapped to where his attention was being pulled.

The world fell unto him.

Too foreign was the sound.

Too earth shaking was the notion.

His limbs were weighted down and yet the forest flashed by the tracker. A sea of blurred of greens unseen by the male who now only thought of one horror playing out over and over in his brain as he ran.

‘No No No No No No..’ But the chanted plea does nothing to erase the imminent. Still, all he thinks is ‘No!’ His fury is not one of undiscerning fear or rage. His fury is no sickness. Not a disease.

Bane does not strike at anything and everything that moves when the heat of the moment envelops his body, and raw fear clamps down around his heart. it even still beating?

The Prince's attack isn’t blind. It is targeted. Purposeful. Done impulsively, but with its intent never forgotten as his body slammed into the mint-colored body ahead of him, and shoved the wolf that’d cried away with unparalleled force. His thoughts are of this one person now, even as the bull bellows (its focus now altered), the other canine yelps, and his own body is tossed aside. The thought sticks in his reeling head as the world tumbles around him. As his shout, “SON!” only comes out as a sudden gasp of air. As his ribs crack, a once already damaged limb screams in the socket again, and back teeth pinch straight through a portion of his tongue.

Something comes from within him again. Another sound he doesn’t quite hear himself, but the rest of Saboro surely does. Then he is there, limbs up in the mud. A gurgling sound emanating from him as he tries to get air past the blood pooling in the back of his mouth. His eyes lose sight of his boy, but his head never loses focus. The forelimb that’s not dislocated reaches out up towards nothing and yet everything. Trying to extend towards Owl as if the elephant isn’t still there staring the fallen Right Wing down, because he is loyal, and the angry animal does not matter to him.

He...loves his child, children, even if he can’t always find the word in his twisted mind.

Leaving his family behind was never an option and it wasn’t about to become one.

Not even now. Not ever.

“O-owl…” He wheezed again or tried to while attempting to roll over and clear his airway. He coughed violently, cringed at the pain in his side, and growled loudly. “Owl….?” Was the boy okay. Once his smallest, oddest, little thing. He hated being touched. Reacted poorly to it. Bane never...he respected it, and Owl worked around it. Now though? The Right Wing tried and failed to stand up. “G-goAHhggah!!”

He wouldn’t abandon his child, but what good was he to him like this?

The large animal swung its trunk. Moved as if he wanted to grab the man and lift him up. A poor move on its part if it didn’t want to be bitten, for Bane was quick to defend himself and bite with all his might down on the mass of flesh. More importantly he was quick to find new purpose in his quest.

He’s a good enough distraction and maybe that’s enough...He can still protect. That had always been his purpose, hadn’t it? Selective, yes, but always something he was capable of. Be it for his Father, Mate, or Child now too.

He would bleed for them. Even die for them. He never knew just what his capacity for doing for them was, but here he found himself, a creature several times his size towering above. Yet, he did not move to abandon one of his.

He loved them.

The things the father must’ve been capable of if he could do this….

That was not something Bane could turn away from.

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