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hunting for pearls | r2
« on: September 13, 2017, 05:32:17 PM »
on-forum place to post me & BB's discord rp, please don't post! not a finished rp

The large red fringe stalked through the dark jungle, green eyes bright and alert for any signs of treachery as he made his way through the territory looking for the woman who fit the description he'd been given. Being betrothed was very strange to the man, the concept foreign to him but after the Captain had explained the situation to him two or three times he finally managed to grasp the idea. Saboro was a strong ally and one of their longest friends who had proven time and again they could be depended up in times of need. The Empire would do well to forge stronger bonds within the red jungle. And so it was placed upon the shoulders of the Betrothed to go forth and pair up with the Saboroan Betrothed in a mutual partnership.

A sharing of ideas, maybe even something more?

There was a figure in the distance, a gray striped lean body with burning molten eyes and Obadiah knew it had to be her. He closed the distance between them with large, easy strides and came up beside her. Giving her a burning, searching look he quirked his brow and rumbled, his breath smelling faintly of alcohol. "Are ya the one they call Historia?"

There were young women who longed for white knights to sweep them off of their feet, pretty maidens that wished for only love and compassion from a studly young gentleman. Historia was certainly not one of them. The angry woman trudged through the Saboran humidity with a scowl on her face, eyes half-lidded and disinterested. The day would soon come when she would set out to meet her pirate husband-to-be, and each day more and more anxiety and uneasiness built up within the lean woman. What if they were useless? What if he was ugly, or worse, what if he--

He was there suddenly, a red and white giant that she should have seen a mile away. That's what she got for getting lost in her thoughts. He asked if she was called Historia, and a shudder that she did her best to hide ran down her spine. This was him, it had to be - big and red, they had told her, and this guy certainly fit the description.

At least he was good looking.

"Obadiah, right?" Historia said in an unimpressed voice, nose wrinkling at the mixture of Tortugan scent and that of alcohol. Fantastic, she thought, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. "Welp, you found me. Now what? You want a tour of the jungle or do you wanna get right down to it?" She cracked a devilish grin there, a grin with many teeth. Of course she was joking - the almost playful glint in her eyes ought to tell him that.

He immediately decided he liked her attitude, the sharp wit and the clever tongue that spat acid. She didn't seem too impressed with him and he couldn't exactly blame her. He had seen better days in his youth, now he was just a grizzled old pirate with a drinking problem. Her voice was strange and exotic, the voice holding the barest hint of a foreign accent, the tongue of the locals probably. Obadiah snorted at her and cracked his own grin, bright green eyes peering down at her in mild amusement.

"A tour would be lovely."

The man was indeed Obadiah - Historia wasn't sure how she felt about that. He was physically impressive and handsome in a roguish, battered way.. but he stunk of alcohol. That was something she was rather curious about, but she would allow some time until she asked. After all, they were basically strangers. He reacted well enough to her attitude, winning him some positive points.

She turned and tossed her head, a cue for him to follow. "I know all the best spots," she lied smoothly, voice and posture confident. "Is the jungle anywhere like where you're from?" Historia asked, sparing him a glance with that burning golden gaze. They were near a waterfall, the low static sound of crashing water in the distance should have told Obadiah that at least.

She turned and gestured for him to follow with a toss of her head and he stoically fell into step beside her, the large red beast remarkably silent as he placed his feet carefully between the vines on the ground. It was more humid here, darker as the canopy high above blocked out most of the sunlight, instead letting small beams of light through to dapple the jungle floor.

Historia said that she knew the best spots to see and he decided it was best to trust her, him being a fish out of water and all. Being in unfamiliar territory made him uncomfortable and this was way outside his comfort zone. The burly man tried his best to hide it as he listened to her question, "Tortuga is.. brighter." He rumbled unhelpfully. "And there's always a cool breeze blowin' in off the ocean that smells of brine." The screech of a monkey split the air and the corners of his mouth twitched. "We have monkeys too."

The sound of the waterfall grew louder as they approached. Obi assumed he'd been hearing the sound of a rough river flowing nearby but the noise only increased until it was a dull roar. His ears twitched and his chartreuse eyes looked at her curiously, "What's that?"

Historia had absolutely no idea what the hell 'brine' was, but didn't openly question it. A brow quirked, but she didn't interrupt him. So Tortuga had its own population of monkeys - more pests than anything, like flies. They were good to eat, if you could catch them that was. As large as Obi was, Historia really doubted he did much monkey-chasing.

The red man's question was unexpected; did he not know what a waterfall was, or could he just not tell by the sound of it? "It's a waterfall.. surely you have those in Tortuga?" His home territory wasn't just.. all beach, was it? There had to be at least one or two waterfalls somewhere. God knew Saboro had plenty of them, too many. They approached the waterfall from the right side, the mist in the air coating Historia's pelt in a thin layer of moisture. The roar was almost deafening, a display of how powerful nature could be. "This is one of the smaller ones!" she called over the static noise. Brows raised, an unspoken question of 'what do you think'.

A waterfall? He'd never seen one before, having spent most of his time in the jungles of Tortuga at the Blind Watchmans face deep in a barrel of ale unless it he was needed for duty. Obadiah didn't bother exploring the territory more than was absolutely necessary. He knew the important landmarks [like the Blind Watchmens] but small features like the mangroves on the northern shore or the waterfalls near the Watchmen's point were all unknown to him.

"Can't say that we do." Obi rumbled in reply and followed her closer to the roaring body of water, the mist blanketing the area in moisture and it clung to her pelt like millions of stars. She was really quiet lovely to look at. The waterfall was positively thunderous as it flung itself over the edge of the cliff above and crashed into the river below. "It's impressive!" Obadiah called back, over the dull roar. "Whats your favorite stop in Saboro?" Show me, his question implied, wanting to get to know more about this hard looking woman covered in a cloak of diamonds.

His answer surprised her, but she didn't let it show. Waterfalls were everywhere in the jungle; she couldn't imagine a land without them. Then again, Tortuga had an entire ocean at it's side, so maybe the lack of waterfalls wouldn't be very hard to get over. Obi's question snapped Historia out of her thoughts, amber eyes focusing on the red and white pirate. "C'mon, I'll show you," she said before trotting off, intentionally not waiting for him to answer.

Once Obi had caught up, Historia remained oddly quiet. She was waiting for the pirate beside her to initiate conversation, trying to see what he would talk or ask her about (if anything at all). Being someone's intended was.. weird, to say the least. Historia wasn't exactly the loving, romantic type - and although she had noticed his stare beside the waterfall's dangerous edge, it would take a lot more than that to put her at ease.

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