Author Topic: "Charmed, I'm Sure." [PRP]  (Read 333 times)

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"Charmed, I'm Sure." [PRP]
« on: September 12, 2017, 05:17:49 PM »
[OOC: This is a private Role-play between myself (Apocolips), Kujo and Sunblink. If you would like to join please message all three of us to ask permission to join. Thank you!]

Despite the fact the wraith had been gone, there was not really much all that change. Kokipa had found her den where it was, worn and scentless, but still hidden far from the main dens everyone else chose to stay in. She had found her old haunts, specifically the places near the water she enjoyed as a way to think and relax. The dire wolf found nothing had changed at all. Except the scents that now littered the floor where she walked.

She couldn’t find many that were familiar to here. Just a handful of them made sense to her but other than that there was nothing. She had yet to find any fresh scents of Afzhal, and she had no idea if she should be thankful or saddened by that fact. No one else had found her, but they wouldn’t. She still had her training and kept to herself, just a ghost that wondered about. Kokipa’s eyes wondered constantly, not knowing enemies and foes in this thick forest. She did not care about it much either.

The thin wolf made her way towards a clearing, looking about. It was small, and it was still covered in dark trees, but it was open in Alteron standards.  Still covered by trees but the foliage on the ground wasn’t as thick as it could have been. The black wolf knew a creek that was on the other side, and slowly making her way. She could have stuck to the edges, blended more into the dark, but the moonlight was so pretty, and she missed it. Kokipa knew that those that haunted the night as well were out, but she was more than capable of handling herself. She stopped in the middle of the small clearing, a beam of moonlight breaking through the trees. She looked up, her pink eyes paling under its light.

Little did she know that she was not the only wolf haunting the moonlight tonight.  But she kept starring at the moon, soaking ups its rays. The color reminded her of her ghost, but she assumed now that he had moved on and it was something she couldn’t gain back. Lowering her head back down, she moved her ways towards the creek, alert as always. But saddened by the thoughts that were now running through her mind. Did she really lose everything she had? Did the former sentry now have to start all over again?
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