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Catalyst [Open]
« on: September 11, 2017, 11:43:06 PM »
He feels stifled. The lion had nothing to teach him, the sabres, uninteresting. He expected little better. Lucien surveys his territory, nestled flush against what the Stoneclaw now claims. Let the ground-dwellers chase cloven-hooved creatures through the trees, and lose them with inferior agility. The jaguar can take frightened prey from above, unannounced, easily. They don't bother him. He could live here indefinitely, in the unreachable canopy, and never be known if he wished.

Why must he be limited to what Stoneclaw has claimed? His territory is only necessary to defend against others of his kind, and they are scarce. Nothing has caged him to the land of his ancestors.

Lucien LaCroix has decided: he shall expand. Search out the furthest reaches of the redwoods, follow the shoreline of waterways. Beyond, if he likes. What is there to stop him?

Oh, poor earthbound, oversized felines. They'll never catch him.