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blood fever [ land claim ]
« on: September 10, 2017, 09:39:55 PM »

What had first began as a sliver of a dream - a fancy or a wish - had become reality. Bacchus was reborn, though still vulnerable and weak as their numbers were still small. He led them fearlessly, though, back towards their land.. a land that he had not been to in many years. Their eldest member so far, one who had been well respected in the old empire, had birds - and had sent those birds to scout out potential lands.

They'd had luck more than they could imagine, though it was not without its issues. Beyond the great desert of teeth, the birds had flown and scouted out the land that was Rainer's birthplace. They had discovered that the wolves who had taken out the weakened Bacchus pack had been devastated in numbers and power, only those who were more suited to the cold were still alive. That meant that the population within the Valley was abysmally small. They'd reported that the wolves within seemed skinny and weak. Perfect prey for the incoming storm.

The trip through the desert had been arduous and had surely caused a few thoughts of regret. Bacchus dires were heavy-coated and designed for the cold, not the desert. This was why so few had left before the fall and also why so few who were deemed clean for the bloodlines had even reached their lands. The heat isolated the valley and created a genetic pool that had been weakened, easily vanquished by a disease that relied on recessive genes. Those that survived had survived by chance of the genetic dice roll, and even then some had become sick and had grown better, the disease acting as a vaccine for future threats.

Here he stood, at the opening of the mouth of what was once a guardspost, threatening any who attempted to enter. Now, Rainer decided with a toss of his raised tail, it would be a Visitor Center and a way of entry for a new generation - a stronger generation. He surveyed those gathered behind him, smiling broadly. "Ready yourzelves, my dears. Vee have come home to find our beds occupied." He stepped towards the tunnel with eyes alight, knowing not to howl to warn the inhabitants. "Let us begin."

♫ i don't break hearts ♫
♪ i destroy zem ♪

Accent Thing. POTENTIALLY will be liquid timing visits before this, might be visiting other packs after if we anticipate any risks, etc.

If you want to join Bacchus but didn't join in the other threads, let me know and we can have either a Discord rp or just say that they met up with Rainer beforehand for this journey!

Also hi Province 3 but new Reach doesn't have those so it's not even in the marshes whatsup.


Pack Board Name: Bacchus
Pack Board Description: Rising from the ashes of a fallen kingdom, the civilized savages of Bacchus make their home within the bowels of an isolated mountain valley with a desert at its teeth.
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Subboard #2 Name: Outskirts of Civilization
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Subboard #3 Name: History of Civilization (Subboard of The Heart of Civilization)
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Re: blood fever [ land claim ]
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2017, 04:49:32 PM »
Basma is not a soldier. No fighter, not fond of blood in his teeth-- but he has a place on the battlefield. Barking orders, directing strategy, the royal excels. Your numbers matter not if led my imbeciles, and he is the reason BlazePack was ever spoken in reverent whispers outside their burned lands.

The half-Bacchus is positioned behind Rainer, spearhead to the rest of their group. He has overcome numbers with brilliance before, but one footsoldier who thinks to be king, a pair of halfbreeds, a delusional elder, and a timbre with no brain outside service? No matter how decimated this regime they're up against, Bacchus was built in a position easily held-- the high ground.

He doesn't like these odds, but if they win... It'll all be worth it then. Home again, their kingdom, his birthright. It's worth this risk. Although translucent eyes lock on Rainer with no sliver of loyalty-- he is prepared to flee for the last time in his life-- Basma truly does hope they win.

He will do everything in his power to ensure victory here.