Author Topic: hi its jeff from the overwatch team (PRP Shaq RII)  (Read 514 times)

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hi its jeff from the overwatch team (PRP Shaq RII)
« on: September 03, 2017, 11:25:51 PM »
They had time to soak up the news. Mara had longer than he would have liked, with Rorschach hiding away for a solid while and only really interacting with his mate, and Mara trying to manage both his job and the energetic fledglings that were still housed in his home. Every time he tried to get to him, to catch him comfortable out of his den, something would come up. Today however, Mara was on a mission, b lining towards the infirmary where he hoped Shaq now was. It was still early in the morning, and not to many Chemists were around setting things up.

Mara silently prayed to find his son, and his prayers were answered when he caught the green pelt around one of the dens. Excitement and worry shot through the Alchemist so fast that he forgot to control the tone of his voice. "SHAQ." he didn't mean to sound angry, or say it so loudly. Mara cringed, ears pining back, head lowered. "I'm sorry." how embarrassing. Rorschach needed someone there for him, someone stable. Someone very much not like his emotional, ever screaming dad. But Mara would die before he stopped trying to take care of his children.

"Come here, we'll have time to set up later. I haven't... I haven't seen you in too long." distress and relief mixed and dripped from his words, and he began to move aside from the Chemist dens towards a more secluded area. He waited for his son to follow, while looking him over, trying to find any physical damage or sickness on him as he moved. There was nothing bad, or unfamiliar. Perhaps exhaustion, depression, but nothing that time couldn't fix. Once the young Chemist caught him up him, Mara swallowed.

"You- Uh." suddenly all the speeches he rehearsed were forgotten. "How are you? Are you... Are you alright? In your head, I mean. Don't give me none of that telling me you're alright cause you're not missing a leg. You went through... eff." his voice shook, and he took a seat. "Come here, please come here." he begged, wishing to press his smallest, weakest son as close as possible to himself.

"We work here together and it took me so long to find you. I'm sorry, baby. For everything, for this crap I'm so sorry."

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