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angry pupper yells in the woods | closed
« on: September 01, 2017, 12:03:22 AM »

It was as if every single granule was a part of her. She could feel the dirt bits against her skin, down beneath her fur. It was nice. Was this what worms felt like, she wondered quietly, brows furrowed in contemplation. Worms had different skin types, though, so slimy and weird. Gross, Renshaw thought with a shudder. As much as she thoroughly enjoyed the earth, Ren wasn't a big fan of the worms she often found beneath the ground. Sure, they were useful and helped out with plant growth a lot, but did that mean she had to like them? Pssh. Nope.

The puppy rolled over, feeling the freshly churned earth turn and shift beneath her. How nice! Perfect! To Renshaw, it was one of the most satisfying things in the world. Granted, as a wee bab, she hadn't gotten the chance to explore too much; still, it was doubtful anything could make her even half as gleeful as playing in the dirt. The scrawny girl suddenly jumped up and ran in rapid circles, kicking up a big cloud of dust in the process. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention - she absolutely loved the dust, too. It made her cough, but she still loved it. The feel of it settling heavily on her fur, weighing it down, it was nice - like rainwater pattering down, only drier.

In her glee, she let out a few playful little barks, "Arf! Ar-arr!" Rolling over and onto her feet, Ren gave herself a hearty shake that sent a cascade of fine dirt falling off of her little body, a dusty cloud rising. She took off at a trot, knowing that it wouldn't do to just spend all of her time rolling around in the dirt (as much as she wanted to). Mother wouldn't approve of that, Shaw knew, and she didn't wanna disappoint her mother!

As usual, Renshaw set off towards the small patch of flowers she visited every other day. There she gathered up a single flower for each of her parents, a habit that she had picked up. Small puppy legs worked overtime, taking her through Alteron's dense greenery towards the flower patch. When she arrived, Renshaw could only look in horror at the scene before her, bottom jaw hanging open. The flower patch had been trampled completely, the pretty budding young ones yet to bloom ripped from the ground, petals strewn all around like city trash. Horror and shock had initially overtaken her, but slowly, a powerful anger began to bubble up like molten lava, threatening to cause Renshaw to explode - and she absolutely did.

Stomping forward in all of her puppy fury, Renshaw began to snarl and yap and growl, flinging her body this way and that in a tantrum. How could this happen?! Who!! Who had done it?!! She'd rip them a new one, she would!! "H-hey!! HEY!!!" she screamed, assuming that the monster responsible for this senseless act of violence was still within earshot. "You.. you butt!! You ASS!!!!" Ren bellowed, small body shaking with rage.

When she found out who trampled her flower patch, oh, she was gonna give it to 'em!

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Re: angry pupper yells in the woods | open
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2017, 09:24:48 PM »
His new job had given him the opportunity to avoid contact with others. While being a Herald required him to talk to others and form some some of trust and understand, being an Artificer meant he could spend his time searching for things to use in his crafts, and thinking up ideas. Others only came into the picture later, when they wanted something. Right now, he was just practicing, trying to find the perfect flowers for a light dye.

He was lucky to stumble upon a flowerbed, messed up as it was. And a small girl, who he figured would be great for curbing his occasional loneliness. The yearling moved forward to the yelling girl, offering a struggling smile with too many teeth. "Who taught you that word?" he teased. He remembered her vaguely, one of grandma's girls. Technically, her aunt, but more like her sibling. Family lines were strange, and Leviathan was not particularly great with kids.

"They'll grow back, always do. You can still use them." he paused, tail flicking behind hi mas he looked around them at the poor flowers. "Unless you're only here for the beauty. But that seems a waste. Isn't it? What do you like best about them? The flowers." the question was followed by a dip of his head, he picked out some red ones, putting them aside for later with the gentleness that seemed out of character for someone like him.

If they girl decided to go at him, if she decided he was probably the one who trampled it, Leviathan would let her. The big guy sat down, letting her do as she pleased. The girl was small, but full of spirit. "They're still flowers." and while they weren't quite dead, they were just as useful as living ones. Even for the bees, who could still get some last minute pollen from the trampled things.
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Re: angry pupper yells in the woods | open
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The black wraith made her way through the territory that had once been home. Many paths were the same, some were different. She was in familiar territory, going back to her old haunts. She had still yet to meet anyone she had once known, so she was doing alright and kept mostly to herself. She was back to who she was, a wraith that no one saw. Her bright eyes did not even give her away as she kept light on her paws, didn't leave traces of herself behind anywhere. She had even found her old den, hidden beneath the knurled roots of a petrified tree. She was happy to be back where she had a place to call home. She was never one to talk much, so having not met anyone since her return into the fold was something she valued. The demon walked, taking in scents and changes, not really having a care whom she ran into. She was making her way towards the river, to perhaps grab something to drink when she heard the noise.

"You.. you butt!! You ASS!!!!" Curious, as it seemed like a small wolf's voice, the wraith made her way towards the sound. Staying silent and not making any sound until she was barely within eye shot of two wolves. Well, one was a wolf. The other was a pup. A rather furious pup. She did not catch all that she was saying, but the black wolf moved closer, wanting to know what was going on. What had happened to cause the pup to be that angry as to curse with that furious word? The black wolf said nothing as she stalked out of the woods, her body lithe and lean, looking like she had not eaten in days. She took in the seen, the trampled flowers and the furious little pup. Had she try to grow a garden? The black and white adult with a smattering of blue was trying to talk to the little one, but the black demon knew that the pup wanted vengeance, vengeance against those who had done the flowers harm.

She stepped towards the flowers, bowing her head down, inhaling deeply. Was it someone she knew? Was it a wolf that lived here for more months than she had been missing. Still, the black wolf was trying to catch a scent, to perhaps offer absolution to the pup.

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Re: angry pupper yells in the woods | open
« Reply #3 on: September 04, 2017, 07:02:55 AM »
This was none of his business.

This was not his jurisdiction, after all. This was not a child of his house. This was not one he was specifically tasked with. Maybe it's why he hesitated, watching nearby as the child threw a tantrum over some smashed flowers. A frown creased his lips, one of his front fangs poking out from the top of his muzzle. What a stupid thing to be upset over. What an absolutely trivial thing. This child, he though, had their mother's love, didn't they? Why could they complain about something this unimportant? More importantly, why were they here? Why were they not back at their den, helping their mom with anything she needed or wanted.

It still didn't occur to him that most didn't have to work for something so common.

He did not expect his brother to arrive. His estranged brother. The special one, or one of the two. Leviathan. He felt jealousy rumble through his twisted tummy, and yet, a flutter of love rode the wave. He loved his family. His sad, mess of a family. His siblings might not like him for all he knew, but something drug him to them like they did his mother. Maybe it's because they knew, mostly. They knew how it was.

Another wolf emerged from the shadows, a solid black one, who seemed relatively harmless. However, the teen felt anxiety swell up in his tummy. He didn't know this stranger. Would they hurt his brother? He waited for only a moment, before shuffling stiff-legged out from his spot. "Levi," he barked, approaching the scene rather awkwardly and trying not to make his gaze on the black wolf too apparent, "I didn't know you liked flowers." Flowers were useless. They tasted gross. They wouldn't win mother's affections. They did not make him feel better. They filled no void. He didn't understand. He couldn't get people's attraction to plants. They were plants. They were nothing.

His eyes pried away from the other for a moment to latch onto the child. His pupils trembled slightly as he felt the thoughts of jealousy rise up again. He would quell them. "What's your name?" he asked in the softest voice he could muster, which well, wasn't the softest. It sounded rough and scratchy. He cleared his throat. He waited, though, and silently wanted to hear her answer to Levi's question as well.

What was so special about flowers?

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Re: angry pupper yells in the woods | closed
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"Who taught you that word?" a stranger asked as he approached, Renshaw turning to face him head-on. Big ears perked forward, curious as to who this guy was and what he wanted. Had he been the one to smash the flowers? He was big, sure, but man was she angry! Ren didn't answer his question, a little embarrassed that someone older had caught her using such a word. Why did he wanna know, anyway? Was he gonna tattle?

"They'll grow back, always do. You can still use them. Unless you're only here for the beauty. But that seems a waste. Isn't it? What do you like best about them? The flowers."

The girl's eyes narrowed suspiciously at him for a few long moments, probably too long, Ren decided whether or not she wanted to talk to him. He didn't seem outwardly threatening, and didn't seem to talk down to her. In the end she decided that yes, she would talk to him, at least for a little while. "Them growin' back don't help me now! What am I gonna bring ma n' pa n' papa? I always bring 'em flowers. Always." She plopped down on her little booty, a sad expression on her face. What would she give her parents now that the flowers were all trampled?

"They're real pretty, n' they smell nice.. my folks like 'em, and I like makin' 'em happy." That was the simplest way she could think to answer the nice stranger, who she was still a little wary of. Ren didn't think he had trampled the flowerbed -- he seemed way too nice to do something like that.

Two other strangers arrived, one a dark lady with pink eyes that said nothing. That freaked Renshaw out a little, and without realizing it she backed towards Leviathan a little. The other was a guy that just seemed like he wasn't happy, which made Renshaw feel a little sad as well. Her little body held a potent mix of emotions at that point, a hurricane brewing within her. "Levi, I didn't know you liked flowers," he said to the nice man, giving him a name. ''Levi'', he had called him -- she liked that.

Then his attention was on her, causing the child's brows to furrow a little, uncertain. "Renshaw," she said in the bravest voice she could muster, even going so far as to puff her little chest out and stand up. "Who're you?" she asked. She had given him her name, it was only fair that he gave her his.

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