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*mercy voice* group up! | prp
« on: June 24, 2017, 04:32:38 AM »

Alana had spent her first day or so back from the search mission with Julek. Returning home to find her beloved mate safe and sound had been the best surprise she could've asked for, and Alana hadn't wanted to leave his side. Eventually the woman had felt restless, though. Knowing she had responsibilities yet to be attended to nagged at her constantly, until the Queen relented.

She left her den shortly after dawn, trotting down through the Vale and the Blooming Fields down to the shore of Lake Deephaven. The vast expanse of water was coated with a layer of fog drifting across its surface, which was disturbed every now and again by a fish or some underwater creature snapping up a bug.

She had been very disappointed by the results of her group's search. They had come up empty-handed, and sadness - for the loss of her sister, for the wrong she needed to right - had bubbled up within her like tar. A sigh fell from her lips, seagreen eyes closing for a few moments. Perhaps there was hope still, though; perhaps Anika's group had fared better.

The woman would find out soon enough.

Slender neck extended her thin muzzle to the sky and the milky white canine loosed a howl of summons, for the Centaurus and her search group. Anika would know to bring whoever they had managed to find - it seemed like Alana could always count on the former Familiaris General.
She just hoped that the dog was finding Nardir a welcoming home for her.

All the Queen could do then was wait with baited breath and nervousness pulsing through her with each heartbeat.

this is for Anika and her search party group (Alue/Hera/Hudson). participation is optional, but encouraged! Mercury and Aylie will returning in this thread. for the sake of speeding things up ICly, we decided to skip over the whole 'finding' thread and fast-forward to now, when everyone is home and they're all meeting with Alana (and Julek if Uri wants) to deliver Mercury and Aylie.

tagging everyone involved. if you're not able to post, just let me know! ty
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Re: *mercy voice* group up! | prp
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2017, 08:17:32 PM »
Anika was plagued with the feeling of a continuous rusty scraping inside her skull, like her brain was attempting to dig its way out with a plastic spoon. Searching for Mercury and Ayliyra had been like trying to find a particular needle in a stack of other needles, and as Anika and Alana progressed further down their list of Nardir's relations, Anika began to fear that their relentless searching had been fruitless. There was a very real possibility that the missing Nardiri had wandered outside the Straits, beyond the Inbetween, and into the mist-shrouded birthplace of hellcreatures and mutants, where not even Anika could retrieve them.

Good fortune came on the eve of their journey. As luck would have it, Anika and her team managed to locate the two refugees, not separate from one another, but together. They had not been anywhere near Tortuga or Inaria. So much for her idea.

Anika glanced at Aylie and Mercury from over her shoulder as they walked towards Nardir's border, as if cementing in her mind that they would not dissipate into thin air. She had found them and they were going home -- that made her feel content. The satisfaction of a job well done was not a feeling she had enjoyed as Familiaris's General, or while she fought and bled in the shade of Inaria's jacarandas. There had been no victory and no rejoicing. No sisters reunited or children returned home.

Together, Anika, her brigade of searchers, and their two charges returned to Nardir -- to King Julek, at last seated upon his throne, and a healed kingdom.

Alana's voice lilted through the air. Anika faced the glistening mountain range, the lush breeze blowing stardust through her fur, and smiled at Aylie and Mercury. "Welcome home," she said with rare warmth. She thought of how Alana would respond to seeing her sister again -- as for Aylie, her separation from Nardir had not been voluntary, but perhaps the delinquent's time away from home had allowed for some needed introspection and growth.

To Alana, the reveal must have been tremendous: the distant dark silhouettes of the procession coming into view, familiar faces blinking into clarity through the fog. Like faraway ships coming to shore.

Anika's tail wagged behind her as she approached Alana on the shoreline, her chest puffed out and head held high. "We found them," was all she said. Nothing else was necessary. From there, she would allow Aylie and Mercury time to greet the monarch, and for the members of her team to regain their bearings.

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Re: *mercy voice* group up! | prp
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Re: *mercy voice* group up! | prp
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2017, 05:20:05 AM »
She had never much been one for sleeping at night and being exiled and then finding Mercury in the state she had did nothing to change that. Instead she was spending even more time awake at night even than normal keeping watch, now especially, over Mercury despite knowing that Mercury could take care of herself if circumstances required. When she wasn't with Mercury, which wasn't often, she was either hunting for prey or searching for signs of Nardir, occasionally she did both at once just as Mercury occasionally joined in. It had been on one of their joint forays that she'd picked up the Nardirian scent, and more besides she had recognized the scent of one of the individuals. She'd alerted Mercury to it just in case she hadn't picked up the scent herself, though Mercury very well could have picked up the scent but more than alert Mercury to the presence of Nardirian's she'd informed her of one of them being a healer. It was something that concerned her and probably Mercury as well as healers, in her experience, aside from diplomatic forays did not usually venture from the pack unless there either was trouble or trouble was expected. She and Mercury had followed the trail and then waited until they manged to meet with the Nardirian party.

Afterwards she had lain awake once again cold eyes watching the flitting shadows outside warily as a storm of emotions seethed within. She didn't know if any of the search party, other than Alue, knew of any of her history with Nardir but whether they did or didn't the anger, the hurt, frustration, the fear and the feelings of betrayal swirled round and round as she watched the dark of night melting away into the first rays of dawn and then it was time to continue the journey to its completion. She didn't know what to expect when they arrived at their destination but habits of expecting the worst were not easily broken and so she began preparing herself in case the worst, that Alana was a tyrant or had been overthrown entirely, was what they found. She wasn't about to turn back though, despite knowing that this could be a trap intended for herself, and perhaps Mercury as well regardless of what the search party had said, it was still a moment she'd been waiting for.  It was a chance to get answers and also to possibly get justice and if not that then at least a reckoning.

It was time, for her and Mercury, to return to Nardir. They followed the escorts where they lead through the early dawn that gave way to a lingering mist and fog she navigated with ease,determined to get answers and justice for the wrongs committed not just against herself, but against Mercury, Jace, and all the others that it had been deemed fit to leave and abandon to their fates. The welcoming home by the small dog was met largely with indifference. She could hardly call this place home when she was too dark a creature, too similar to her father Zvulun, to belong here unless her worst thoughts and predictions had come true. While it was the similarities with Zvulun that had allowed her to conduct her search of the Straits gathering information, learning new things and collecting things, namely a healers type pouch containing things she had found were useful to have around it didn't change the fact that her fathers methods were likely not seen in a positive light here, although given the Paradox conflict and the result of that..but she wasn't about hope for things that she didn't easily condone herself to be looked well upon here. As they reached the borders a howl she knew far to well to be lulled into a false sense of security by its gentle summoning of them to her and so they went each step bringing her closer and closer to the one that had only ever brought her pain, and fear and loss.

As they walked she continued the subtle scent check she had begun at the border, taking stock of anyone she might recognize in case she had to fight to get herself and Mercury out. Just because they had made it past the border didn't mean they were safe after all. An effective trap would have them surrounded and that meant being past the border the further in the better a trap it would be. Those thought kept going around and around as her anxiety mounted though not as rapidly as it would have if Mercury hadn't been there reassuring her every so often with a nod of the head. Yes with Mercury there she continued on towards her goal of getting answers from the mighty queen Alana, betrayer of Nardir's laws and beliefs.

Then the white form came slowly into view and as the clarity grew sharper and sharper Mercury suddenly sprinted ahead of them forcing her to struggle to keep her stress and strain which had just increased exponentially in check. As she watched the distance between them close she prepared herself to leap forward in case they chose to launch a trap now that Mercury and her were no longer so close together. As the final distance was closed she waited for the worst to occur but instead Mercury seemed to be greeted with open arms by the white queen who just a few years ago had refused to give her permission for a search party to find her sister or anyone at all. My how times had changed. Of course while it was nice to see Mercury happy and to finally have what she wanted, she wasn't about to expect the same sort of welcome, not with the history there was between her and Alana.

She closed the distance at a slower more measured pace watching for any unwanted surprises while also watching the interaction between Alana and Mercury and feeling the anger flare within her as she heard Mercury apologizing to Alana when it should have been the other way around. She suppressed the urge to narrow eye and swivel her ears back as she used to do before spending so much time using lies and deceit to slip in and out of other packlands in her search for Nardir's missing. And then she was there with no more distance left to cover unless she chose to move closer to Alana than she cared to be. Eyes assessed the queen scrutinizing everything, looking for any indication of what to expect while trying to not cause Mercury to get caught by any crossfire.

There was so much history after all, but she would try to be as diplomatic as she could, for Mercury's sake. "Majesty..". She finally managed to say with the same formal tone and dip of the head that she had used so often in her greetings of others, mostly of other pack leaders she had encountered. But there was more wasn't there. She lowered her head enough to be able to slip the healers bag off without taking her eyes off Alana just in case. "I have not returned to Nardir empty handed". She carefully used a paw to draw the contents from the bag. Lavender for calming and easing nightmares, which she scooted closer to Alana than herself that way it might calm Alana down and help prevent any attacks, then there was the Willow bark and leaves for pain which she guided next to the Lavender and then there was the White Yarrow, for treating wounds and preventing a war within the body from infection and finally the Sage which she kept closer to herself to prevent the Lavender from causing her to miss something which might indicate an attack because she still didn't trust Alana, or anyone in Nardir really, to not try and cause her harm.

She didn't know what else to do at that point except wait as she hadn't really tried to carry every herb she ran across with her mostly just ones that she found tended to be harder to find at a moments notice since she was otherwise able to locate more easily found herbs to use for her tasks. That was all she could offer really as she didn't want to reveal that others of the missing Nardiri, besides Mercury, had spent time with her, the exile, when she'd managed to find them and helped them as best she could with what she could. She also didn't know how well her information on all the packs she'd infiltrated would go over even though she'd been careful to prevent any of them from discovering her ties to the kingdom of the moon, even in exile she had still been trying to protect them, the very ones who had hurt her over and over again.

((so..kinda assumed it was my turn not..really sure though.and also assumed some things based on the search threads and such so..yeah. hope this isn't too long I tried to shorten it some from what it was going to be but..yeah))

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Re: *mercy voice* group up! | prp
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