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Homework Club (Open)
« on: August 30, 2017, 09:46:34 PM »
Under the quiet eyes of those who attended her, she could explore. Today she found herself wandering a bit farther away from the cathedral than she had been before. She had asked first of course, for someone to come with her. It wasn’t like her to just wander off without telling anyone.

Mama wouldn’t be happy with that. If she wandered off she would probably get atleast a scolding. She spends the time practicing something that was important, bending down,close to the ground.


It was an important skill, and the girl was hungrier and hungrier by the day. As she grew and was able to eat more than just milk, she found herself wanting to get it herself.  She creeped up behind the squirrel, carefully.

Her tongue licks over her teeth, and she creeps forward slowly. The animal’s ears twitch, its tail waves back and forth.  Shylock leaps, her paws landing, on the ground. “Oh, darn” she says, pouting a bit.

She looks around a bit, embarrassed that she screwed up.

“Ah” she says, when someone comes up to her. “Did you see that” she would say shyly. “Maybe I need more lessons!”

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Re: Homework Club (Open)
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2017, 10:13:55 PM »
The new kids were fascinating to Leviathan. He didn't know how to interact with what were essentially his little siblings, suddenly feeling too big and much too aware of everything they still had to learn, all the development that they had to go through. It was overwhelming, but pleasantly so. Each one had potential to stir things, to become someone worth becoming. It took leviathan a few weeks to decide he wanted to help them.

So there he was, following one of the pups, Shylock he thought, as she wondered off. He kept himself at a good distance, just enough for her to not smell or spot him for a while. He didn't step in when she got hungry, and not when she saw her prey and tried to hunt it. Squirrels were not good prey, overall. Little meat, too quick. But the attempt was cute, and a solid effort.

Only when she expressed her embarrassment did he approach.

“Ah. Did you see that? Maybe I need more lessons!”

Her embarrassment melted into puppy energy and willingness to learn. Leviathan didn't bother trying to smile, but he raised his eyebrows to her, bending his head down to her level. "Probably. You have a lot to learn. I can start with something.." in an attempt at affection, he nudged her face with his nose, eyes still wide open as he pondered.

"Fishing, I could teach you that. Fish is fatty." If she agreed, Leviathan would lead her to the nearest body of water, a river. It flowed calmly, but was still deep enough to house some large fish, who's shadows were visible from above. "It can be satisfying, fishing. I want to see if you'd like it." he said, rather bluntly.

"Now," he slid a paw to the side, just in front of the river. "Don't cross my paw. If you fall in, I will catch you but i'd rather not." part of him screamed to see what would happen if she fell in instead. But really, there were only two, maybe three options at the end. It wasn't that interesting. Teaching held Leviathan's interest far better.

And so their lesson could begin.
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