Author Topic: Home to Shangri La (Return/open)  (Read 367 times)

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Home to Shangri La (Return/open)
« on: August 30, 2017, 10:20:33 AM »
Had she ever called this place home? Kokipa wondered, as she went from the outer rings of Alteron and back towards the inner sanctum. She had disappeared long ago, leaving the public eye to find herself, to be something else than what she was. But the darkness held her tight, making her the sword to the Baron. She had been gone from the inner workings but she knew what had happened, been. She had been trained to be a spy for far longer. She missed her rooted home deep within the jungle. And she smelled new scents and none of the older ones that she recognized. The demon walked forward, her body a shadow in the under growth that defined Alteron as a dark and shadowy place. Her rose eyes stood out from the darkness, a bright beacon of light that was not needed here.
She had run these routes, the one she no walked. She was lithe and lean and mean. She was born again in Alteron and now she wanted to come back to the Shangri La that it was. She was nothing without the pack that had reacted her and her soul yearned to come back, to those she knew best. Kokipa knew that there would be some that would be angry with her, that some would hate her for her absence. She had been sent on a mission and she had completed it without questions. Her eyes dead as they were. The Wraith of Alteron was coming home.
Or, as home could get for her. She stopped to take a drink, her ears constantly moving. She knew that she was being watched by someone, someone not familiar to her. They thought they could follow someone who had spent their whole life following others. She ignored it for the moment, taking in a long drink of the water. It was not a good defensible position from where she was at, but she had worse. Her ruined nose – thanks to Ackid – couldn’t pick up their sent, but she turned her eyes towards the slight movement of leaves, knowing they were there. Her voice a mere rasp, harsh and gritty for a female. ”Step into the light, I know you are there.” she said, her voice monotone and flat She was a wolf who did not speak much and if she did it was in riddles and half-truths, the things she had learned to say.
Who was it that lurked in the woods that hide from her view? Was it Claymore? Was it Her Baron? Kiakime? Ackid? Lockheed? Or many others that she had once known. Out of all of them it was probably Afzhal that would probably hate her the most, for her leaving. She never really left, just got lost within the forests like he had trained her to do, especially with the many wars that had happened. In reality, it was his fault that she had hidden so well from him. She was the Queen at hiding and no one could find her if she didn’t want to be found. Kokipa had been dazed when she had left, so she had gotten lost. But she had found her way home now. So her rose eyes kept forward, her ears alert for more noise, body ready for whoever chose to walk out of the leaves. She may be small, malnourished in appearance, but it hide a strength they had no idea about. She was a serf that had clawed her way out of the muck and became something. But deep inside she was still that serf no one knew. But she had no idea what she was at all now. All she knew was that she was home.
Home in Shangri La.