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salty but sweet[adder]
« on: August 30, 2017, 09:59:41 AM »
It was with a heavy heart that the Wayfinder had returned from Borogrove, leaving behind her brother in a foreign land that she knew very little about. She didn't like it but it had been Daniel's decision and it wasn't like she would never see him again, she would make it her mission to visit Borogrove regularly, just to see his face and remind him that there were still people in Tortuga that cared for him. She would always follow the stars to find him. The thought of stars shifted her thoughts and she looked down at her pale front leg, turning it this way and that as she considered it silently.

It was time she got a tattoo.

All the other important rank leads had one, didn't think? And the Navigators needed a tattoo that set them apart from the other ranks. But what should she get? Kalypso had never gotten any ink like the other Sailors in Tortuga because to be quite honestly, she was afraid of getting something permanent on her that she would regret later in life. So whatever it was that she decided on it had to be absolutely perfect. Groaning she headed out in search of a Crafter, her gut twisting in an uncomfortable combination of anticipation and anxiety.

Aysu was no where to be found and she couldn't find hide nor hair nor scent trail of Brielle or any of the other Crafters and her brow furrowed. Of course, it figures, that the one time she finally plucked up the courage to get a tattoo all of the people who were capable of doing it were no where to be found. Kalypso heaved a heavy sigh but kept shuffling through the tropical jungle, hoping she'd run into someone who could help her.

The sight of a familiarly colored stripped pelt in the distance got her attention and her small ears swiveled forward into an alert position. Adder? Maybe he knew how to tattoo! Excitement put some pep in her step and she practically pranced over towards Adder as she called out to him, "Yoohoo~ Adddeeerr!" Hopefully he stopped and turned to let her catch up and she'd come up alongside him and peered up at him cheerfully. "Do you know how to do tattoos by any chance?" Please say yes, please say yes.

Played by BB.