Author Topic: save me with your strong lion arms!! [Hurricane Rescue; Open!]  (Read 367 times)

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A vicious, terrible clap of thunder roused Adder from his sleep. He shot up, staring out the mouth of his den at the truly horrific storm brewing outside. The sky was completely and totally dark, and the winds were so fierce he could feel them from where he stood. The air was thick, static-filled and heavy with ozone.

This wasn't a regular storm. He made his way to the mouth of his den, squinting at the harsh rain that immediately pelted down. It stung his face, soaking him through as soon as he walked into it and pasting his mane to his forehead. He shook himself off to no avail, turning from the churning seas to the mainland, where the vicious wind was already starting to tear up the territory--branches flying, trees bending dangerously, water levels rising.

His den was well out of the destruction path, high up on the cliffside and deep enough to protect him from the rubble.

Not all of Tortuga's inhabitants were that lucky though. Some of them lived in those pitiful human structures, too old and thrown together to withstand the winds and rain, and some of them lived too near to the water, their dens in danger of imminent flooding. Decision made, he descended the cliffside, paws skidding on the smooth wet rock, claws catching on moss.

With a final leap he smacked into wet sand, propelling himself forward and into the jungles. Things were getting more and more chaotic by the minute--trees were snapping in half and getting uprooted, now. "Hey!" He roared over the thunder--he could hear someone, but they sounded muffled, struggling. "Hey, I'm here, can hear you! Where are you?" He stopped short of a large palm crashing down on him, and leaped over it.

This was more chaotic than the effing war had been. Adder wanted a drink when this was all over.

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