Author Topic: Dry lightning cracks across the sky [Hurricane plot; open!]  (Read 387 times)

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Dry lightning cracks across the sky [Hurricane plot; open!]
« on: August 20, 2017, 07:43:11 PM »
This wasn't just an ordinary storm.

Tide could feel it all along his sinewy body. He stood at the edge of the beach, watching the storm clouds rolling in and the wind picking up with fervor by the minute. His nostrils flared, tasting the salty air and the humidity just building and building around them until it was almost intolerable. Even the ocean was picking up, the waves crashing around Tide's claws and sinking him slightly into the sand. Waves struck rapidly around him and even the tide line was higher than every before.

It was when the wind began picking up, bending trees around him and the rain pelted down that Tide began to move. Whirling in place and trotting from the sandy beach, he felt the rain beat down on him, only to stop suddenly. A few seconds later, the rain came back just as strong, coming in waves just like the ocean now behind him pelting the shore harder and harder. This storm was big, and it was going to hit hard. He might not have the ability to know when it was a hurricane coming, but there was no ignoring this storm. "Find shelter, quickly!" he warned anyone who he neared on his path.

Perhaps the others would realize this soon, but for now he trotted firmly towards the path to his little lagoon that the waterfall fell into. With a few splashes and a deep breath, he dove into the water and swam beneath the surface, making for the hole in the rocky wall and following the upward bend into his underwater cave. Barely any sounds could be heard of the weather outside rather than a slight whistling of wind. This could be good for shelter. Good for him.

Good for others.

Tide swam back and when he emerged in the lagoon onto the shore, the weather was noticeably worse. Lightning crackled across the sky, rain slamming down on the ground and the wind blew with a mighty force. Concerned, he looked around for his fellow packmates. "ANYONE WHO NEEDS SHELTER CAN COME WITH ME!!" he roared, hoping anyone that heard him and didn't have anywhere to go would follow him. He trotted a few yards away from his lagoon, fighting the weather to see through the harsh rain. Suddenly he spotted a young male, crying for his parents and no one else in sight. There was no time to find out who his parents were. "Boy! Come with me!" he yelled against the wind and his own cries for his family.

As a tree came crashing down near them, Tide parted his jaws and scooped up Atton by the scruff, gentle with his teeth as he turned to trot back to the lagoon. Wading into the water, he placed the puppy before him to warn him. "We are going into my cave, hold your breath!" Hopefully this pup understood, but either way he would swim fast. Grabbing him once more by the scruff, Tide dove into the water and with powerful strokes, was in his cave within seconds. He would place the pup on solid ground in the cave, allowing him to orient himself. "You did very well. Stay here," he advised, not that he had anywhere to go right now. "I am going to look for others." He would come back to check on the pup. But right now, he sank beneath the still water again to reemerge at the lagoon and look for other Tortugans.

May they all survive this hurricane.

((Basically anyone who wants to hide out in Tide's underwater cave and wait out the storm, can join and he'll take them to it! He's already got Atton in there, per Jade's permission.))

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