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Let It All Go [RI - ESCAPE]
« on: September 20, 2017, 05:57:55 PM »
[Icarus, Aetheria, and Wither are all present, and approved for escape as of this thread.]

After all this he stood. Toes barely grazed the outer ring, the raucous sounds of the distant bonfire were drowned out by the wildly passing thoughts he had as he considered what Saboro had always considered the unthinkable. Escape. All his life, he'd watched others surpass him, watched his parents' rise and fall, watched loved ones vanish, and still he'd spent so much time trying so hard to be something and yet always falling middling into the pack.

It was enough, finally, even knowing that he might never see some of his friends again. Of course, he'd no idea that several were already managing to flee themselves, or else the blue wolf might have been joining them instead of standing alone, weighing his options.

A clawed paw took that one damning step outside of the first ring, having never before left without orders, feeling his heart pound...a whisper of sound behind him made him snatch his paw back, red eyes flaring as he feigned innocence, praying that whoever it was hadn't truly seen what he'd done. The pair that emerged were two he'd recognized. One, his brother's own whelp, a pale green and mud brown girl with hair that hung over her eyes, and the other who was undoubtedly related to the old blood, Halberd's own line, with her coloring, no matter the smattering of spots that marked her body.

Without a word, the pair strode towards him, Wither humming a tune low under her breath as they marched his way, their every step like thunder to his ears. Panic tried to settle in his chest, but he kept it all inward. Aetheria made eye contact with him, and instead of the snarls and questions, she merely winked at him. It was then that his heart steadied, and he realized the pounding of war drums was something distant, something now accompanied by shouts and screaming and...trumpeting?

"Well, Blue, if you're leaving, now's the time."

With a blink, wrenching his gaze from the distance where the screaming replaced the ruckus of the bonfire, he looked at the spotted girl askance, bewildered. Jaws parted in silence for a moment before he attempted to speak, only to be cut off. His aunt huffed and waved a paw dismissively.

"Save it for later. Patrolling for deserters means looking inwards. If you're going to stop us, you'd have done it by now, and we won't be stopped so easily."

"Yesss," came the singsong agreement from the youngest of the three, who was still well out of puphood. Aetheria gave her a kind smile. "Let's go, Bluebird, let's find Mama!"

As the two marched past him and out of the ring, he made the decision he'd been set on anyway, and trotted briskly after them, but not before casting one last longing glance behind him. Would Acacia miss him, now that she was Jette's? Would Keanu?

"Goodbye..." he whispered to the winds, snatched up and cast away as he closed the distance to departing Wither and Aetheria, the latter offering a smile and a nod as if to encourage him futher, as if she could and did see the rift he'd just crossed. And it was in that moment of truly being seen that Icarus smiled back, suddenly sure he'd made the right choice.