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It's About Time [Open]
« on: August 16, 2017, 06:55:08 PM »
As much as Kitkun appreciates the tunnels, he knows he is more likely to find a mission set in marshland or the like than underground. Mud paints his dark coat in not so much a pattern as whatever he picked up while at play; one may think he has stockings and a mark on the tail tip. The Tribe knows what he truly looks like under the dirt-- who he is inside. The caves are safety, and he doesn't particularly like feeling safe.

A mission would be ideal, but barring that, Kitkun will continue to run his obstacle courses and bait the crocodiles, listen to the distant howls from Saboro and the outside. He hums a steady note, tilts his head back, eyes closed, and drops the pitch. Down, until it rattles his underdeveloped vocal chords, and then he brings his chin to his sternum, holding it through. When tricolor eyes open, Kitkun sighs, and speaks.
"Hello miss, I'm Vance. I come from Inaria, and I'd like to join your ranks, if I may."

He stares straight for a moment, then blinks his expression back to neutral. "I'm Kitkun, an ambassador from a marsh pack. May I speak with you about the terms of an alliance?" His voice, far higher in pitch, young. Matches the body.

They are the Night Bird, three years aged in this incarnation (though the longevity of the Soul is far older) and an accomplished spy for their Tribe.