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Dragon's Rise Weyr: Dragon Bonding, PERN, Fantasy, No WC
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Thread is on its way over Pern and the Holders are angry with the dragonriders. As the Red Star continues to advance toward our world, it is up to the riders to fight a war on two fronts. One against time to prepare for the imminent Thread, and the other for their health against the Holders of Pern. With only a short time to prepare before the ancient enemy falls once more, the population of dragons is in danger. After the death of their eldest queen and the fall of the brownriding Weyrleaders, two queens, only one old enough to rise, are left to populate the Weyrs, with very little time to do so. Short tithes and shoddy food force the riders to struggle to provide for themselves. Relations between the Weyrleaders and the Lord Holders are caustic. Can the riders and their bonded dragons repair the rift between themselves and Holders, and produce enough fighting dragons to protect Pern? Can the Weyr convince the Holders that the dragons are necessary to their survival?

**Dragon's Rise Weyr is coming back from a small hiatus with many big plots to get involved in!

The dragons of the Sun Runners clutch have returned after disappearing it the middle of the night shortly after they Impressed. The Weyrleader's dragon has been grounded with a massive injury to his wing and the leadership is up in the air with a sect of bronzeriders who want nothing more than to change the way Pern views the "parasite dragonriders" vying to win the position of Weyrleader. The Weyr Council hatches a scheme to have the Weyrsecond win and become Co-Weyrleaders to keep that from happening.

Meanwhile the weyrlings who came back from the past have brought a jungle fever with them back home which threatens the lives of riders, weyrfolk and dragons alike! Even worse, Thread is looming on the horizon and the riders are fighting a war on two fronts - Thread and fever!

If you enjoy D&D Style stats, check out our weekly Thread Thursdays on DSR. We incorporate stats for dragons, thread events with dice rolls and randomized severity of the Falls with how they affect the RP for that week. Participation is rewarded with marks for the forum store; but those who don't want to do the D&D style threadfall events are welcome to simply RP their characters normally too!

There are many types of characters to get involved with and our needs range long and far for the colors of dragons! Have a favorite character you bring with you board to board? We will work with you to include them in our world as well  Join us on Dragon's Rise and be a part of a family of talented writers who enjoy our character creating addictions and love welcoming new people into our close-knit group!

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An alternate universe, canon, no word count, DRoP style roleplay with mature members who are 16+ years old. Our dragons are the familiar gold, bronze, brown, blue and green. Full of struggle, triumph, new discoveries and old enemies, Dragon's Rise is an endless fight for survival in a damaged world.

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