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fire is owned by me(tm) [BONFIRE START | RII | OPEN]
« on: August 10, 2017, 01:09:37 PM »
The Dragons were in place.

The Spectres also waiting.

She’d left them at the foot, observant and ready, tense perhaps but otherwise willing and able to do what she’d asked of them. The children, though naïve, were baptized in blood and bone and certainly a portion of them were ready to follow their brethren into slaughter and mayhem. Or rather, she hoped, after that small demonstration of he-who-was-torn-asunder, that such action was more appealing than the torture they were known for.

She snorted, no need to flash back to a time of teeth and horror, not when they were all waiting down there for rebirth, for her. She’d not disappointment them by wasting time or dallying among her thoughts. Each step was done with a cautious precision, each push of her body completed with only the gurgling burps of steamy pits and wailing memories—the wolves of regret, the ones she believed had been conquered by lava and rock, but who would ever truly know?
With a careful exhale and a bit of near clumsy experimentation, it would not take long for Lux—with thick stick set to hover over a one of those snarling heated abscesses—to obtain the precious resource needed for Saboro’s rebirth, for the peeling of it’s thick oppressive scab so that some joy could be found again. Or rather, whatever amounted to joy for the populas under their current reign.

Either way, Lux was obedient, swift, and fearless as she carried her makeshift torch down the incline she’d taken near the impressive volcano and with only a grunt to her wolves she’d make way toward the massive clearing of the secondary ring, where a great collection of sticks and other flammable instruments awaited her.

She flung it with very little care—If they see it, they will come.

The crackling might of the passionate flames.

The promise of a new season of fruitful activity---

of pain, of sadness, of constant change and

She snapped her jaws a bit in mirth and shook her head before she turned to her collective, “Have fun.

To the spectre children she’d rumble, Mingle. Find the fledglings, if you can. So that they could be chosen and assigned. Don’t get killed.

It’s certainly what Father would have said to her, right?

To her pilfered Christopher, she’d whisper—Come find me, if you are scared.

Then she’d twist around to face the shadow nearby—Bane.

Call them.

So, the people would be ready when their rulers arrived.

And maybe, maybe she’d get to see a certain reddish wolf again.

Welcome to the gun show—the bonfire show…

This is the opening thread, you can post here (after Bane) or make your own private threads marked .

When the alphaship of Saboro is ready, they will allow approved escape threads.

Backdrop is ring two, facing the volcano.

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Re: fire is owned by me(tm) [BONFIRE START | RII | OPEN]
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2017, 02:51:58 PM »
                                                                                                                           His steps were lively as he followed his older sibling whilst she carried out the preparations.

Soon the opening ceremony could begin. Then would come the real fun, the meat of the event, a grand party which many here in Saboro rightfully deserved to partake in. The Sabor and Sabora for their tireless efforts. The Elites and Ranked members who busted their humps and did their jobs like good little worker bees in a hive. He could think of one which filled him with pride. The celebration was for her, and anyone else who was just as diligent in their work. That sentiment extended to more than just those higher up. Today was for Saboro, as a whole, royal or slab.

He only wished his wife...He, oh boy, he was getting ahead of himself....Well, he wished Baal were here to partake in the festivities too, but he understood. His lordly expression giving way to a more genuine, lovesick, grin as he thought of her with their three boys.

Another time.

He’d see her soon.

His attention quickly rounded back to where it was meant to be, as Lux spoke, and directed her brood of children. She wasn’t their Mother, but they were her’s all the same. He looked towards them. Saw how quick they were to obey. Of course, they didn’t have much of a choice in the matter, but still, “I’m shocked Luxanna,” he replied, snake-like smirk returning to his face. “You’re pretty good at this sort of thing.” Now if she could just start an actual family for herself she’d be square. There was another young man too, not quite as young though. He only recognizes the hellion boy that’s been hovering next to his sibling because of Adalayde’s description of them. A kid like that is hard to miss, especially when your daughter thinks he’s “cute”.

“Come find me, if you are scared.” She tells the apprehensive kid. To which Bane offers his own, probably less than helpful, reassurance. “People here don’t bite as much as you’d think~” Not these days at least. There had been much more of that before the child came chasing after Dexus.

“Bane. Call them.” Lux command came at last, and the Wing waste no time. He perches himself upon some lofty position then lets out a loud howl that reverberates throughout the rainforest.

The denizens who wish to be there would come, and when they came he addressed them all proudly, “Citizens of Saboro, tonight we celebrate our accomplishments! The ones achieved already, and the ones we will make in the future!” 


“Get to know one another! Try not to get too wild though.”

“The Festivities Begin Now!”

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Re: fire is owned by me(tm) [BONFIRE START | RII | OPEN]
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2017, 11:58:24 AM »
The idea of festivities and celebrations was foreign to Gabriel, who only knew of them through word of mouth and a handful of assumptions. It was a little stressful, if he was honest, to stand there unsure of what this was about, what he should be doing. He watched Lux lead the little parade, followed by the Right Wing who seemed far less serious and tense than his caretaker.

Relief came in the form of something to do, Lux bending down to whisper to him and his adopted siblings.

“Mingle. Find the fledglings, if you can. Don’t get killed.”

Gabriel nodded with some genuine enthusiasm, politely moving away from the adults and Bane's cheerful announcement of celebration and drinking, to do just that. Blue eyes scanned in front of him to try and spot one if not more of the tattooed kids his age, moving a little quickly once he had found at least one to talk to and mingle as Lux phrased it. Big paws pushed him forward quickly, but perhaps too quickly, because once he stood in front of whatever fledgling he found himself in front of, he realized his social skills were still very... Wanting.

And with eyes on him, he felt his throat close up for a few seconds as he scrambled for words.

"Uh, hi. I'm Gabriel." smooth. The cheering and celebration around him did not help the shy boy.

[ If one or more of the fledglings wants a lil' PRP hit me up!! ]
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Re: fire is owned by me(tm) [BONFIRE START | RII | OPEN]
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2017, 07:42:27 PM »
(ooc: posting primarily with Hodge and Al. Schnee is ducking out of the party due to wolf overload and Loophole is busy with literal homework)

If it was one thing Hodge could not stand, it was noise. Lots of it.

The Banshee and the Right Wing had certainly sparked one hell of a noise fest and Hodge was, unsurprisingly, scared out of his mind. He was the quiet kid in the corner, the one could only look on in horror at Saboro's version of a 'celebration': bloodlust and chaos everywhere, with a volcano served as a kind of bizarre backdrop. Since when is a volcano supposed to be a backdrop?? The spotted Fledgling shuddered and proceeded to work his way through the crowd. Avoid eye contact, stay low, just say a few hellos and get the hell out. Simple. The Spectres - mostly trainees - were mingling in the crowd. It was then that Hodge heard a kind of voice he had never expected to hear in Saboro, much less from a particular rank.

"Uh, hi. I'm Gabriel."

Hodge let out a kind of squeak at the red-stained boy. His blue eyes gave away his fear, and there was kind of strange moment where the Fledgling felt a sense of belonging. Had he finally found another wolf that hated noise? That felt the same paralysing fear as he? He swallowed and nodded in Gabriel's direction. "Hodge," he responded. "Uh - do you want to go somewhere quieter, Gabriel? I'm sure the Banshee won't mind if we bail together?"

After all, wasn't it the duty of the Spectres to accompany a Fledgling in a time of impending panic? Although Hodge was not sure if Gabriel was assigned to him and his siblings: he had dibs. He had been instructed to socialise more, after all, and he was not about to let this voice vanish into the wails and howls that surrounded them. Nerds stuck together, after all.


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Re: fire is owned by me(tm) [BONFIRE START | RII | OPEN]
« Reply #4 on: October 01, 2017, 10:05:59 PM »
ORIANA ✶  ,,
Atop the temple steps where the golden Sabora stood; tonight was the night it all came together. She waited for the group to collectively grow, biding her time and waiting for the call of summons and meant the growing Queen could make her grand entrance. Eyes briefly scanned the temple for the coat of the silver Sabor, wondering if he was going to be attending with his mate at hand. It was a partially bitter thought, at the back of her mind, knowing that she had no one to stand beside her and devote themselves to her; not anymore, anyway. A spark of bitterness filled her tongue as she clicked it, dismissing the toxic feeling before it grew into an ugly beast. Tonight was for celebration, not mourning.

The Right Wing’s telling howl meant they would begin to gather, flocking to the scene like bees to honey and eagerly awaiting whatever exciting news their Sabora and Sabor had to give— soon they would be greeted with an eager pair of Elites who would rally them in excitement before she even arrived. Oriana’s tongue smoothed over her lips, eyes danced around the entrance one more time to see if Crenate was ready. Whether or not he emerged, Oriana made her way towards the meeting place in a fair pace— There was no reason to rush while the citizens continued to gather. Along the way she’d come across her daughter, the beautiful curly coated angel who never seemed to stray far from the temple. The Sabora smiled, forcing light within her hollowed face as she would forever put on a face of pride and resilience for her children. Cassiopeia needed to be strong; it was the only way to survive in Saboro. Oriana wanted to be the best example of that for her babies, whatever was left of them.

Eventually the Queen made her entrance alone, Cassiopeia knew better then to try and place herself on the same pedestal as her mother. The deep aura of smoke and fire illuminated the air as the bonfire crackled in it’s glory; a tinge of stinging, scarring memory flashed before her as there never was a good association of fire, but perhaps tonight she’d force there to be one. You can push and push and push until things got better, that was the only way to force change, was it not?

Rising atop the rock before her Right Wind and Banshee, the Queen stood with a wide smile and a raised tail, head held high and hiding the fact that her every limb had been stabbed by the very imaginary thorn crown upon her skull. It had done it’s damage; like all the Sabora’s before her, it squeezed, it sliced, it stained and it GREW. It grew into the beast of every young girl’s once-dream, until you were standing within it and realizing that there was no controlling anything— it controlled you; The heart of Saboro.

Saboro!” Bellowing with a joyous, powerful call— she’d hoped the hear some dissipating voices, her doe eyes scanned the crowd as the fire illuminated her chest and figure, like a phoenix who had started to extend their wings, to stretch far and wide, ready to take flight— Almost, so close, so far

Tonight is an evening of rejoice and recollection! We have survived, we have grown, and now we celebrate! We will come together with mother nature’s finest creations in a festival of unity, for we are strong, we are survivors—

(I will remember.)

—we are SABORO!

With that, Oriana’s words ended with a glorious howling cheer, encouraging her people, her family, her pack to enjoy themselves for an evening; not everyday they can come together in harmony. She would join them soon enough— but maybe some things weren’t meant to last.

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Re: fire is owned by me(tm) [BONFIRE START | RII | OPEN]
« Reply #5 on: October 02, 2017, 02:39:37 PM »
Fire draws him, an absurd curiosity like all moths are drawn to flame. Wood smoke stings his nostrils and somewhere deep inside, he is afraid. Fire swept the plains often. It burnt them to ashes quicker than he could blink his eyes. From ashes came rebirth, but he was not ready to run again. He should be running away. He shouldn’t be going towards the fire. Yet he does. Because this is Saboro, not the plains. The fire burns contained. He watches it from a distance, ears canted down and pressing against his horns.

It starts small but the crowd grows. They circle their contained wildfire and they crow into the darkness their shadows create. He lurks in the spaces they leave behind, watching between the trees and dense undergrowth. There had been ceremonies in his past, great joyful affairs of pomp and circumstance—but those had been his family, his People, and this was something else. He falls back on himself (he is, he knows, the only person he really has, after all). The fire is contained. He has no reason to fear the night. It is only darkness that they’ve chosen to subvert, for now. But they are too loud, and their rowdiness drives him away.

He turns to slink back from whence he came. Nobody will miss him. He is only meat.

Her voice slices through the crackling logs, the shadows, the plants dripping dew. He casts a look over his should and sees her there, obscured by the fire raging beyond her. He knows her voice, but not used this way. He narrows his eyes. Suspicion bubbles up from where he kept his veins. She is a princess, of course. Tonight she is red. Tonight she isn’t small.

He leaves her to it.