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little blessings [birth, surgeon]
« on: August 09, 2017, 03:14:30 AM »
open -- need a surgeon, this is pretty much for anyone that wants to come support/make fun of this awful human being??  also Bane is here

She had been born with yellow eyes.

It was a trademark of her bloodline, present in both mother and father, and most of her siblings.  But Baal had grown into a phantom, strange shade of red, not a single sliver of that lemony sherbet color present.  But now, she felt yellow. 

Everything about her felt sickly and dead, but it was simply nothing but labor.  She'd felt odd all day, her stomach cramping at times that ranged from discomfort to crippling, awful pain.  The toil & toil & toil was all, rest assured, for the best -- she carried the next generation of babes, a new species of moonchild that carried genes of both Saboran royalty and Tortugan nobility.

She'd moved to take a drink from that glowing pool within her cave, walking past roommate Aethon and husband Bane (who had come in specially to wait for the birth of his newest brood) to bend down and -- there it went.  Something ran down her legs; for a moment she wondered if Bane had vomited onto his betrothed.  Now, that would have been quite rude.  The elite was oddly calm, peering down to see that ah, it was what she'd expected.  If anything, she wanted these demons out of her.

"Bane, dear," she crooned, offering her husband a smile that showed just a little too many teeth, "Could you fetch a surgeon for me?"  She'd be damned if she were forced to lay on a rock for hours without the good drugs the surgeons handed out to angry, giant expecting mothers.  If they thought Rita in labor was bad, they'd be exposed to something else for sure.

The kraken waddled to the mouth of her den, yelling after whoever had decided to leave and fetch the surgeons, "HEY!  Get my brother while you're at it, too!"  How awful that ruined voice sounded when it was loud.

Whoever decided to come had their work cut out for them.  A dangerous woman in labor, performing a dangerous task for someone with a dying liver.
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Re: little blessings [birth, surgeon]
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 02:15:56 AM »
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                                                                                                                           He wasn’t anxious, but be that as it may, his eager countdown of the days leading up to the anticipated birth had begun early. Weeks in advance even. This litter was different from his first in this way. He knew what to expect now. A surprise gift kept out of his reach, which he so badly wanted to unwrap. The healers could guesstimate due dates and try to plan ahead; however, there was never any real way of knowing just when the child or children would see fit to enter the world. Bane hoped they would arrive on schedule. If not for his own curiosity and excitement than for her comfort at least.

His smaller frame fitted around his woman from behind, his upper body hovering just above her ocean blue shoulders so that he could affectionately groom behind the Kraken's pointed ears. Baal’s discomfort was evident as almost every involuntary twinge found its way to Bane. She’d become as restless now as the brood wrestling inside their Mother’s gut, and though he was the furthest thing from a doctor, the Wing was all too familiar with her condition.

Pregnancy had become an ever recurring event in the young man’s life. He knew it enough to pick up on some signs. So he’d asked, adamantly, to keep near by. To stay in Tortuga until it was time.

She wouldn’t need to wait much longer, he didn’t think.

The royal broke the pattern, halting his preening to plant a kiss somewhere on the back of her skull, even at the expense of having some flesh separated from him as a result. Bane’s affection towards her did not waver, and he hardly blamed her if her mood was sour. Frankly, odds were that it stood to get much worse. At least one of their little sand fleas weren’t so small, huge even. A large lump shifting ever so often in her stomach, and whoever else she held within never seemed to settle down for more than a few minutes it seemed. He’d be lying if he pretended to not be somewhat happy about this. As much as seeing her in pain had begun to eat at him, Bane also felt some pride in knowing a bit of what was to come.

Their kids were already strong. He could tell. If anyone doubted their union for some reason than these pups were all the more reason why said individual(s) needed to mind their own business. He already knew they were perfect. Each in their own way. Anything she could give him would be nothing short of sublime.

He must look like such a fool. This killer, maimer, spoiled prince, grinning like a dolt against her nape. The only thing concealing his growing sentiment now being her thick mane of light blue fur until she stood and sluggishly meandered to the pool at the center of her lair.

Naturally– the children see fit to interrupt their Mother’s attempt to quench her thirst.

It reaches his nose before he catches her cause for pause in his sights. Bane’s on his feet and by her side before she need say anything at all. "Bane, dear," She addressed the man looking up at her, His half torn ear twitching as he gently eased her from the water’s edge. "Could you fetch a surgeon for me?"   

“Of course,” She didn’t need to ask. "Just try to make yourself comfortable. I came prepared for a reason,” He hummed gesturing towards a pile of Saborian gifts, most notably the stack of soft furs. “Hang tight, Angel Eyes.” Another peck to her cheek was pressed, regardless of the fangs that she'd flashed before he moved to exit her refuge. They both were aware that this could be a rough test of her endurance and tolerance of pain. “I’ll make sure they’re up to speed.” Whoever decided to take on this task would do best to come prepared, lest they have two agitated beasts coming for their necks.

He gave her roommate, Aethon, a quick glance and a nod of the head. ‘Watch out for her.’ It read. Baal was still fit and able, of course, he did not doubt her, and yet he could not help the budding apprehension. She would not be without him for long. 

He was already racing away down the beach when he caught her final request.

"HEY!  Get my brother while you're at it, too!"

“Kay!” He called back so that she did not remain at the entrance waiting. He located the Tortugan flag flapping in the wind high upon the mast. Raced across the white, sandy, trail that leads to the large ship. Bless the Gunners at their post for dealing with the loud man. He didn’t have the time to waste on being cordial and polite. “RAIKOV! CAPTAIN RAIKOV!” He shouted, only just noticing how madly his heart was beating. As soon as the Pirate King appeared Bane would flag him down.

“She’s having them. Our kids. Baal wants her brother with her.” It was good, Bane thought, that she had a sibling to put her trust in like that. “Please. It may be a hard labor.”

Frankly, he’d appreciate the extra hands on deck as well.

“We need a healer still. A Surgeon?” He was still learning the terms. “Someone who can handle this.” He was a stranger here, and if anyone had an idea of who’d be best it was the man calling the shots.

“Thank you.” The Right Wing replied, genuinely. Leading the Captain, and the surgeon who’d come, back with him hastily for he did not enjoy keeping his Lady waiting.
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Re: little blessings [birth, surgeon]
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(eremiel will b here)
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