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blessed be [witch visit]
« on: August 08, 2017, 08:51:24 PM »
[[This is a mandatory check-in for the witches! A bullet point post is totally fine as this is more of a head count than anything. If you're interested in joining, but haven't done so officially then send me a pm and we can totally work something out!]]

She remembered him, the grayscale king with the rounded face who was on his way home. She hadn't decided to keep him long, for how could a wanderer keep someone from their destination? Still, he spoke so fondly of his homeland that Lorelai couldn't help but feel like something was pulling her towards his direction. It certainly wasn't feelings for the King, but rather a love of the idea of his nocturnal lands and the shelter they provided. The travelers life was not for everyone and perhaps it was time to take root somewhere safe.

And so the crickets sang their night time chorus as Lorelai pulled their wagon of instruments, cloth goods, crystals and satchels of dried herbs. The wagon was wooden with two wooden bars protruding from it, parallel to each other. One bar ran across the middle, connecting the two together to form a kind of U shape. Lorelai, with the bar across her chest, trudged forward as the cart bumped every so often on the uneven terrain.

"So," she hummed. "We're going to make a stop at this place called Nardir." She sounded the word out slowly, as if she wasn't sure that she was pronouncing it correctly. "Remember your manners. What you give comes back to you." It was a phrase she used rather often. Whatever someone did, be it good or bad, would eventually return to them. She would stop at the packs borders and pause, waiting for any questions or comments that her little band might have.

Lorelai ducked her head beneath the bar, letting the wagon tip back a little to rest on its back end. Their goods slid backwards slightly, but remained within the wooden structure. She lifted her head in a call for Julek, but only because she knew his name. She wouldn't have minded anyone who approached them and in fact would greet them with a warm smile and a slight bow of her head. "Good evening to you," she chimed lightly, lifting her gaze again. "My name is Lorelai." She'd wait to allow her company to introduce themselves. "We bring gifts of crystals and trinkets in exchange for a place to rest." She gestured towards the cart with her head before looking back to the wolf across the border again, silently hoping they wouldn't be turned away.
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Re: blessed be [witch visit]
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2017, 11:05:55 PM »

The lady they called Lorelai had told them about a land known as Nardir, whose word had reached them by the mouth of a wolf who Lorelai told Fable looked like her. She wondered as she walked, curious of the nature of this hound. She hadn't found the name of the stranger, but she knew well enough that after the fall of her birth pack, many had spread into these lands. She'd just never had the luxury of meeting with one, at least not recently. Fable may have once eagerly rushed at the opportunity to find her kinsmen again, but now she was held back.

Literally. She had a cart, somewhat similar to the one Lorelai had, pressing against her chest with its leather straps resting on her broad back and chest. Hers was made of a different type than the more communal wagon that Lorelai pulled, but it served a similar purpose - carrying instruments, cloth goods, pelts, as well as satchels of various supplies. She had considered waiting in the woods to see how they were received, but decided to risk it.

Even so, she slid backwards, out of the leader straps, and stood next to her cart, waiting patiently for whoever would approach to meet with them. Lorelai called for the wolf and Fable realized that she recognized the name as one of the royal guards. She had seen his parents born when she was young, so she had witnessed him as a youth and then again as a guard before the fall. To whoever arrived, she would smile politely and say, "I am Fable." She had nothing else to say, so she observed patiently. If Julek arrived, as he surely would (so sayeth the roleplayer), she would likely catch his eye and hold it, giving a professional nod like in the old country.

She hoped they wouldn't ask for the treasures stored in her cart, only the one by Lorelai's.

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Re: blessed be [witch visit]
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2017, 11:34:48 AM »
Triston followed the rest of his group, the weight of his bag heavy on his back. He'd never gathered enough to make a cart worthwhile, and so he stuck with his saddle bags, hanging on either side of his flank. He was a novice, picking up what he could from his fellows. But he had fallen headfirst into the world of magic as an escape from the life he'd had before Lorelai and her followers found him. It seemed a natural segway from his intense love of the natural world around them, and after the love he'd lost, the son taken from him in the dead of night, he swore he would never have anything wrenched from him again. He'd closed up, his voice rarely used. When his mouth did part, his voice came out scratchy from disuse. He'd put up a wall around himself.


They had arrived.

He glanced around as they approached, taking a seat as others extricated themselves from their carts. His bag slid down his spine to pool on the ground behind him and he pulled his tail from beneath it. His peers, beginning with Lorelai, introduced themselves to any who approached. If anyone were to glance his direction, he would mumble "Triston" in a voice that did not instill confidence in his intelligence. He didn't care whether these wolves thought him intelligent. His fellow witches surely knew him well enough by now to realize he only seemed dim on the outside. He was actually a quick study. It suited him to be overlooked and disregarded.

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