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Royal fangirl [prp Zaniah]
« on: August 08, 2017, 04:01:01 PM »

The land was full of rivers and Iris enjoyed them, she would dip her paws in the cool water to feel better relaxed when it was too hot, she hung around the rivers like bees to flowers and she was standing with just her paws in a river, making light splashes with her front paws and giggling to herself. She soon walked around the edge of the water, trying pretty hard to not get too wet. She didn’t feel like grooming herself too much from a wet fur and kept just her paws in there and sighed happily. The sun has been baking for days, it was good to cool off after days like this.

It was while she was in the midst of this that she noticed something in the corner of her eye and looked up. She thought at first it was the queen, the orange/beige cream colors were close to identical, but upon looking up she saw it was a much larger male with streaks of brown in his fur and she gasped loudly (thank god he wasn’t close enough to hear), that was the prince! She had heard stories of him and his nobility in action and her small tail immediately wagged as she jumped out of the river.

”Prince Zaniah!? Prince!” She followed him until he would stop and turn to look at her and once he did she would wag her tail wildly and offer a charming smile in return to whatever look he might be giving. ”Oh prince Zaniah! What an honor to meet you like this, I’ve heard stories of your noble heart.” She smiled and her tail was still wagging.

Whatever or not she was making the prince uncomfortable was lost on her, she was too deep in her own thoughts and fantasies. She had never imagined she would get to meet the prince! She felt so lucky and could just squeal like a fangirl meeting her idol, but she kept it at a charmer’s smile and then realized she hadn’t properly introduced herself. ”How embarrassing! I forgot to introduce myself! I am Iris.” She made a proper curtsy, for this was the prince after all! Couldn’t slack on manners and courtesy now could she? She was eager to get talking to him and get to know him, she could hardly contain it.

And when we first came here
We were cold and we were clear
With no colors on our skin
'Till you let the spectrum in

Say my name
And every color illuminates
We are shining
And we will never be afraid again

Played by Bwarh