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bring me the horizon~ [Shark recruitment]
« on: August 05, 2017, 09:52:02 PM »
Tortuga, despite the nature of pirates' debauchery, was a strong and wealthy empire. With that wealth came a fair bit of work for the Loan Shark, who, despite the promising efforts of her own sister, had shouldered the majority alone since the ascension of the previous Shark to Quartermaster. The stronghold for the pack was practically overflowing with goods and wares, each individual entrusting Albatross alone to keep those things safe and accounted for.

It was not only a huge task, but a dangerous situation as well. Certainly, she slept near the ship now that Triteia had vacated her den and dug her own place, though there were still many times where she could not simply sit and watch the valuables and shinies.

Albatross had decided to change that.

Slipping down the deck, she didn't go far down the beach before she let loose a melodious howl. The wind carried it through the packlands, and caressed her porcelain coat gently, the smell of sea in her nose and filling her lungs. Albatross had time, nothing but time, to wait for potentials to show up here, the sun high in the sky already, and yet she found herself restless. With her pack slung across her shoulders, she paced in the warm golden sands. Grey eyes, hooded, scanned and surveyed for movement, and Albatross smiled when the raucous calls of seabirds overhead sounded over the whisper sigh of the tides.

Despite her eagerness, and a touch of nerves, if she was being honest with herself, the Loan Shark was also nervous.

It would not be easy for those who answered the call to make the cut. Her own paranoia, while not driven by the afflictions that rode her siblings so hard, still reared it's head when the financial security of the whole of Tortuga would be put at risk. Triteia she trusted without question. Eremiel had done well, even on his own, and she remembered her brother, Tripp, who kept watch before her. They'd all managed on their own, but she had visions of a grand empire, and that meant the wealth would only continue to grow. If that happened, when that happened, Albatross knew she'd need more than just herself to entrust that wealth to.

She owed it to the rest of her pack to do so, and so she would have high standards. Those who quailed at them would be easily dismissed, without hesitation or reservations.

Once those who found themselves eager arrived, Albatross would give more details as to their reasons for being here today.

"Let's cut ta tha' chase," she said, slowly pacing in front of them, her mercury gaze studying each of them as they were. "I'm Albatross, the Loan Shark, and you're all here ta' become Sharks, but not all of you'll make it. This is no one-stop recruitment, aye? There'll be a series of tests and tasks, and if ya think that's too much for you already, best go now."

She halted then, piercing each of those before her with a steely gaze, thunderous.

"If ya can't commit to that, if you don't know already what it is Sharks even do, don't waste any of our time. But if you can...If you can tell right me now that you're ready to listen, to learn, to prove yourself loyal beyond any doubt, then tell me yer names and current ranks, and what you believe is the thing that holds the most value to yeh, aye?"

Settling her haunches to the ground, Albatross' eyes softened and nodded to them. The pale girl was not a hard taskmaster to please, but she wouldn't suffer fools. If they didn't know what a Shark was, short of being the youngest of whelps, it would be assumed they lacked the tenure to be truly ingrained in the pirate culture. They could always learn on their own and return later, but it would be a waste of time and too high a risk to allow those of recent recruitment to join her team.

OOC Notes: There will be tasks given out in this thread, and another thread either as a group or set individually (depending on interest). Posting here does not make you a Shark recruit right off the bat. Because of the high rank, it's gonna be a little work! But don't be afraid, Alby is always fair~

Pups are welcome to be nosy too!

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Re: bring me the horizon~ [Shark recruitment]
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2017, 11:06:08 PM »
Although becoming a Striker was representative of all that Triteia had experienced in her Voyage, it was not her only aspiration. It was only her most immediate; something to keep her protected and privileged after emerging from the doldrums of slavery. As she adjusted to that and started to become comfortable in the illusion that she was not in imminent danger, Triteia set her sights elsewhere.

Triteia knew that at one point - perhaps it was not as relevant anymore - she had a reputation as a troublemaker. Her potential had been turned to ash. In spite of whatever lingering prejudices that remained, she had ambitions. Close proximity to Eremiel, the former Loan Shark, and Albatross, his eventual successor, provided her a valuable window into the Hull's innermost machinations and inspired an incipient fascination. Triteia wanted success, but security was more important. Obtaining a high rank could help ensure that she wasn't threatened by Baal, who was one of Tortuga's most respected elites. She could send a message to people that still doubted her: she was worth something. She wasn't going anywhere. She wasn't one of Raikov's mistakes, Brielle's inconveniences, or Baal's victims.

(Besides those motivations, Triteia was slow to admit it, but the war had... worn on her. Made her think she should seek opportunities outside of her rank, to give her a little breathing room.)

Working under Albatross, her sister and most trusted confidant, reassured her, but Triteia knew that Albatross would not give her preferential treatment. That was fine. She didn't want any charity. Triteia wanted to brave the gauntlet like any recruit.

So when Triteia arrived, she flashed Albatross a grin that reeked of familiarity, but otherwise kept her conduct professional. Albatross talked about trials and assignments to test the mettle of her trainees, which stirred equal parts doubt and excitement in the young Striker. Doubt was something that always preceded a challenge. Dealing with the unfamiliar, though, was what she excelled at. She fought down the niggling thought of Maybe I'm not cut out for this and latched onto something she was accustomed to dealing with to bolster her confidence: bombasting to her superiors and giving a pretty speech about her rank. Why do you deserve a job at McDonalds?

"Triteia. I'm a Striker, ma'am," she rolled through the formalities as instructed. It felt weird treating Albatross with the same detachment as Raikov or Brielle. "I'm ready ta do whatever it takes ta become a Shark." As for her question, her lips quirked in a wry grin. "As fer what holds the most value ta me -- my family n' my mates. People I'd lay down my life for. But if yer meanin' somethin' material, it'd be my tail." She turned, drawing attention to the braided trinket that decorated her mangled tail, and rustled with the necklaces around her neck. "An' my necklaces. They were gifts."
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Re: bring me the horizon~ [Shark recruitment]
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2017, 09:55:52 AM »
Leaving this open til September 5th! One week!

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