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Hello! New friends! (Open - Recruitment??!)
« on: August 04, 2017, 11:58:37 AM »
As discussed in this thread! Please read before posting~!

Although Gemini wasn't entirely home for the funny faced girl, she was starting to feel her heart strings tugged by the want and need to see her family. Someday, maybe, Amen would consider the misty forests home, but for now she considered it a headquarters. A base to return to, to refresh herself, because she was born In Between and wanderlust was in her blood.

The Oasis was a.. disappointment, so to speak, but what had she expected? They were informed of its desertion, so why was she surprised to see it as such? Maybe a sliver of hope that life was thriving again somewhere, against all odds, but ah.. Heavy ears pinned back against her gray head as she looked out over a neverending desert.

"Do we really think anyone is still here?" she asks, more to the wind then her companions before she continues a few more steps and lets out a baying howl. It raised the fur along her nape and she felt a tingling in her bones as she hoped- she prayed- and she begged- for anyone to answer the call. To return the desperate, searching note with anything. An answer, an appearance, even a call to 'GO AWAY' would soothe her worried mind.

They would need to turn back within the day, and the gangly legged girl didn't want to return empty handed.

As her song ends, she stops and listens, ears erect as best they can for any little sounds in the distance. If anyone of those with her began to speak, she would cast a glance back to listen, but with an irritation she could not hide.

She didn't want to be a failure.

She didn't want to return with nothing, although their lives and bodies from the wilds In Between would suffice for some, it wasn't enough for her.

If anyone did approach, she would feel a flood of relief overtake her and her well-known excitement beginning to return.

"Welcome! Welcome to.. ah.. Gemini's.. search party," her tail would wag her entire hind side as she would assume them a friendly face. She wanted to be optimistic, despite everything she knew about strangers. "Gemini is a pack! Sorry, I'm a little excited, I should.. explain more.. we're here in search of anyone who still remains of Tjenu, we're.. hoping to find anything out about what happened, where everyone else has gone, perhaps.. We're a friendly group of everything-under-the-sun, and we just want to help anyone who might be.. struggling," she gulped.

Was she doing a good job?

She'd glance back to her group- to Eve, to Franky, to anyone who stood behind and beside her- "If.. you're not from Tjenu, if you're just passing through, that's fine, too! We're here to help everyone we can. Oh.." she feels her face darken, she feels it flush with blood and heat.

"I'm Amen!"

How could she forget to introduce HERSELF? The rest of the crew could introduce themselves, as well, because she couldn't consider herself the leader on this expedition. She was just the talker, a friendly, helpful face who could- hopefully- draw in a crowd and keep their attention long enough to make them think Gemini is the Bee's Knees.

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Re: Hello! New friends! (Open - Recruitment??!)
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2017, 02:39:27 AM »
Savannahsky( 7+yrs out of date profile)

She returned once again to the place that she had called home for so long even though so much of it had changed, so much of it was now gone. Her wares from the pride were carefully stashed in places that she hoped they'd be safe in. It had been another reminder she didn't need of how empty the place was. Once upon a time she wouldn't have simply hoped her wares and herself would be safe she knew it was safe, or at least as safe as she could ever be. In the past when the desert wolves had still lived here she had often laid basking in the sun watching the guards on their patrols and exchanging greetings usually only in passing but sometimes they would be through with their shift and would come over and talk for as long as the heat allowed before it forced them to retire to their oasis and her to locate some shade and the nearest guest pool. Oh she supposed she could have gotten as escort to take her to the oasis, she had been told of it and had also been given at least a vague idea of where it was located if there was ever an emergency but otherwise she'd never really seen it in person.

All she'd seen was the remains when she'd returned from a trading venture that had culminated in an encounter with individuals she had finally, at long last, learned were likely from a pack called Saboro. They had been the ones that had tried to force her into providing information about the Outlands that would have allowed them to destroy it. They'd been rather surprised and frustrated when she had not only refused to provide it but had managed to get away and out of reach of their lunging and snapping jaws. Of course that was then and that she knew the most likely place for those individuals to be, as the other pack she'd learned that had given the Outlands grief didn't seem to be around any more, she was going to find a way to make them pay both for what they did to her and for their attempt on her home. They would pay the toll.

As she was contemplating how to go about doing that as she had heard of Saboro before recently in conjunction with a war with Inaria, the place she'd been told that had created the Fringes and then exiled them and the place she had in mind for a possible trade partner with Stoneclaw as per bargain with Nexys, she heard a howl calling from not too far away. It was strange that someone would call out in such a deserted place unless they weren't aware it was abandoned which meant it could be strangers could be one of those who had left the Outlands when the leadership had changed. If that were the case she had a..duty of sorts to go to them and explain what she could so she made her way there and discovered not an individual but a group.

Yet another reminder of how different things were..and yet despite the unease which she was carefully concealing at being such a small creature in the presence of so many larger ones there was, if Eve were present, a distinct familiarity but an uncertainty as well that nagged at her. It wouldn't let her alone that the creme wolfdog was someone she had known. She didn't wasn't a fan of just giving information away especially under such circumstances but..she had to know. So if the others hadn't introduced themselves yet, then she would look to the one that seemed so familiar to her, if she were there, and query. "Eve?". Then she remembered there were questions posed by the first that she should probably answer but not without a fee. "So you're here to help anyone who needs it hm? What sort of help are you and your pack, this Gemini, willing to provide?". Because while it was nice to see Tjenu members, if there were any amongst the group, she was still a trader and that meant putting business before pleasure.

((so kinda assumed that Eve, former alpha of the desert is here and such but if not then ya know Savannah greeting her can be ignored))
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Re: Hello! New friends! (Open - Recruitment??!)
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2017, 04:05:31 PM »
It had been so long ago since it happened, when her world had been gutted from the inside out. At least, it felt like so long ago. Those strangers, tearing into her people's camp without warning, without so much as an inkling of what might happen. Her people, her family, stripped away from her without warning. For what? Because they were different. They didn't look like wolves, coyotes, foxes, anything normal. They looked grotesque to others, like aliens. Others looked down on them in disgust and prejudice. For what purpose? There was no logical explanation the female could think of, only that some individuals possessed a blackened heart.

She didn't even know if there were anyone left of her tribe, and if so, good luck trying to find them in this vast landscape. However, that's exactly what she had been trying to do these past couple years. They attacked when she was just a yearling, and now, being of mature age, she had not given up hope of finding her family members that fled...if they still lived. No trace remained of them, not even a scent. There was just...nothing.

The dark hued female let out a sigh, tendriled ears beginning to droop. She had traveled for miles everyday, from her homeland in the forests, to the mountains, and now to the desert. Such a long way from home...but was it really home any longer? From that fateful day when she fled, she sealed her fate of becoming a nomad. There was no choice to be had. From that day forward, she had become a wanderer, a loner. The voice of her elder brother rang in her ears as he urged her to flee the chaos, "Sisteh, go! Find refuge, a safe pack, any'ting! You are not safe here. Go!"

"What am I to do...," she mused to herself, staring blankly down at the dried, cracked earth, parched from water for days on end. Reluctantly, she started to drag her feet again, moving on to who knows where...maybe the ends of the earth, maybe to hell.

Who knows....

Then, she heard it, as if by fate alone. A minute hadn't even passed before she heard the howl. She started, jerking her head up and swiveling her ears toward the long, drawn out sound of another canine in the vicinity. There were others in this barren landscape? Honestly, the tendriled female hadn't expected there to be much of anything here. She had just been running on hope and faith at this point that there were someone here she knew, or could tell her anything. The voice wasn't recognizable, but she was desperate. Anything would do. Mustering up her strength and will, she moved quicker than before toward the source of the sound, curiosity pushing her forward, and perhaps even the desire for company. She had been parched from it for days on end....

However, hopefully, it wasn't one of them....

As she approached the dried up Oasis, certain figures started to become more prominent, one being at the head of the others, and who was just finishing up her howl. The dark female slowed her pace, and walked toward them more cautiously now. Another was approaching from a different direction, answering the call. Once she was within a few paces of the group, she came to a halt, looking expectantly at the female at the front.

"Welcome! Welcome to.. ah.. Gemini's.. search party."

Gemini? Search party? The name sounded slightly familiar, she didn't know where she could have heard it before. She listened further with rapt attention.

"Gemini is a pack! Sorry, I'm a little excited, I should.. explain more.. we're here in search of anyone who still remains of Tjenu, we're.. hoping to find anything out about what happened, where everyone else has gone, perhaps.. We're a friendly group of everything-under-the-sun, and we just want to help anyone who might be.. struggling."

The female's head cocked to the side slightly, intrigued, yet a little on edge. What happened? Did another pack, this Tjenu, suffer the same fate that her tribe had?

"If.. you're not from Tjenu, if you're just passing through, that's fine, too! We're here to help everyone we can. Oh..I'm Amen!"

Briefly, the corners of the dark female's maw twitched upward at Amen's quirkiness. She found it endearing, and a douse of fresh air from what she had endured these past couple years. However, she didn't dwell too long on the tri-colored female's personality. It was her words that intrigued the tendriled female the most. Before she could speak, the other female that had arrived beat her to it.

"So you're here to help anyone who needs it hm? What sort of help are you and your pack, this Gemini, willing to provide?"

A good question, and one that she was interested in hearing the response to. She had no doubt that Amen and her pack means well, especially based on Amen's quirky personality thus far. The black female couldn't imagine a harsh pack would contain a happy go-lucky individual like Amen. More than likely, if someone were to start out that way in a pack such as that, it would be beaten out of them fairly quickly. At least, that was the assumption anyway, but the dark female knew how dangerous it could be to assume things, so she would wait for Amen's response to the question before speaking up. When the question would be answered, she would add her own two cents.

"Alvita," she stated her name simply. "I am sorry, but I do not know any'ting about Tjenu. What happened, if I may ask? Were deh invaded?" Could it have been the same ones who invaded her family's camp all those moons ago? If so, why would they travel all this way out of the forest just to invade another pack way out in the middle of nowhere? She wasn't certain, but she wouldn't put it past people like that.
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Re: Hello! New friends! (Open - Recruitment??!)
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2017, 10:40:43 PM »

The hot sand underpaw felt familiar in an empty, lonely kind of way that made the wolfdog feel uneasy. Returning to the desert after all that had happened felt almost taboo, as though otherworldly forces angry at her failures were trying to push her out. Eve was noticeably tense, but if any of her companions asked her about it the wolfdog would only offer a silent shrug. The desert had been home to her once, a place cherished and longed for; she remembered in her youth, still under the rule of the old leaders before even Sunrush ascended to the throne. It had been so lively then, the oasis cluttered with bodies milling about, doing their daily duties. To see it so empty and abandoned, all the familiar scents long gone.. it made the scarred canine sad.

"Do we really think anyone is still here?" Amen asked to no one in particular. Eve didn't; why anyone would remain after the desert itself rose up against them and snuffed out the majority of the oases, the canine couldn't fathom. It didn't look like anyone had stuck around, no recent scents except those of travelers, faint and brief. No one lived in the oasis, not anymore. The wolves that ruled Gemini had sent she and her companions to the desert to search for remnants of the desert pack, but Eve believed it to be a useless errand.

Amen let loose a howl into the hot air, and as she did Eve's legs curled beneath her and the wolfdog sat. She didn't mind the heat, having lived with it for so many years. It was the journey there that took it out of her - Gemini had spoiled her with a safe den to return to every night.

It appeared as though the oasis wasn't entirely deserted, though; a small cat approached them somewhat cautiously. There had been desert cats roaming the dunes, but they never approached the wolves, steering clear of them. "Eve?" The little cat inquired, setting off all kinds of alarms in the woman's mind. Single eye narrowed suspiciously, shredded ears perked forwards. "Do I know you?" she asked, already on her feet, muscles growing tense (and she had just started to relax, too). Eve was fairly certain that she hadn't ever met this little feline before - the fact that this stranger knew who she was put Eve on edge.

As the cat was asking about what Gemini could provide for them, another stranger showed up, a dark wolf. Was this a trap? A small cat was no threat to any of the Gemini wolves, but this other stranger could be. Eve didn't like it, but it didn't seem as though the new face was looking for trouble.

"Alvita. I am sorry, but I do not know any'ting about Tjenu. What happened, if I may ask? Were deh invaded?" She studied Alvita for a brief moment before answering in a dry, knowing voice. "A sandstorm hit and dried up most of the oases.. it was only a matter of time." The desert had allowed them to carve out an existence in its harsh climate for long enough.


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Re: Hello! New friends! (Open - Recruitment??!)
« Reply #4 on: August 14, 2017, 09:42:08 PM »
Once upon a time, a rescue party from Gemini had lead a tired refuge far from her burning homeland and to a place where the earth reached the sky. For she had never seen the horizon, too deep in the jungle. Back then, Franky had felt that the sky would reach down and swallow her up without any trees to protect her. That had been a long time ago, but now that she stood out in the empty stretch of desert she felt exposed again.

Nowhere to hide. Nothing but them and the emptiness.

The heat was oppressive, honestly. It was one thing to know it was hot, but this was a different heat than she'd expected. As they waited, Franky let her ears droop and her posture slouch. After all the days of travelling, she figured her travelling companions wouldn't mind. When strangers began to arrive, Franky straightened and settled into a lightly authoritative but careful posture. Her usual sentry persona - or maybe something with a touch from her elite days. She just had to hold back her old ways and remain Gemini.

Amen spoke and she nodded politely in agreement a few times. First she eyed the two strangers, so far, carefully. The questions about what had happened... well, Eve was far better equipped to deal with that. Franky kept quiet for a long moment.

"So you're here to help anyone who needs it hm? What sort of help are you and your pack, this Gemini, willing to provide?".

The blue girl watched the cat carefully. Was it a trick? Maybe a spy? Or... just someone too carefully guarded? Maybe now would be a good time for a sales pitch. She raised her head a little, so she could look at everyone arriving. "Gemini has taken in refugees before,"  she announced coolly. Come off calm, serious, but welcoming. She could do this. "There is room for anyone and everyone. Anyone who seeks it."  She paused to look between anyone who was still listening. "The territory is stable, able to support everyone in even the poor seasons." That would surely sound appealing to refugees of a desert, right? Perhaps that was sharing too much, but she figured she hadn't given enough details for it to be dangerous.

There was another question she knew they'd ask: why. A rich territory just open to refugees? She knew it would sound too good to be true. "We know what it means to need a helping paw, and so now we offer it. Nobody should have to struggle alone."  Hopefully that would convince them. But... "We're looking for some individuals with particular knowledge. But," and she glanced at Amen and Eve carefully, then back at the group. "We'll take anyone who needs a new home."

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Re: Hello! New friends! (Open - Recruitment??!)
« Reply #5 on: August 15, 2017, 02:51:27 AM »
Traversing the barren landscape had her on edge, not just because of the lack of places to hide but because this is where one of Nardir's allies was supposed to reside. Of course she hadn't come across any signs of them as yet but if Nardir had realized the pack they'd exiled her too had fallen they might be searching for her, might have their allies searching for her which could mean trouble for her. Although none of the packs she'd encountered so far had recognized her so would still be a risk though but if she could find the desert pack she might be able to learn something about how things possibly stood. Of course while trying to find a pack in such an open landscape might have seemed simple to those not familiar with the type of locale she was and knew it would be no easy task but when she heard a howl ringing out she wondered if she didn't have a starting point and began trekking towards it.

She didn't want to rush into anything as she didn't know what the situation was and what she might be rushing into and while she was often reckless and took risks and made gambles that others would likely call foolish she wasn't stupid. The howl had the tone of summoning which could mean the pack or at the very least more than one indiviual which meant she'd be outnumbered if she went charging along. So her pace was careful allowing her time to pick up the scents of what was indeed a group of individuals, but with a lack of a pack border as far as she could tell, and to allow her time to brace and prepare herself for interaction.

As she was closing the distance a figure she couldn't completely make out yet began speaking about a Gemini that had taken refugees before and who seemed to be open for even more. It sounded too good to be true, not that she looking for a place to stay for herself but perhaps some of the missing had wound up there, and as she finally drew close enough to see that the one speaking was a blue female she heard the catch..they were looking for individuals with information, particular information. The blue speaker was quick to amend the statement by adding that they would take anyone who needed a new home which sounded well and good but what information were they looking for?

She didn't want to seem too nosy but well being a suspicious and paranoid creature as she was, though she'd gotten very good at hiding it as she was now and had been since she first heard the howl out of necessity, it hadn't failed to occur to her that there was more than Nardir that might wish to find her, that there were those out there that might seek information about her and this group could be part of it. Or they might not be. Either way if no one else asked she would use her well practiced healer voice, though she didn't consider herself a healer, and raise the question herself. "What sort of knowledge are you looking for?".

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Re: Hello! New friends! (Open - Recruitment??!)
« Reply #6 on: September 16, 2017, 04:03:19 PM »
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