Author Topic: Is it time to grow up? (Nexys)  (Read 310 times)

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Is it time to grow up? (Nexys)
« on: August 03, 2017, 02:36:36 PM »
The sun beat down on the females saber’s fur. It was warm and soaked its way right down to her skin. She took in a deep breath as a gentle breeze flew past. Avacyn was growing bored. Activities she had once found interesting no longer held her attention anymore. The sunning area she lay on began to get hotter and hotter and the sun got higher and higher.  It was not long before she got up and moved to a cooler area. Perhaps if she sought out her brothers they could cure her boredom. However, finding them was the challenge. The land was big and she was feeling particularly lazy today. Plus… the two of them were probably up to some nonsense and she felt it better to stay out of it. From below she could see other pride members making their way past, fulfilling duties. Sometimes she would see the young cubs of the pride run around, playing enjoying themselves and she felt her heart warm.

While she might not like getting dirty, Avacyn enjoyed playing with the youth of the pride. She looked forward to the day she would meet her ‘prince charming’ as her mother had met her father. Avacyn had never met her mother but from what she had heard she must have been amazing and beautiful. She knew her father’s heart still pained from the loss but there were often times she was tempted to burst out with questions about the two of them. How old were they when they met? How did he know the moment he loved her? Would her mother be proud of Avacyn and her brother’s? All these questions that she could not bring herself to ask, not yet in any case.

These thoughts and the sight of the young ones brought out an idea. How old did she have to be to acquire a rank? Surely she was old enough to contribute something to their family. Her father had spoken of the Reeve rank. It was a lot of responsibility but perhaps it was time she started acting like the daughter of the King rather than a lazy saber who does nothing all day but lay in the sun. Slowly she got up, stretched her front legs out and then her back. It was time for her to seek out her father. At least this was starting to help cure her boredom.

From the sunning deck she tried to spot her father. If she saw him, she would make her way down and over to him, if not, then she would leave the deck and seek him out while calling out, “Father!”, not too loudly but just loud enough for her voice to be carried with the breeze.

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Re: Is it time to grow up? (Nexys)
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2017, 08:39:45 PM »
Nexys avoided the heat of the barren Black Plains in midday, choosing to take his routes out there during the cool times of the day. Today was no different. After his morning patrol, he'd swam back into the pride down the Reki River, admiring the colorful stones that the riverbed was comprised of until finally, he had to make his way to shore and head further into the forest to return home.

The sprawling human village they had taken for their own was an interesting sight. Huts, decks, and vine bridges spanned a large area in a centralized area of the pride. Painted banners hung all around, signifying the Clans that make the pride of Stoneclaw. The King stood in the center for a moment, gazing up at their village with a small grin.


The voice of his daughter caught his attention, his emerald eyes breaking from the rainbow of banners to meet those of his daughter. She reminded him so much of Lola is was a little shocking sometimes. This was one of those instances. Flashbacks of his beloved mate turned his smile from a genuine one to a forced one. He nuzzled his beautiful daughter's cheek as she approached. "Avacyn, it's good to see you." Nexys said, taking a seat in the middle of the clearing. "What are you up to today?"
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