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Complete (Family Thread)
« on: August 02, 2017, 11:49:29 AM »
(( @Ceraphena  @beanie☆ After blackwall and the puppies post friends of the family can post))

She hadn’t allowed him to give them names for there first few days. She felt nothing towards them, the three squirming lumps that fed from her and took from her. She knew she was supposed to, but she couldn’t bring herself to love them. It was a strange thing really, and she was ashamed of it.

They all seemed so small against her giant form. She was worried they wouldn’t make it. And she told him that. She had never seen children before, and had no experience, even if she was assured they would make it, she just wasn’t sure.

So she wouldn’t name them. She refused to. There were small and fragile things, and she worried over them frequently, even if she didn’t feel affectionate for them. Anytime a body didn’t cling to a teat fast enough, her heart would burst.  She needed them to survive. It was her civic duty to provide Tortuga with more children.

When they opened there eyes and began to speak, well that was when they deserved names. They had earned it. It was strange to have children with no names. “Mmn” she would grumble, lowly, looking at her assigned husband, a man she was trying so hard to feel something for.

“Today I think, we should name them.” She would say dryly, looking at the three children, they were big enough to play together now, and that was big enough for her to say that she had done all she could for them. “And then you can go back to saboro.” She was often quick with her words.

“Come here kids” she would call. “Would you like to get your names”

She would pick up two of them, gesturing for Blackwall to take the other. Taking them outside. "After that, we can play outside for a bit"

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Re: Complete (Family Thread)
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2017, 03:11:02 PM »

She was a unique woman, and while perhaps not the most friendly? She cared, in her own way, and that was enough for Blackwall. More importantly she allowed him to gently press against her, savor the contact of their shoulders simply touching. She let him touch, and caress, and nuzzle. Things he hadn't done in years, and she gave it so freely. Beautiful woman, letting the ugly wretch sample her wares with plucking fingers. He hummed as he looked at her, watched her with their children. She was so scared even as her face remained barren of feeling. He could see it though, in the way she tensed when any of the small babies moved. Always re-positioning herself, them. Without knowing it, she was already a perfect mother. They wouldn't grow wanting with her overseeing, and Blackwall? Well...

She made him feel something like happiness, and that was enough for now.

His ears flicked toward her as she rumbled softly. Always quick to the point, Violeta, and he admired her for it. He inclined his head to the powerful woman, silently agreeing as he picked up the straggling child. While the two in his assigned wife's jaws looked similar to them, this one? It must be from her side of the family, because no one on his side had this light shade of blue. He rolled his shoulders, working the kinks out of them as he followed her outside of the den. Blackwall put the kid down, and sat down beside Violeta. He pressed his shoulder to hers, and let his cheek brush hers. "Do you have any in mind?" He asked the hard woman, red-yellow eyes flicking over to gaze at her.

...He'd be sad to go, from her.

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