Author Topic: If You Would Have Me [Virra]  (Read 408 times)

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If You Would Have Me [Virra]
« on: August 01, 2017, 04:34:42 PM »
She's getting desperate.

The understanding that Ashtaroth remains unbonded is a throbbing migraine, pounding an urgent rhythm on the back of her skull. She needs to ingratiate herself to someone else before Anamelech loses interest-- and Gigantea bores so very easily. Lotus favours the White, besides; she'll be fine whether or not Ashtar leads her. Ashtaroth is the one at risk under Scheherazade, Red leanings hidden deep in her heart. She can't hide it forever; she isn't that stupid.

"Captain Iti?" she calls out to the edge of the forest. She sounds so much like Anamelech, she sometimes wishes Foetida had taken her tongue. "Captain Iti, I was told to come speak to you?" Creeping closer, one foot close to her breast. Reaching forward; she knows better than to enter the forest maze alone. She smells her on the shallow wind; it has to be her.
 Slaves are the only others in Oukoku-Kai so scared. She cocks her head curiously, folding one ear out of the way, in case she's watching. "Would you teach me, miss?"
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